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  1. 1960dave

    OMEX 500 ecu

    I'm glad the loom sealed the deal.
  2. 1960dave

    OMEX 500 ecu

    I have a 500 loom i'm going to get to Mark with some connectors on already
  3. Much as I would like to get rid of mine these seem a better deal https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WESTFIELD-SWEPT-WING/323457946244?hash=item4b4f989284:g:U3IAAOSwTORa0I51
  4. 1960dave

    removing glue from ally panels

    I will put them in my car if anyone wants one on Thursday.
  5. 1960dave

    Zetec sump

    Has anyone got a zerec conversion sump for sale?
  6. Coice of colours either ivory red or Burgandy all in good condition
  7. Near Manchester and work near j18 M6
  8. Westfield still do the bonnets I have some wings but don't know how to send them without them getting damaged
  9. 1960dave

    removing glue from ally panels

    You should have ask me Dave I have a couple of those wheels in my box at work.
  10. 1960dave

    removing glue from all panels

    Try WD40 its good at getting rid of Silicone.
  11. 1960dave


    Can do you some tomorrow evening
  12. 1960dave

    Toyo R1R 205/50 15” tyres, worn.

    Thanks Ian half asleep last night
  13. 1960dave

    Toyo R1R 205/50 15” tyres, worn.

    Just checking they are 13" diameter
  14. 1960dave

    Toyo R1R 205/50 15” tyres, worn.

    No need for the photos I will take them
  15. 1960dave

    Manchester to Chester, sunday

    One of the advantages of joining them is the Halfords trade card for those of you who haven't got one. Discounts from Halfords arn't as good as they were 2 years ago but anything is a help and you can get your £12 nwkcog money back in one trip.

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