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    Rad upgrade and coolant hoses

    eBay Same valeo brand that's on the car currently

    Rad upgrade and coolant hoses

    I ve actually bitten the bullet with that too and bought a new polo one for.......£40 lol 2003 was when it was rebuilt so 15 years old . Using the old one to faff about with the foam solution etc put the new one on all, once sorted

    Rad upgrade and coolant hoses

    Yep I bought some plastic and I'm going all blue Peter too
  4. on holiday I'm afraid but will deffo be up for meets etc.

    Rad upgrade and coolant hoses

    Seriously considering just the £10 foam fix now and giving the hoses another year, most are cool, one or two look a bit meh might give them a wipe as well see what they look like . Like i say the car never over heated normal blatting and track driving no issue never over 90ish. Just the traffic and the fan taking too long to get the temp down.

    Rad upgrade and coolant hoses

    So it sits about 1.5 CMS off Could bend it a bit and have this tape but worried it could fail and get sucked in The nuts bolting it on mean I cant get too much closer That first photo is plop cant see anything Thanks for the recommendations for the hoses
  7. sooooo winter tinkering in full effect. My Zetec is on the normal polo rad has actually never overheated but it is quite reliant on the fan in traffic and after track fun. it also does take a while to pull the heat out with the fan. Probably going to coolex the rad and my hoses are looking like its best I don't touch them unless i really need too, so I want to replace them. My question is where do i start with the hoses I need, I've not a clue here, is it just a case of pulling them off and measuring them up... do they come off a certain car?, i have no heater? Any recommendations of who to use? I'm function over form so pretty silicone would be nice but ok with just decent hose's that work many thanks WHOOPS I WAS SUPPOSED TO PUT THIS IN TECH PLEASE MOVE
  8. Fair play for stepping up, Im up for getting involved cant do the 28th oct later nov would be better for me. Might have the car back togther by then

    Drivers foot rest

    No help on the rest but I too was ruining my nice trainers. Bought some kart boots which have rubber up the heels and actually turned out are a bit of a revelation in regards to feel. You do look a bit of a plonker when you wear shorts though
  10. SXRORY

    Hi-spec Caliper alignment page2

    Sorry bud. I don't know they were on the car when I bought it. They look like the original ones that where on since the build so I don't think they do too much of the braking. Just added stability I would of thought. I would just go for a decent brand I think.
  11. SXRORY

    Hi-spec Caliper alignment page2

    A bit more Info on your current setup would be good? Also braking is quite subjective. So it's difficult, everyone will probably recommend the pad they are running. Westfield's are not servo'd so a decent prod of the pedal is always going to be required...a good bleed with decent fluid never hurt no one though. Why are you swapping AP's for hi spec? I run mintex 1144. Have drums on the rear. Pretty happy lots of peeps use these.
  12. SXRORY

    Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    You gotta box clever and mix up your prices depending on box size but never ever ever over £100
  13. SXRORY

    Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Halfshafts are out and i need new bearings. Might need a new shaft as slight bend or I suspect itself the Chinese bearing that is in there as eyeballing the shaft when I roll it, it seems ok . Suspensions got to go back to Avo for a rebuild, 3 of them are leaking. Coolant hoses looking their age and crispy so a good time for some coolex rad action Some Por might make an appearance. That will do me
  14. SXRORY

    Arch Protectors - SEiW?

    carbon NV sell them for zk bodywork. Not cheap but light and look smart f

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