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  1. AdgeC

    SE FW ZETEC - New member/New build

    Your choice, but might be wise to check your tank internals, then temporary cover the filler neck, and the outlet and return connections. You really don't want to be getting debris in your fuel system at the build stage. Same with brake pipe open ends, dare I suggest. Nag over!
  2. AdgeC

    Abs hood rail rivet

    If you mean the one in the centre, I whimped out, and have made up a strap that goes down and up under the dash, round the dash support hoop.
  3. AdgeC

    Door fixing

    As Mark says, it's a case of where suits you. Sit in and see where you can conveniently reach to do up the inside popper. Be wary of fitting it to far back, it could catch the seat when/if it's slide forward! Mine seem to be pretty good at keeping the water thrown up by the front wheels out! Yet another of those things that there is no absolute right or wrong way, just your way! This is my offside. Used pop rivet for male popper on inside panel, and SS button head bolt and nyloc to attach strap to the door.
  4. AdgeC

    Happy Birthday Mr Rowlands.

    Many happy returns Mike
  5. AdgeC

    Lekky E Type

    First reaction was " thats not an E Type". Still think that holds, the sound of the straight six, for me is part of the car! However, even though I'm far from a fan of electric cars, the fact that the installation is reversible (aledgedly!) makes it more palatable in my eyes! As an old dinasoar, don't think you can beat a petrol straight six in "the most beautiful car in the world" Sure others will have different opinions though!! Thanks for posting this, certainly made me think!
  6. AdgeC

    SE FW ZETEC - New member/New build

    Making good progress. Whist I admire your intent, would respectfully suggest you get the car built at full weight, on the ground, then look at setting up initial suspension geometry! It is affected by ride height, and it will settle as the build progresses. Cant really see from phot angle, but make sure you have adequate (believe it's usually 2) threads protruding from the locknut on the brake pedal pivot.
  7. AdgeC

    ScooterTwo's Sport 250 build

    Be interesting to see what you find on the road,
  8. You're certainly coming across some "challenges". Don't know if it's the angle of the shot, but looks to be next to no clearance exhaust to steering column! Crude, but you could "induce" some clearance with a ball pein hammer. Are you fitting the engine steadies on the front of the engine to chassis? I've got them and it minimises engine movement. Believe your Duratec is essentially the same as my Ecoboost in most areas. You've certainly got the two tapped holes on the front of the engine for the steadies. This is the steadies in place on my 250 if it helps.
  9. AdgeC

    Cobra 427 Build

    80mm is a good amount of extra, sounds like essential, legroom to gain. Very impressive work as ever. Always good to have a skilled friend to bounce ideas off in that sort of situation. Even better when he does some of the graft as well. Hope it didn't deflect him to much from his C Type build! Or was it whilst his body was off being sprayed that lovely blue!! Looking great, keep up the good work.
  10. AdgeC

    So far

    If your battery's in and connected, tryout could plug the motor in and give it a "flick" to check the length at the shortest point of its travel, if that makes any sense! Just noticed on your photos of front suspension, you haven't fitted IVA covers on top ballpoint to wishbone locknut yet. Sure they're on your radar, but just in case!!
  11. AdgeC

    So far

    As long as the inner is long enough to engage with the furthest away wheel box, with a little to go into the final outer section to ensure it stays in engagement, when it's at the shortest point of its stroke. Wouldnt have thought it's an issue. Unless I'm missing something obvious! Never compared mine before assembly, so haven't a clue as to relative lengths.
  12. AdgeC

    Adge's Sport 250 build

    Lucy enjoys trips in it, particularly now she's sorted what to wear to stay comfortable. Plus, I drive both ways, so she can drink wine at the "occasional" pub stop
  13. AdgeC

