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  1. New unused bootbox red in colour. £50 ono.
  2. not all the characters were correct.
  3. The car is registered in the UK reg number 506 UYE. All taxes and duties paid. Imported from Alabama last August.
  4. Nice MG TF. Very carefully restored and technically overhauled a few years ago. This is done with attention for every detail. Bodywork is in a good condition, has nice paintwork and all the fittings of the sheet metal are as the should be. It has the spoke wheels, black soft-top and a very nice red interior. Always perfectly maintained over the years an therefore in a very good working and driving condition. Asking £20000, will consider part exchange for right Westfield.
  5. Dave, I've sent you an email.
  6. Messaged you about the iva steering wheel
  7. Hopefully, we will be ready for it in April.
  8. Thank you, and i'm in the market if the measurements work out.
  9. Dave, Thanks for the offer, but my chassis isnt here yet, but can you measure the engine for me, please? overall height and height from crank centre to highest point and lowest point would help a lot. Also if you are interested in selling? Regards dave
  10. Just wondering if anyone knows the where about of my old Westfield 11 sports. I can see its tax'd and MOt'd . A few details.... Green with red interior, 1600 Escort turbo engine, T5 gearbox.
  11. Thanks for your suggestions. I measured the Fiat and unfortunately its 23inches tall, so it will fit under the bonnet but only if the sump is touching the ground :-(
  12. The problem with trying find a good engine is people want £600 - £800 for one that needs a rebuild.
  13. I'm sure I read somewhere that the XI bonnet is 23 inches high, so the 600mm (23.6 inches) is too much.
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