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  1. Mauro

    Heater Unit

    I'm interested too
  2. Mauro

    Windscreen wiper kit. SOLD

    No problem Dave, I'm not in hurry... I wrote you again just to check, Cheers, Mauro
  3. Mauro

    Windscreen wiper kit. SOLD

    Hi Dave, any feedback ?
  4. Mauro

    Windscreen wiper kit. SOLD

    Pm sent
  5. Mauro

    Windscreen wiper kit. SOLD

    Hi Dave, Are the gears 110 deg ?
  6. Pictures here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/RP74IJkGBWx0VMro1 Removed from the car 1 year ago, they were working fine
  7. Mauro


    I've been in AIE many times for my job (in the aeronautic field). Their engines are very promising and they have a patented innovation that potentially could improve typical limits of rotary engines. Power/weight/size ratios are super In my opinion they just need more time to make their products mature.
  8. They look similar to TD pro race 1.2 but cheaper.... http://www.rallydesign.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=15408
  9. Mauro

    NOW SOLVED - question for Ecoboost + SC Ecu

    solved by bleeding air from the fuel rail, as suggested by Simon at SCS. 1. loose the rail pressure sensor 2. run the LP pump until fuel exits 3. mount the pressure sensor 4. go
  10. Mauro

    NOW SOLVED - question for Ecoboost + SC Ecu

    thank you all, i will take into account your suggestions in looking for a solution Mauro
  11. Mauro

    NOW SOLVED - question for Ecoboost + SC Ecu

    anyone knows how to check if the ecu is sending the correct signal to the high press pump (a part from double cecking the pin 2 pin connection) ?
  12. Mauro

    NOW SOLVED - question for Ecoboost + SC Ecu

    prime seems ok as I read 3.2 - 3.5 bar, is not so far from 55 psi (which is about 3.8 bar)... what i do not know is expected pressure from high press pump during krank as ecu tell me that "target pressure" is 60 bar but "pressure" remains 3.2 - 3.5...
  13. Mauro

    NOW SOLVED - question for Ecoboost + SC Ecu

    yes it sound like this, it was the first think I've check but it seems ok. someone knows which should be the behaviour of the fuel pressure during crank ? is the HP pump working fast enough to rise pressure in your experience ?
  14. Hi everybody, Last sunday attempting engine start (without success) with my 1.6 ecoboost plus SC Delta GDI4 ECU. All the sensors seems correctly acquired by ECU, Sparks seems ok Fuel pressure rise about 3.2 bar at ignition ON before cranking. During cranking RPM are read correctly, but fuel pressure remains 3.2 even if fuel pressur target is 60. is it normal ? any idea ? thanks Mauro
  15. Mauro

    Aim mxs info thread

    hi guys, working on customized display background following the precious info of this topic, xml mods work fine after few trial & error, but when i change modify the background it is displayed ok in race studio but not on the real mxs. I think it is due to the constrain, as explained by Chris, of maintaining an 8bit bmp format, but if I try just to open the original bmps and save in 8bit colour format the colors become alterates. tried with paint and paint.net without success..... what bmp editor and save options did you use for modifying the bmp ?

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