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  1. Zetec1.6


    Hi, i will take that thanks. PM sent
  2. Zetec1.6

    Brian James Tyre Rack SOLD

    If Barney doesn’t take it I will have it Andy
  3. Zetec1.6

    Parts coming up for sale as the car gets its winter upgrades!

    Hi interested in the fuel tank, if you could let me know when it is available thanks
  4. Zetec1.6

    Zetec Alternator / Engine Mounts

    Hi alternator is: Bosch 90 Amp alternator from 2.0 Zetec engine. Bosch Part number 0 123 212 001 Ford Ref: 93 BB-10300-AG.
  5. Zetec1.6

    Zetec Alternator / Engine Mounts

    Hi, i have two zetec engine mounts and an alternator.
  6. Zetec1.6

    Brand new zetec alternator

    Hi do you have a pic of the unit? thanks
  7. Zetec1.6

    various things

    Hi. Ash, i’ll take with windscreen fillet, collect as usual. Andy
  8. Zetec1.6

    Standard steering column

    Hi, got a standard column if you are still looking? thanks
  9. Hi, i’ll take The hub nut covers please. Thanks
  10. Zetec1.6

    Blacktop 1.8 zetec brand new ported head

    Going on this weekend unless I get a realistic offer before
  11. Zetec1.6

    Blacktop 1.8 zetec brand new ported head

    £450 before it goes to eBay
  12. Due to sudden change of plans I have a brand new Zetec 1.8 blacktop cylinder head for sale. It has just been ported and flowed at Cylinder head developments at a cost of £474. The head also has brand new valves and springs fitted. Porting and gas flowing - both inlet and exhaust ports Valve throat improvement to aid flow Perfect three-angle valve guide seats Valve lapping carried out by hand Don't confuse this with a recon head, it has never been fitted or used. Looking for offers around £500.
  13. Price reduction to £150 for full set of 5!

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