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    First drive of the year

    Looks great. When you have not driven them for a bit, the smile is definitely bigger

    How do i get at my bulbs?

    Big help this ...thanks. Needed a bit of "persuasion" (screw driver taped up) to encourage the tab at the bottom. All in now
  3. I think i'm going to change the filter in the lift pump as you can do that on the facet ones. Change the fuel filter and also the little plastic ones then runs straight from the tank. Elimate everything can (thats cheap) then go OEM bosch ............... about £250 for the pump = Plop I'm seeing if i can get a refund as that pump was really noisy from the off. Bought it from berlin though lol

    How do i get at my bulbs?

    Yep thank you will have another go tonight

    How do i get at my bulbs?

    headlights i cannot get front glass off

    How do i get at my bulbs?

    yes can do but probs tomorrow
  7. so this goes on. went for a 20 miler today. car went fine pulled well when i took my ear plugs out though when i got home. The new fuel pump is now really loud screaming away .....I now what do we think. Pattern part a load of s*** or something else causing me grief

    How do i get at my bulbs?

    So I bought some LED bulbs for the Westy plan was to put them in today. I cant for the life of me work out how to get at the bulbs though. They have an alan bolt at the top. Took that out them but they seem to be caught at the bottom on something but there are no bolts or anything. i can rotate the glass part 2-3 cms but still not getting anywhere. There are 2 holes at the bottom but dont seem to have anything in them they go nowhere Any Ideas

    A good buyer's guide?

    I suggest driving more than one as they can be like chalk and cheese. its quite difficult as Chris says with common faults When I was buying i went for the following: (this is just what i looked for not a definitive guide) Look for the attention to detail on the build. Uniform look, of bolts and screws whats the wiring like under the dash? is it well thought through. What the history file like, more bills etc the better. Rust check any thing you can see. can it be jacked at the rear have a good look under there. see whats it like. check for play if your allowed to jack it. i liked the fact mine had a few miles on it. Showed it was used, probably then reliable and fun. Not the be all and end all by any stretch but something i considered use your head if your not sure about it probably is not the "one"
  10. SXRORY

    Suspension setup

    Brave pills needed....I'd speak to andrew
  11. SXRORY

    Tools to carry

    Just carrying some good old fashioned optimisim in my boot box.....anything else is messing with my power to weight.
  12. SXRORY

    Bristol and Bath Meet This Thursday 7th Feb

    I'm working late ....I fully intend to get involved with the meets etc but the car has been a dick but it's nearly there now. Next one I want to make. With the weekend ones with kids etc 1pm knocks out quite a bit of the day so earlier breakfast club? Or towards later afternoon would be cool. Roads are quieter too
  13. Swapped my metal ones out as they where goosed and wanted a more modern look and realised It does not make a whole lot of sense using carbon fibre to cover pockmarked grp with loads of rivet holes. Looks good though. Carbon NV is got to be the shout but not many wide arches are there?
  14. Ha that's what my mate said!
  15. Ok so I have fixed this. Got a friend round to help me. I had a bad connection on the new pump. This is now sorted. Also the facet lift pump was running intermittenttly when I was holding it, then saw a really small spark. And this was a loose negative that hooks onto the mounting point. Tightened up all and all going well. Car now runs all good. My only concern is this new pump noiser than the Bosch in there before but it was a third of the price. Got a 2 year warranty so if it does go tits up we will Bosch it. I think I could do this job in 30minutes now. But when you do it the first time it takes forever. Cars eh .....

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