    New(ish) member

    from sunny Somerset.
  14. AdgeC

    Adge's Sport 250 build

    Time for a round up of bits and pieces I've done on my car the last few months, on top of sump change, and cooling system upgrades. Standard four point seat belts replaced with a pair of from Schroth. Find them easier to get into, and hold you sing in the seats. Found the 3" shoulder straps noticeable on my neck initially with sport turbo seats. Soon got used them though, think they soften up a bit with use. Better half not too sure about them initially! Still some reservations, but now keeps a thin scarf in the car, to make the belts more comfortable. Also keeps drafts off her neck! Think pads are available, but we"re ok currently. 1000 miles in France last week, belts comfortable. Been considering quick release steering wheel for a while, principally for security when parked up. Make it easier to get my old bones in and out as well. At Stoneleigh WF had the GoRace system complete with column at a sale price, couldn't resist! They also had what I felt to be a nice comfortable steering wheel. The actual grip is quite "chunky" which I find reassuring. The open top portion provides a good view of the Aim dash. As a further bonus, it was offer at a sale price. Wallet £290 lighter I had a new wheel and quick release column. Column fitted, if anything think the splines are a tighter fit in the top UJ which is no bad thing. Fitted new capscrew, torqued up and no play evident. Positioned, marked and drilled wheel to fit on the QR boss. Hands cleared switches etc, but as I had some Ali, made a 10mm spacer. Doesn't sound much but definitely more comfortable. Bought a WF badge or stick on in the centre of the wheel. Finishes it nicely in my view. Well worth doing, felt much happier leaving car parked up, and walking around Versailles last week, with my steering wheel in small rucksack. Source of intrigue and amusement at security bag checks, and X-Ray machines! Have had a SBFS half hood in its bag on the back of the car since mid Jan. French trip resulted in it being thoroughly tested in anger for the first time. It passed with flying colours, dealt with drizzle, heavy rain and changeable weather excellently. Quick to fit as well! Had "grandad" zips fitted to help me get my old bones in and out. Found in iffy weather could have hood on, and when dry unzip panels, roll them up and leave them behind the headrest. Best of both worlds. Zip design very clever, didn't let a drop of water in. Just a few drips from the centre seam, onto interior mirror, then occasionally onto drivers leg on left hand bend, or passengers on right hand bend . All adds to the experience. Overall great bit of kit IMHO. At night with dodgy weather, fitted hood (if not already on), then Walker St Claire cover over entire rear of car. Car Interior stayed bone dry even through heavy thunderstorm. Used WSCC brolly (rolled) spanning across top of sidescreens, to limit sagging and subsequent puddling. Following is an overview of car experience on French trip, apologies if perchance you've read it already in the overall write up. Thought it might be useful to others who just refer to build threads! Slight issue on the way to France. Put my foot down to overtake car and horsebox, just passing, when heard a "pop", car hesitated for split second, then picked up, albeit somewhat down on power! First thought was something to do with the turbo/waste gate, couldn't see anything obvious on waste gate signal pipework, solenoid plug and wiring, or visible air pipework. Phone call to one of the ever helpful and knowledgeable Dorset WSCC guys, instant diagnosis "you've blown one of the hoses off between turbo and engine air inlet, possibly on the intercooler". Put my hand up into the nose, sure enough pipe blown out of the hose on the intercooler outlet. Sod's law right between the top hose hockey stick and expansion bottle! Fortunately clip was still in place, and managed to wrangle the pipe back into the hose without burning myself, Or having to take the nose off. Spot on diagnosis, many thanks Malcolm. Interesting how the ECU instantly coped with going from pressurised air in, to naturally aspirated, and back again. Engine ran fine, just down on power. No limp mode or anything. Lesson to learn from that hiccup: Must follow up on the air hose clips as well as the water hose ones, which I have been regularly checking and nipping up! Never really registered how much pressure is generated by the turbo. Since we've got home, I've put the car up on stands, taken the nose off and nipped up all the air and water pipework joints. Ducting checked over all ok, no signs of distress/fretting. Every town and village in France seem to have pretty steep speed humps, and the entrance to our.accomodation was steep. Graunched the underside of the car several times! Checked underside of car, only sign of contact is on the chassis hoop, Really glad I fitted the shallow sump, or I dread to think what might have occurred dropping off the numerous speed humps! Whilst on stands have done a spanner check over the car. All as it should be, apart from where the cooling fan mounts on the rad. The fan is mounted on four studs welded to Ali plates on the rad. When I built the car, I was concerned about shearing these welds, so didn't fit nylocs, just plain nuts. On checking, one nut was missing, the other three were in place, but finger tight only! Nut replaced, all four nipped up, studs are long, so second nut fitted to act as locknut. Cooling system has proved to run fine over 300 mile round trip to Stoneleigh in temps in the mid 20's, and 1000 mile French trip. Max temp I've seen is 96 at legal limit on dual carriageway, fully laden (two up plus luggage), pulling up hill! Pleased with that, well worth the the work put in. All for now, thanks for reading.
  15. AdgeC

    Peter's S2000 Build

    Glad to see you're still "playing" with wires Peter. Reckon you'll get withdrawal symptoms when it's finished

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