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  1. Team_Awesome

    Turbo Mazda SDV

    Thanks, I'll try to sort that tomorrow if it can fit without slack. Under the bonnet isn't so bad close up but I do have plans to tidy it.
  2. Team_Awesome

    Turbo Mazda SDV

    Today was the day to get the aerocatches bonded to the bonnet. A few double checks and here we are I bonded a test piece using offcuts to strength test tomorrow. Fingers crossed as always but I think it'll be fine. Apart from that I've been tidying the front suspension area for the IVA. Can anyone see issues here? Steering straight: Full lock There's nothing touching or binding and I've tried to tie things away so they can't swing into the suspension.
  3. Team_Awesome

    Turbo Mazda SDV

    I like to do a decent job and it's frustrating that my skills don't match my expectations when it come to working with the fibreglass. I need to tidy it up once finished. Bit of fibreglass here, bit of gel coat there. At least after the IVA I can take my time with it. Thanks for the tip with the cut-off wheel. It was quicker and left a better finish.
  4. Team_Awesome

    Turbo Mazda SDV

    I double checked the aerocatch fit today and had to spend 20 more mins on the fitment of those. I think I can do something decent with those. I moved onto the cycle wings after that. Working at a place that builds 1000 cars a day it wasn't difficult to find a friendly car painter to sort out the brackets that had cracked when being massaging into a nice fitment. I was going to attach them using fixing blocks as a spacer but these proved to be too big so I just used 2 nuts to hold the nut in position like so They ended up fitting quite well. The end goal is to use carbon fibre ones but these will suffice for now.
  5. Team_Awesome

    SE FW ZETEC - New member/New build

    I would agree with you, I just wasn't sure that the IVA inspectors would share my view! It makes my life easier.
  6. Team_Awesome

    SE FW ZETEC - New member/New build

    Is your IVA TEST number plate just stuck on with tape? Did they say anything about that?
  7. Team_Awesome

    Turbo Mazda SDV

    Well that's both sides done. No pics of the other side as I was not in the mood while covered in dust. The water went light pink when I washed my hair! It's not perfect but I tried my best. I may need some gel coat when I do my post IVA dress up work.
  8. Team_Awesome

    Turbo Mazda SDV

    Very neat job! I was using a carbide burr and it's nowhere near as good! I'll get the Dremel out on the other side and give it a go.
  9. Team_Awesome

    Turbo Mazda SDV

    That may well be the best way to go. From what I find online, the exothermic reaction will be a lot less while the ambiant temeprature is so low.
  10. Team_Awesome

    Turbo Mazda SDV

    I've gone back this evening and started again. Definitely could do better but lessons learned for the passenger side..... The hole itself could be neater although it's not terrible and the flange will be cut on both sides more as you see how close I came to going through the gel coat, the light is shining through! Once finished I'll put some more fibreglass over that bit.
  11. Team_Awesome

    Turbo Mazda SDV

    Is Carbond a non-heat generating solution? I have got some epoxy for it, I didn't think about the heat. I what way was it affected?
  12. Team_Awesome

    Turbo Mazda SDV

    With a bit more motivation to spend cold days in the garage with the IVA booked I've had a full day on the car to get a few things finished off. I started with the carpets and cut them to fit under the seats. A nice easy job with satisfying results as it really give much more finished look. Next on the list was the rear view mirror. My aim has always been to use the Longacre mirror that attaches to the cage but I'd read that the brackets are not too IVA friendly. With this in mind I decided to try toake some vinyl covers after taking inspiration from the seat belt mounting covers. They're not the prettiest things but hopefully they'll do the job. They're just made from a sheet of vinyl with pop fasteners attached. Next we to try and set up the suspension a little bit. Not to be perfect but to be a little closer. I mainly wanted to remove the positive camber that was clearly visible. I borrowed a camber gauge from the race team at work and found that I had 1.8 degrees on both sides. The problem came when I tried to adjust the passenger side and found that I'm at 0 degrees when the joint is full wound in. Not sure where I go from here, any ideas? After that was set up into the "ok, I'll deal with that after the IVA" position I turned the dampers round so the adjuter was facing inwards and started to change the brake lines. These were bought before I had the longer front suspension and after that was fitted I found that the line was at full length when the suspension was at full travel and full lock as applied. It wasn't especially tight but thought it may not be acceptable so just changed them for a set a few inches longer. Now they are tied to the upper wishbone and have enough length for anything I can throw it it. They also clear all bodywork and suspension. I will put another rubber hose around the brake line just as extra insurance. Next on the job I wish I never started. Aerocatches. I've seen loads of people with them and they definitely look better than standard Westfield items. I've spent a few hours on the first side and have a decent fit apart from the bonnet is twice as thick as it needs to be. Do people just grind away at it until it's the same thickness as the aerocatch or am I missing something?! Here's where I left it in order to do more research. Absolute pain in the backside. I hope they're worth it!
  13. Team_Awesome

    Turbo Mazda SDV

    The wiring was "interesting" to say the least. One wire or function at a time seemed to be the right method though, everything worked first time..... almost (it helps to plug things in properly).
  14. Team_Awesome

    Car transport hire

    I used transporterhire.co.uk a few months ago and I can't say I'd recommend them but I struggled to find anyone else.
  15. Team_Awesome

    IVA 1st February !

    Best of luck!

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