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  1. Yes you can use the 4 speed box Paul Woods has a adaptor bell housing that will bolt to the 4age and your box. If you have a lowline bonnet its a mission to fit it but doable with a bit of machining to the rocker cover (don't ask how I know. Raw will do you a trigger wheel and crank sensor holder. You might have to shorten the sump, I have a spare inlet manifold for either webbers or throttle bodies and a exhaust manifold. Great engine and they rev like mad.
  2. They built them well in those days
  3. Westfield are only doing the standard body in white now and doubled the price of it. They do them white because white hides a lot of sins. Seems to me Westfield are dropping the low sales items and looking a profit figures.
  4. 1960dave

    Swirl pot

    Depends if you have a pot inside the tank and a pump inside the tank as well.
  5. 1960dave

    Swirl pot

    Why a Swirl pot? Why not a injection tank?
  6. Shame your so far south
  7. Thats what I went for hope it doesnt cause a problem.
  8. Piper cross backing then a replacement Lotus air box with a pipe on going to a cone filter
  9. This took some machining to the rocker cover and oil cap. Since then I have got a set of Jenveys and smaller trumpets
  10. Thats not a cunning plan as I am doing that with my 4age engine because there is no way I am cutting holes in my brand new lowline bonnet.
  11. This is how the engine should sit in a se and a sei
  12. Not any more send me your payment details and I will pick it up over easter.
  13. If you can wait until Stoneleigh I can take it to Stoneleigh for you
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