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  1. 1960dave


    Top tip cover the top of the front shocks with grease as the water collects in the cup at the top. This then makes the shock and top nut rust together making it impossible to remove the nut without grinding it off. Been there and got several t shirts for grinding the nuts off.
  2. 1960dave

    Twin 40's as throttle bodies

    That is food for thought and would look so much better in the engine bay.
  3. 1960dave

    Twin 40's as throttle bodies

    Does any one know if you can use a set of twin 40's as throttle bodies. I have a engine with the injectors in the head so fuel is no problem just what would I have to block in a pair of dellortos to use for the air side of things? If its possible.
  4. 1960dave

    Zetec oil consumption

    If its using that much oil I would say the oil control rings have gone. You wont see smoke out of the back with modern oils. It is also a big problem with the 1zz Toyota engine oil rings get clogged up and it then runs like a 2 stroke
  5. 1960dave

    I'M Back with a new car !

    Well done hopefully this one won't go up in smoke
  6. 1960dave

    Aerodynamix aero screen for sale £25.00

    Can do anyway you want gift or transfer
  7. 1960dave

    Broken after only 2 days !!!

    That weld has been broken for a while and looks like it was very rusty around there at some point.
  8. 1960dave

    Contoured dash

    Has anyone got a contoured dash they would like to sell?
  9. 1960dave

    Aerodynamix aero screen for sale £25.00

    Happy topay postage I would try to find a box. I am near Manchester
  10. 1960dave

    Aerodynamix aero screen for sale £25.00

    I will take it if you can post please
  11. 1960dave

    Mt25 to t9

    Did you ever find the picture?
  12. 1960dave

    ECU - OMEX

    I have a 500 if you need one. Where in Manchester are you? I also have a loom for it as well
  13. 1960dave

    Mt25 to t9

    I have a mt75 box in my car but due to the money pit engine im fitting it needs a t9 box.
  14. 1960dave

    Mt25 to t9

    Does anyone know if the rear gearbox mount on a mt75 chassis is in the same place as the t9 chassis?
  15. 1960dave

    Overheard in kwik fit

    If you knew what KF fitters are made to do you would put a foot in the door.

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