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  1. More neat, dare I say groundbreaking work! Keep it up.
  2. AdgeC

    Wiper fuse

    I've found the simple non sprung wiper blades to be good. Would advise making sure the contact part of the blade is flat, used fine wet and dry on a piece of glass! Simple to trim to length to suit as well! Link to blades: https://www.famousfour.co.uk/new_parts/ff_part?part=16350
  3. Position of my Aim dash was fixed by cutout in supplied std. WF dash. Works fine for me with 300 mm wheel. From scratch, I would mock up position in something like 3mm MDF, taking into account wheel, seat position and your height to accurately position it, before chopping holes in a "real" dash. This is my std. dash to give an idea of position. Personally, I do like John(Kernow's) contoured dash shape!
  4. Good write up, enjoy these insights, well done. Keep em coming.
  5. Fingers crossed for a simple, timely solution.
  6. My humble suggestion would be to fit hinges on the sidescreens, and slot them on (both sides!). Make sure that the screen is low enough at the rear, to prevent it sliding over the top towards the cockpit, if that makes any sense? if it's too high it will be blown inwards, tap you on the shoulder, and mark the curved return of the side panel when you get up to speed! Sidescreeen inner frames are predrilled for hinge bolts (usually!) just got find them using your fingers and a pin!
  7. Fuel pipe looks smart. Playing devils advocate may be worth considering making sure you have a reference to the hose suitability for IVA. Examiner peeled back the conduit I'd put on my hose to check the marking. I also had an offcut I'd taken with me. Just my thoughts.
  8. AdgeC

    Wheel nut size

    @tc3nitro Just measured one of mine (hi spec) hubs, believe it's a Ford stud M12 X 1.5. You might want to whip a nut off to confirm? Nut contact face 60deg included angle. Depth of nut bore 29mm. V. rough "fag packet" drg: Loks like Burton do some black ones to order, not sure of length though. https://www.burtonpower.com/black-alloy-wheel-nut-m12x1-5-60deg-cwn1215ba.html Hope that helps
  9. Not bothered personally about being right or wrong! Didn't want to not ask the question, and hear you'd had a problem. From above, Sounds like your fine anyway which is good.
  10. Think current plan is leave mine at 8.00, google maps says arrive 9.40. Just got to persuade satnag to agree, and not try and take me through Bath!
  11. @Thrustyjust Looks like it on the "magic map". Will be much closer to paddock (and the bar) than the car park outside Quarry! Sure it will be glorious sunshine . Being realistic, I'll settle for dry(ish) anyway
  12. Next job: fitting ski bindings on a Westie! Don't know what they are, intrigued to find out. That looks like a pita job with the heater, rather you than me. Bleed valve under the scuttle is a novel approach, others I've seen have been at the high point under the bonnet. Careful you don't get the carpet wet again . Does the heater control valve just shut off the flow, or does it incorporate a bypass as well. Only ask, as on mine the heater forms part of a thermostat bypass loop which must have a flow at all times. Keep up the good work.
  13. Don't do it! keep threatening to do the same, but then find something better to do You'd do better working out a budget for next project (then double it!)
  14. from sunny Somerset. Enjoy your new toy.
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