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  1. There was a lot of wooping when it started and my wife said she could tell the difference and she was in the house
  2. Got up too early this morning after a few beers last night, no work for 10days , and thought I would refit the ecu and coil pack, refilled the cooling system and give it a go, low and behold she now runs on 4 (four) cylinders and all the exhaust temps are better than before. I did notice that the battery light is still on, could this be that the battery needs charging? Now I need to get everything ready for our caravan trip to chester for a week from tomorrow, keep clear of the A1 & M62 tomorrow it could be carnage.
  3. I have been looking at a vid of when I had the car running and I have noticed that the battery light was on. Does that mean I have a bad earth connection & could that affect the running?
  4. I sent the ecu and coil pack back to Westfield, for them to be tested. They say that the items run OK and they are on their way back to me, So I am in the same position.
  5. I have sent a message with a video, just waiting to hear back.
  6. The engine and loom were supplied new from Westfield. Cylinders 3 is getting fuel, when the spark plug is removed it us pooled on top if the piston. Cylinder 2 looks wet but not as much as cylinder 3. There is a smell of fuel when the engine runs and even now with the car stood there is smell of fuel. Is there any way of checking the coil?
  7. Thanks for your help. ecu is an Omex 600. I have stripped the scuttle and top plate off the tunnel and striiped back the insulation from the loom. The red wire from the ecu goes to a relay, that wire has 1 ohm resistance which is the same as the purple and yellow wires that go from the ecu plug to the coil plug. The red wire leaves the relay from a different terminal and then goes to the wire for the injectors and then returns and goes to the plug for the coil. On the relay are other red wires which are connected to the positive battery lead., these must be the supply to the relay, which when energised supply the coil and the injectors. Could it have been a bad connection at the relay? I have tested the continuity between the terminals on the ecu plug, relay, injectors and the coil plug and they are now below 1 ohm. My car tonight is not my friend
  8. Chris I have checked the seals and they all look ok
  9. Between the red wire on the coil plug to the battery positive lead is open circuit. Between the coil plug red wire and the battery negative terminal is 0 ohms.
  10. Chris, I didn't notice that, I'll look at that when I get home this afternoon.
  11. Sorry for not getting back to you last night. Do you require the resistance between the positive battery cable and the red wire at the ecu or the coil pack?
  12. The wires join the loom, in the tunnel, which is covered with black tape. I am sorry I don’t have a wiring diagram.
  13. Red is the centre Yellow is right Purple is left This is just the wiring ecu & coil disconnected. The readings are red 42.2 ohms, purple 0.8 ohms & yellow 0.3 ohms. The pins I made to fit into plugs for the ecu & coil are not purfect so that could explain the purple and yellow wires but not the red wire. Any idea why this could be so high and still allow the engine to run on 2 cylinders?
  14. Been out to look at the wiring from the emu to the three pin connector. Did a continuity test using a multimeter. pic 1 red wire pic 2 purple wire pic 3 yellow wire Does these look ok?
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