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  1. 1960dave

    4-AGE in a lowline

    I was thinking of taking 15mm out of it
  2. 1960dave

    Parts coming up for sale as the car gets its winter upgrades!

    Just let me know when you want it picking up
  3. 1960dave

    Parts coming up for sale as the car gets its winter upgrades!

    Interested in a hood and doors if you have any
  4. 1960dave

    4-AGE in a lowline

    You're not on your own there but lowering the floor pans as well for my lanky legs might take time.
  5. 1960dave

    4-AGE in a lowline

    Today I got it to fit in without bilges in the bonnet all thats needed now is to shorten the sump by 15mm It has taken a little machining of the rocker cover and oil filler cap but everything is level and I sill have at least 10-15mm clearance to the bonnet. Next step strip the car powder coat the chassis and fit the new body shell. It will be like a new car. It will be having Jenveys and a custom air box so no holes in the rare brand new bonnet.
  6. 1960dave

    Type 9 in a Pre-lit

    Yes it will but you have to move the plate for the gearbox mount backwards a couple of inches and drill/cut a new hole for the gear lever and oil inspection panel
  7. 1960dave

    Se Narrow body grill

    Do you want the chrome one? I have a low line one.
  8. The mk3 is more snappy than the turbo in the wet , its down to the lsd I know i'm driving one at the moment but can be fun if abused correctly and getting rid of the rear anti roll bar so you can feel the back through your bum rather than waiting it to snap.
  9. You will have to go a long way to get a mk2 that hasn't got rusted arches or the sill rusting out.I managed to get one last year that had only been used on the uk roads for 4 years then sat in a garage for the rest. First thing i'm going to o before putting it on the road is fill every where with wax oil.
  10. 1960dave

    rough bodywork for some testing...

    I have a wide body shell but it's the early type with the moulded rear arches if you are interested.
  11. 1960dave

    New Carpet Set

    Are they for the type 9 tunnel
  12. 1960dave

    OMEX 500 ecu

    I'm glad the loom sealed the deal.
  13. 1960dave

    OMEX 500 ecu

    I have a 500 loom i'm going to get to Mark with some connectors on already
  14. Much as I would like to get rid of mine these seem a better deal https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WESTFIELD-SWEPT-WING/323457946244?hash=item4b4f989284:g:U3IAAOSwTORa0I51
  15. 1960dave

    removing glue from ally panels

    I will put them in my car if anyone wants one on Thursday.

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