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  1. AdgeC

    Cobra 427 Build

    That's quite a piece of kit to "pour" fuel into your engine Gary! Just googled it, very impressive, not silly money either IMHO. Being nosey, what does the handheld controller do, notice it comes with a windscreen mount? Sorry shouldn't be distracting you with banal questions Keep up the good work, impressed with your dedication, working in the garage these temperatures!p
  2. AdgeC

    No questions is a stupid one! This comes close.

    @Thrustyjust Crap excuse!
  3. AdgeC

    No questions is a stupid one! This comes close.

    What took you so long TJ
  4. AdgeC

    No questions is a stupid one! This comes close.

    Aah, penny's now dropped! Would have sussed it straight away if my name was Chris I reckon . Not sure why you boys are talking a bout torque! You need to drive an Ecoboost or V8 to truly appreciate what the term means I'll stop there and await the response about white goods etc (Honda boys are soo predictable!) I've got me tinhat on
  5. I'm going to Powderham on the Sunday.
  6. Should have credited Ian with posting these up in the first place! Apologies Ian The cheques in the post!
  7. Sorry me again . Managed to do screen shots of some of the switch plugs, and wiring colours. Not 100% convinced on the "Grey/Yellow" for 2nd speed though, I thought "G" was green, but what do I know ! Hope this makes some sort of sense, and helps.
  8. @MrMgoo link (Hopefully) bit of my build thread where I fitted windscreen, it's at the bottom of the page!. Looks like my measurement ended up at 930, wouldn't want it any more than that, or the rear side screens will attack you! As TJ says use sidescreens if you've got some, or maybe you borrow some if somebody near you has the taller ones to match your screen. Just to confirm, my screen is about 340 top to bottom (job to measure accurately now it's fitted). Presume yours is the same?
  9. @MrMgoo if your happy to PM me your email, I'll send wiring drawings if it helps.
  10. I bought some "peel rivets" for fitting the bonnet catch plus hood studs. They are designed for material like grp, and literally peel out and spread the load over the grp without stressing it. Photo of the back of some below, when I was experimenting: Think Ive got some wiring diagrams, I'll dig them out and send them to you. Wrt screen angle, I'll look back through my build thread. Advice I was given though was to offer up sidescreens to help get windscreen angle.
  11. AdgeC

    Another IVA Booked

    God news, no pressure then! Probably on your list of things to do, but just in case, Respectfully suggest you post up a series of photos of "finished" car. There's a wealth of experience to tap into on here.
  12. AdgeC

    No questions is a stupid one! This comes close.

    As said, smaller wheel gives you less mechanical advantage (leverage). 10mm difference in radius doesn't sound much, but it's surprising. As Ian says, suspect you'll get used to it. The whole driving dynamics of our cars is so different from modern day cars, puts the fun back into driving IMHO. Makes me cringe seeing people in today's cars winding lock on stationary, it's so easy though! My suggestion would be to give it a good try on the road, before you start considering changing, just be careful if you sneeze Any sign of your registration yet?
  13. AdgeC

    Happy Birthday Buttercup

    Happy birthday Geoffrey, enjoy your day
  14. AdgeC

    Help with IVA 1C

    My thoughts: 1 - Not familiar with Honda spec! 2 - 4x - No 3 - 5a - No 4 - Believe so Sure others will confirm, or otherwise!
  15. AdgeC

    New member in Winchester

    from sunny Somerset. Great first step joining the club, super friendly, knowledgable and supportive members I've found. Best of luck with your search.

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