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  1. Aeruttle

    Lancashire Area Meeting

    Good to finally meet the group. Note to self for next time windscreen and fuel required!
  2. Aeruttle

    Lancashire Area Meeting

    Hoping to make it!
  3. Aeruttle

    Duratec overheating.

    Hmm not sure how that works i thought the bypass was there to open up the thermostat once hot? Otherwise the thermostat will only open through conduction of the none circulating coolant. This will means it will be slow to open and a very hot engine!
  4. Aeruttle

    Duratec overheating.

    Just realised I can’t see a thing with the phone. Basically lower pipe on waterhousing should go to the inlet on thermostat facing most backwards and header tank should go to the middle most port pointing 90degs to the thermostat.
  5. Aeruttle

    Duratec overheating.

    Scott sorry for slow response. I don’t have a heater on mine but I could send you a video of the plumbing if you need a little more help?
  6. Aeruttle

    Duratec overheating.

    Do you have a bypass pipe between bottom of water housing and thermostat?
  7. Aeruttle

    Al's duratec FW build (mx5 gearbox)

    Cheers I was warned about the rear lights and had actually put washers on them. Happy for bread to be moved into the build diary section if you or another can do this. Cheers al
  8. Aeruttle

    Al's duratec FW build (mx5 gearbox)

    Iva board lives on and will soon be again donated!
  9. Aeruttle

    Al's duratec FW build (mx5 gearbox)

    Well folks today I passed my Iva test! Appologies for my terrible efforts to keep this diary updated however with 3 kids under 2 I think I’ve done pretty well to finish my project within 2 years. The car goes and sounds like an absolute beast. Was good fun driving back from the test centre today. Reg docs going in this week so hopefully only a short wait till my number plate. ill post some more pics and vids once I given her a clean and de-Iva’d the girl. Al
  10. Aeruttle

    Valentinik's Duratec Build

    My handbrake gaitor made from rubber trim and an eBay gaitor. Came up ok
  11. Aeruttle

    FW style boot lid lock's

    I have been recently supplied with these from the factory for my fw. Boot off for the Iva for me.
  12. Aeruttle

    Fog light issue

    next issue Dave!
  13. Aeruttle

    Fog light issue

    Thanks for your help Facebook will give it a go with a new switch
  14. Aeruttle

    Fog light issue

    Nope I purchased from cbs myself doh! Fog light comes on when illuminated on switch. Yes blue wire is the feed from the headlights. Yellow is the feed to fog
  15. Aeruttle

    Fog light issue

    Any idea where I can get one of these switches from Dave?

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