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  1. 1960dave

    Arch extensions for fixed arch tub

    No but can try one on my body next Tuesday if you can wait that long.
  2. 1960dave

    Arch extensions for fixed arch tub

    Try mx5 ones https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MAZDA-MX5-MK1-NA-WIDE-ARCH-KIT-FLARES-EUNOS-X4-ARCHES/264202657990?hash=item3d83b4a0c6:g:7aQAAOSwQjNW89ml:rk:3:pf:1&frcectupt=true Or https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4pcs-Universal-Widened-JDM-Fender-Flares-Wheel-Arch-2-inch-PU-Car-Fittings-UK/232763955304?fits=Model%3AMX-5&epid=8019223887&hash=item3631d01868:g:QGkAAOSwkp1a9CEc:rk:6:pf:0
  3. 1960dave

    VDO gauges

    Send them to vdo they will recon those cheap enough
  4. 1960dave

    A respectable Granny

    If you're not careful you won't have any room for a air filter. I am making a air box for mine because I am not cutting holes in my bonnet at all
  5. 1960dave

    A respectable Granny

    That manifold looks like the right one try moving the engine over. I have got something that would go over the hole and hide the carbs here but it needs a bit of repair work
  6. 1960dave

    A respectable Granny

    Any more info out of the build manual you need?
  7. 1960dave

    A respectable Granny

    Heres the westfield kent engine picture with measurements. If you need genuine Westfild brackets let me know
  8. 1960dave

    A respectable Granny

    My car started as a 1988 SEI with a Lotus twin cam in but somewhere along the line the twin cam was removed for a cross flow
  9. 1960dave

    A respectable Granny

    Dont know why your having the problem my lowline fitted with twin webers and no cut out. The part on the chassis for the gearbox mount should be 3mm thick plate You will have to cut and reweld the tunnel top brace if you want to fit a gear lever extension on your t9 box. The cross flow engine sits over to the left hand side of the car. If you want I can dig out the westfield crossflow build manual and scan the page for fitting a crossflow engine at the same time I will have a look if I still have a set of crossflow engine mounting brackets. I am changine my crossflow engine for a 4age but have had to modify the rocker covers a lot to fit it under the bonnet. I know the bellhousing in the picture is different to yours but that is where the type 9 should sit.
  10. 1960dave

    A respectable Granny

    What engine are you fitting back in a crossflow?
  11. 1960dave

    Metal Airbox - SOLD

    How deep is this air box? If not too deep I will have it please
  12. 1960dave

    Drill bit for M12x1.5 tap

    Easiest way to work it out is subtract the pitch from the dia. i.e. 12 - 1.5 so 10.5 easy and that goes for any metric thread.I maybe old but still remember my metalwork lessons.
  13. 1960dave

    Low line narrow bonnet uncut *SOLD*

    Not that rare I now where there is a mould for one.
  14. 1960dave

    Low line narrow bonnet uncut *SOLD*

  15. 1960dave

    Zetec oil pressure sensor thread ?

    Then you will need a 1/4 to 1/8 adaptor like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-4-NPT-Male-to-1-8-NPT-Female-Adapter-Adaptor-Fitting-Aluminum-Alloy-Black/332016120803?hash=item4d4db3f3e3

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