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  1. Thanks I shall have a butchers
  2. Now I know timing is a no no on trackdays, but I would like to know when I get home the lap times I'm doing, and if I get better throughout the day etc. I also plan to have a mess around with the clicks on my shocks so have some interest in the effect of that. Anyone use or recommend a good accurate one. Just going to velcro my phone to the tunnel not buying any additional gps thingys. Not videoing either. Found track addict seems decent not used it yet
  3. Might help with some ideas
  4. Veeery Nice mate good looking car
  5. Sorry gang it is the first after all Thanks for the genuine concern though! Crisis ofer
  6. Now imagine a Subaru Impreza and this is what's he done.....and he's even fitted the scoop the wrong way round. I don't think this is even going to help with cooling....livid
  7. I suppose......don't think I want to go back. He said he'd worked with fibreglass before... it don't look like it. I honestly think it new bonnet
  8. At the tail end of last week my friend who runs a bodyshop did some work for me. I supplied a scoop to be fitted to my bonnet. He said was confident in what he was doing, getting good colour match etc. I supplied the part bought from ebay. I was able to get the car last night. What I have been left with is effectively a ruined bonnet. Poor colour match poorly bonded and blended scoop. I'm So dissapointed. I think he could tell I was not best pleased. Really struggling with what to do about it? Should of just left it as is.

    Vinyl wrap

    Looks mint you must be pleased
  10. Thankyou young family...I'm officially in birthday party zone and in deep...literally every weekend . wanted to stay.
  11. Officially ready for the season! Was up at track developments today near castle combe. Geo and corner weights done. 560kg with 1/3 of tank. The car was a bit darty when pushing on. Turns out it was quite toe'd out. Corrected to a bit of toe in and weights sorted out. Cars more settled now. Dave really knows his stuff I would definitely recommend.
  12. Here some snaps of other cars, I also did a little video of some starts before I had to leave. Having never been before, I was rather surprised at some of the kit there. Serious stuff
  13. As my extremely Bristolian friend would say. It's a "proper mint box" ...so clean.
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