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  1. Assume you're looking to apply for IVA? In which case, The 55/4 form is for registration after you've passed IVA. To apply for IVA you need the 1C:https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/iva-application-form-for-passenger-cars-iva-1c as a starter for ten. Hope this helps, it's a bit confusing!
  2. Best of luck for the exams .
  3. Your car, paint it any colour you want! As Ian says, nobody will see it.
  4. IMHO You don't need the passenger seat right back, even tall people can't touch the end of the footwell, unless you've got a battery or similar in there. If you mount the passenger seat just a few inches forward it's surprising what you can store down behind it. Just my thoughts!
  5. Just about there then, well done. Yoo may wish to consider moving IVA application to the top of your list. You can do the rest whilst you're waiting for a date
  6. AdgeC


    from sunny Somerset. Best of luck with your search for a new toy!
  7. AdgeC

    FW SE Build

    Best of luck with your build. Tip I was given on here, is to take loads of photos of cars in build (any model) at the factory when you collect your kit. Paid dividends for me! Highly recommend a build diary, great way to tap into a wealth of experience.
  8. Glad you've sorted your clutch Gary. Must be a relief, we'll done.
  9. @Geoffrey (Buttercup) - North Yorkshire AO Good to meet you Geoffrey. Hope your "sat nag" bracket is a success!
  10. Hens teeth I'm guessing! Quick Google and Everything I've found is 7/8" bore (if it's quoted at all). Guess you've been there! Best of luck with sorting a suitable master cylinder. I'll be quiet
  11. Is a smaller bore slave another option, or am I missing something? Can't quite get my head around effect on the pedal feel though this time of night!
  12. You've probably got it, just in case, this drawing is on CBS website: Looks straightforward, am I missing something?
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