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  1. AdgeC

    Fuel pipes do they need covering for IVA?

    @Chris Brading I didn't, and it wasn't mentioned at my IVA. That's not not to say you couldn't/shouldn't.
  2. AdgeC

    Quick Release Wheel Conversion

    I got a complete column and qr from WF, was a bargain price at Stoneleigh! https://parts.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=984&search=Quick+release&description=true Alternatively Go Race supply one, same qr mechanism as WF supply with above column as posted above. Just need to make sure your column is the same.
  3. AdgeC

    Drill Stand

    Yep, mines an earlier version, subtle differences on feed handles by the look of it. Find it's much used (and abused!).
  4. AdgeC

    Rich's S2000 Build

    If in doubt leave until after, as has been said, put the sticky ones on just before IVA.
  5. AdgeC

    So far

    You will get to IVA have no fear, shout up with your concerns if it helps, been said numerous times, no such thing as a stupid question, just stupid answers! Think most people go through highs and lows during the build, if necessary stand back and do something else, then get back to the area of concern with a fresh mind. Beer always helps sort problems, but not when you're using sharp implements at the same time My screen angle was a compromise, found one sidescreen sat at a slightly different angle on the hinges to the other! Then found with the screen at an acceptable angle the pillars didn't really sit flush on the scuttle, it's all a juggling match.
  6. AdgeC

    So far

    Yep, slot them in place for windscreen positioning etc. But remove them and fit IVA covers over the pillar pivot "lumps" for IVA. Tip I was given was to push small tack down through cover into hole in pillar to prevent the covers from jumping off. Touch of black paint on the head, and you barely notice the tack! Sorry beaten to it!
  7. AdgeC

    So far

    Bolted my strap to sidescreen using M5 Mushroom head SS bolt. Male popper is riveted to side panel. Make sure you can reach to undo strap when sat in seat. Make sure you don't fit the popper too far back such that it fouls on, and can tear the seat when slide forward IYSWIM. Hope this helps.
  8. AdgeC

    Rich's S2000 Build

    Link here to company making carbon fibre switch I'd plates amongst other things (careful, it's an addiction!):- http://www.eksodusproducts.co.uk/21.html
  9. AdgeC

    FW special build project inspired by Lego

    Think Hector needs a matching black and white rain jacket . Plus Karen of course!
  10. AdgeC

    SE FW ZETEC - New member/New build

    Sure you've thought of the scenario, but out of interest, what happens if you accidentally press the start button when the engine is running? Just thinking of diving for wash and wipe at same time on a dark night and missing! Perhaps you're more dexterous than me. Just my thoughts, based on having to unexpectedly quickly clean my screen at night on twisty road (heater fan doesn't clear much water from outside of screen ).
  11. AdgeC

    Non-Westfield build

    Adding "Glazier" to your list of skills now, well done. Keep up the good work.
  12. AdgeC

    Cobra 427 Build

    Great work Gary, be good to see a rolling chassis. A good milestone methinks. Keep up the good work.
  13. AdgeC

    Rich's S2000 Build

    My switch decals were not particularly elegant just stuck around the switches, but did the job. Seem to have disappeared after IVA though, tut tut, must get some more! Sorry, Cant help on screen heater or speedo. Keep up the good work.
  14. AdgeC

    So far

    Think you've used the correct screws/bolts for the mirrors. I believe key thing for setting windscreen angle is as said, the sidescreens, if you're planning on using them. Could always see if you could borrow a pair if you haven't got them yet. Well done, making good progress
  15. AdgeC

    FW special build project inspired by Lego

    That looks neat, particularly the way the covers extend over the side panel/rear tub corner joint, which seems to be the "better noir" of recent FW builders (myself included)! Not that you need to cover yours of course! I like the contrast of the spat fitting bolts, works well IMHO. Keep up the good work.

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