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  1. Well done thrusty really pleased for you . My own bit of luck, my soon to be russian model wife is moving in with me. She is flying in next week. Few complications with visas had to send sent her a few grand to sort it all out. But she is definitely coming this time, she promised...can't wait
  2. Yep enjoy his stuff, can pedal too
  3. A guy on the 200SX owners club chopped in his S14a for a 300bhp one all done out. He stuffed on a slip road a week later. They do have a rep as widow makers and are now not cheap as dave has said, getting rare. JDM stuff is going up in value. for me the performance bargain is the mk3 like a lotus elise can get a good one for a grand or so then honda k swap it. This seems to go alright
  4. Yep £25 on eBay livened up my blue one no end

    Shocks question

    Pm'd Not really sure about spring rates etc

    Shocks question

    I'm live axle is that a problem? No clue what springs I have. Tempted on early Xmas present

    Shocks question

    Rang Avo and new dampers are £80 so I'm doing that

    Shocks question

    Already did, £45 a shock, which is why I was keen compared to apx 160. they might do it cheaper if I already have their gear you never know. Might check out the cost of spax as I know we get a discount. Quite like yellow lol Its ok running spax fronts Avo rear? Or is that a bit of a silly idea.

    Shocks question

    I have 3 of my shocks misting and they were advisories on the MOT so they are all off. The plan is for them to go back to AVO for a refurb. However one of the fronts is not looking the best after i have removed it and is rusty at the bottom . is it worth sorting out with a paint or is it a losing battle and do i bite the bullet and buy new ones If i painted it would that not affect the threads?
  10. SXRORY

    End of an era for me

    I had a one owner 309 gti as my first car. I loved it........ The 205's ugly sister but arguably better in bed . Glad the retirement is going well!
  11. SXRORY

    Choosing a sheet metal folder

    do they still sell that kit? as I as have not seen it on their website
  12. SXRORY

    Your Daily motor- photos :)

    Behold the mondeo 2.0d titanium x sport. geezer before spec'd it nicely with a few options. Only reason I got it was I needed a family wagon and we like camping and its massive inside (i think it looks alright too).
  13. Hi Bought these ages ago never used them as my helmet was a bit too tight for them. Tested one in the house. Can play music..phone etc 2 in the box. Range of 1.2km so can chat to a mate in front Someone on here made up some intercoms out of ear defenders and used similar Checked eBay going rate for these and similar seems about £47 Yours for £30 posted.
  14. SXRORY

    Rad upgrade and coolant hoses

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VALEO-Radiator-engine-cooling-VOLKSWAGEN-POLO-DERBY-SEAT-TERRA-883818/153195505026?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 this is the one but i think there was only one, and he took best offer of £40

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