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    Rolling Road in Wiltshire

    yep john remapped mine, goes well

    Track day tyres supplier

    For the money they are good enough. Got them on my Westfield. Not done any wet work really so that's an unkown. Progressive enough for my talent levels on track and grippy enough on the road. £240 got me 4. Been on almost 10 months.

    My inheritance

    Welcome to the club such a sad story about your husband, but great that you kept the car. Loving the dish on those wheels

    Quaife ATB english axle oil change

    Yeah that's what I found with the ratchets, if it was a bit of a better fit, I'd go for it, but it's wedged in there too.

    Quaife ATB english axle oil change

    More fun I don't seem to have anything to go in that square hole what tool am I looking for My ratchets don't fit right
  6. Hello I would like to change the oil in my diff but would like to do it right. I checked on the quaife website and it says the below "For a Quaife ATB differential, running in a rear axle, we advise you use a hypoid 90 or 75W90" can anyone recommend some decent stuff as not changed it before. Cars used for occasional track days and fast road. The change itself? there is a nut with a square drive in it about halfway up the diff casing, so as i understand it, I take that out, suck old with a syringe thingy, and then fill up with apx a litre of new stuff till it just starts to come out of the filler hole.

    Very stupid question about MPG .....

    yep depends on how its mapped too, more fuel = more powerz! Swear you can actually see my fuel gauge moving on a early Sunday morning.

    Might as well show you all..

    yep I'd like a go....Looks menacing

    Advice on buying a Westfield

    like this...bit of garage envy too. mines pretty good but not up to your shiny floor standards
  10. SXRORY

    Trickle Chargers.

    Ctek here the xs 08 one, does the job seem to remember it being cheaper though. I only need it for the winter really not used it for summer
  11. SXRORY

    Westfield Seight

    Nice car, I would like to try a V8 just for the torque, must be an experience
  12. SXRORY

    New Westfield has arrived!

    Nice car and welcome to the fold always up for stripes too My car was originally quite classic looking and went for these stripes on the side to freshen it up https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F202381049822 just an idea anyway.
  13. SXRORY

    roadholding aids

    Edit Just re read OP and noticed it says you race it. What I had said was not really relevant thought it was a road car
  14. SXRORY

    roadholding aids

    I thought this kind of stuff only works at much higher speeds at which point the biting is less of an issue. (Although not drove a V8 one) I'd be thinking tyres allignment and suspension set up my self

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