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  1. AdgeC

    So far

    @Insuranceman Found this in the FW manual, seems to show it beside the brake fluid level/handbrake light! don't know if it helps:
  2. AdgeC

    Really? Again!!!

    Link below to variety of WF manuals, might help? Just a bit laborious trawling through them! http://www.manikllc.com/manuals/
  3. AdgeC

    Rich's S2000 Build

    Ran my positive cable down the vertical(ish) chassis member, through the loop in the brake pipe, across and up to the terminal. If that makes sense? As TJ says as long as it's secured and can't chaff, it's ok. All down to personal choice.
  4. AdgeC

    FW Special Build Thread by Complete Novices

    That's a bummer.. As said I would look into trailer/transporter options to another test centre!'!. Youve very right to be furious Youll have polished off the gelcoat in 8 weeks .
  5. Feel I should point out Ecoboost owners have got feelings! Even if our engines our modern engines are possibly "visually challenged" .
  6. AdgeC

    Readying the Garage

    +1 for vinyl flooring. I got a white piece on tinternet. Its Survived my build, easy to keep clean, and find things on when you drop them. No problems with water dripping off the car after getting caught out in the rain. It will happen believe me .
  7. AdgeC

    So..............Tyres again..................

    I couldn't find any 205 r1r's. Looked at various options including Michelin, but as you say not available in 205. Felt I needed 205s as I have 8" rear rims, don't think any narrower tyre would work.
  8. AdgeC

    So..............Tyres again..................

    That "life of leisure" is flippin hectic I can assure you! Unfortunately it's been warm but also wet down here. Can I say that . Wellie weather rather than Westie weather! Looking promising for the weekend though! I'll keep you posted.
  9. AdgeC

    IVA steering and brake fluid level

    You really need to get out more! Says he having spent a number of hours this week just tinkering with my car. I'm with you though, it is an interesting read, but a means to an end! Seriously though think a knowledge of the manual will stand you in good stead for your test, means you can answer any questions with a background knowledge. Rather than "that's how the manual said to do it", aah, yes the manual
  10. AdgeC

    So..............Tyres again..................

    I've gone for Yokohama AD08R. With the crap weather have only done 50 miles so far. Too early to report how they are in reality. Survived a damp, slippery trip to the Shepton show, and pouring down with lots of standing water on the way home. Got them from HiQ
  11. AdgeC

    IVA steering and brake fluid level

    Thought I'd seen the back of the IVA manual for a while, but just had a furkle to double check! Don't like to disappoint you, but if you go the next page (3), section 19 requires a a red warning lamp for failing hydraulic pressure or falling fluid level. Think I'm interpreting it correctly, but pleas double check! Wrt steering column, confident the WF design should be satisfactory. However you could ask the question if it helps you sleep better
  12. AdgeC

    FW Special Build Thread by Complete Novices

    Engine bay isn't a problem, it's the external surfaces of the car, to "protect" the odd errant pedestrian you wish happen to bump into
  13. AdgeC

    FW Special Build Thread by Complete Novices

    Just a thought, if you leave it uncovered. If you were to neatly blend to top corner, you might not achieve the 5mm radius, but at least it wouldn't feel sharp to touch, and would show that you've read the IVA manual, and are attempting to comply even if it's not a requirement from the 100mm sphere test, if that makes sense. I adopted the same approach on the exhaust clamps on my car, just rounded the edges, so they didn't feel sharp. Not sure it made a difference, but it helped me sleep prior to my test .
  14. AdgeC

    Winter upgrades

    @Steve (sdh2903)Just measured my 250 carbon silencer, it's a 3" dia inlet, if that's any help.
  15. AdgeC

    FW Special Build Thread by Complete Novices

    As per Steves advice above, try a 100mm sphere, it's what the examiner will use.

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