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  1. AdgeC

    Adge's Sport 250 build

    Thanks for the info, sounds much more like squealing rather than rattling, but you never know! Not very clear from photo, but my discs are grooved as well. Sounds like a runout check on the discs might be in order, to source a dti. What I find strange is that the brakes were quiet for the first 3k(ish) miles. Perhaps I'm using them harder now I'm getting used to the car?
  2. AdgeC

    Adge's Sport 250 build

    Thanks, interesting stuff, a call in oreder tomorrow sounds wise, before spending any of my pension
  3. AdgeC

    Adge's Sport 250 build

    Brake saga continues. Removed front pads, cleaned calipers, de-glazed pads, and put 45deg chamfer on leading edge. Reassembled using Ceratec grease as well as tape. Found some quiet local roads and bedded them in, firm, but not excessive braking from 60, repeated 10 to 15 times, brakes were hot and could smell them. 100 mile run yesterday, b----r! back to square one, squealing at slow speed! Back to the drawing board. Guess different pads may be the next step.
  4. AdgeC

    Newcomer from Berkshire

    from sunny Someset. Best of luck in your search.
  5. AdgeC

    Hi From me! New member in Northampton

    from sunny Somerset. Smart looking car, sure it will restore your faith in Westfields, enjoy.
  6. AdgeC

    Hi from Cornwall

    from sunny Somerset. That's a striking colour for a Westfield, enjoy.
  7. AdgeC

    FW SE Zetec Build 2018

    Can't for the life of me remember what the driveshaft ends looked like! However I didn't add any additional grease, never even crossed my simple mind. Done 4K miles now with no problem. Hope that doesn't jinx me!!
  8. AdgeC

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Chaffeuer duties again!
  9. AdgeC

    Fog Light Operation

    Just checked on my car (kit collected end Jan 2017), definitely momentary switch. As Dave says call to WF should sort it.
  10. AdgeC

    Spot The IVA Failure

    Smart looking build. Are the reverse and fog lights somewhere near perpendicular to the road, can't make out from the photos. Recollect somebody on here problems with this at IVA. Suggest you may want to consider removing the the "anti rattle" hose you've fitted to the seatbelt eyebolts, or at least be able to quickly remove them if the examiner wants to inspect the mounts. My examiner was interested in the length of the boss and spacer! Build photos are useful in such circumstances.
  11. AdgeC

    Non-Westfield build

    Good to see yet more progress. Still fascinates me, please keep it coming, subject to your air con doing its job of course!
  12. AdgeC

    Newcomer from Devon

    from sunny Somerset, just next door! Best of luck with your search.
  13. AdgeC

    FW SE Zetec Build 2018

    Build is coming on well IMHO. Don't feel pressured by progress of other builds, it's not a race! Do it at a pace that suits you, and make sure you enjoy it!
  14. AdgeC

    Newcomer Megablade Westie

    from sunny Somerset.
  15. Smart looking car. Highly recommend a "Blinkstop" unit for the indicators. Enjoy your new toy.

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