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  1. Andy_R

    Westfield badge

    I haven't but if you struggle Westfield Parts sell one at 43mm (£4.76). https://parts.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=668&search=sticker&description=true Demon Graphics also do a set of 4 (you can pick from many different colours & sizes) for £19.99. https://www.demongraphics.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=62&products_id=1416&zenid=cf6d465c0ccec2103ff360b2bfcb6301
  2. Andy_R

    Boot box and roof with Frame - SOLD

    Very interested... send you a PM
  3. Roary has now been sold subject to payment and collection.
  4. @Richard Burgess Maybe this one would be of interest?
  5. Today is a sad day for me because I’m finally selling Roary :-( However it’s a fantastic day for whoever the new owner is because it’s a great Westfield which has many many miles of exciting driving left in it. Roary is a lovely and honest Westfield. I’ve hidden nothing in my description and, while I’m not a mechanic (you never know what’s around the corner), I would be confident selling to a family member or close friend. In fact I’m only selling as I now have a V8 SEiGHT and can't justify keeping both. Vehicle is in Wakefield (WF4). You are more than welcome to come for a test drive. However please only come if you are seriously looking at buying a Westfield. Photo's taken the day this advert was posted (31st Aug 2018) so you know they are an accurate representation of the vehicle. Looking for £5,995.00 ONO 1990 Westfield SEiW with only 6,970 genuine miles 12 Months MOT (Exp. August 30th 2019) with NO Advisories Full Service History with LOTS of Original Paperwork and Build Manual Well known in the Peak District & Yorkshire WSCC Groups HPI Clear (I have copies of the HPI documents) I’m the 3rd owner from new Full Wet Weather Gear, Doors and a Soft Bits Half Hood are also included in the sale 1650cc Crossflow Engine (Rebuilt 2014) Twin Dellorto 40’s Ramair Filter Piper 285 Cam Big Valve Head Oil Catch Tank Modified Distributor with Correct Curve Optima Red Top Battery New Wunoff 6” Repack Exhaust Gearbox: 4 Speed Type 3 Brakes (Front): M16 Calipers & Mintex 1144 Pads Brakes (Rear): Escort RS Drums Original Westfield Spax Dampers English Rear Diff Momo Removeable Steering Wheel (with Rapfix Racing Boss) 14” Alloys (Only 1,500 miles on the tyres which were purchased in 2016) 20mm Rear Wheel Spacers Wind Deflectors Brand New Carpet (From Westfield) ... which makes the interior look AMAZING for it’s age! Hi-Back Seats on Runners Lockable Boot Lid New Wing Mirrors, Wipers, Fuel Tank Sender Unit, Starter Solenoid & Map Pockets Good Body Work (not perfect but look at the pictures and you will see it’s been well looked after) Work required is limited unless you want to upgrade it some more. The exhaust could do with another bracket (it moves about a bit while driving and could be taken slightly further away from the body to help protect the bodywork). It has a couple of cracks in the gel coating around the wing bolts and there are the normal stone chips (mainly on the rear arches) but the body work is lovely for age (I've taken this to a number of car shows and it doesn't embarrass). The steering column needs adjustment (steering wheel isn't perfectly straight when wheels are in line). It’s a X-Flow and you need to pump the accelerator a few times before starting to get enough fuel into the carbs. It’s also been sitting for six months with only a few small blats so could probably do with a service (although it's running lovely so this would only be precautionary/routine maintenance). I’ve driven this over the past two years on many trips across Yorkshire and the Peak District. Roary has been to Silverstone and looked the business even if I am biased! Any mechanical issues I’ve had (which have been few and far between) have been fixed with the correct parts and using the experience of the ladies & gentlemen on the WSCC forum. There isn’t much more I can add other than that Roary always gets LOTS of admirers at the car shows I’ve been to, is a great car to drive and will be missed after being sold. P.S. More photos are available if required. Just PM me.
  6. Andy_R


    And doesn't it look sooooo cool
  7. Andy_R


    Thanks for all the advice and thoughts on this subject. In regards for the motivation to have one. I don't want a motorhome as that means another vehicle to deal with (the teardrop would have been a lot easier to store and upkeep). Additionally when there are two of you in a Westfield there isn't much room for camping equipment ... even if you go for the emergency oil storage system that @Robin (Red Spider) - Yorkshire AO has fabricated I also like how cool it would look. However @Davemk1 experience and the potential insurance pitfalls cause me some concern so I might just make do with the tents.
  8. Andy_R


    I like that ... do you know who's it is?
  9. Andy_R


    Thanks Dave ... the stress of the V8 makes sense and I'll speak with Westfield first and see what they recommend.
  10. Andy_R


    Thanks for all the help on this. Looking around at a company who makes a Teardrop they have one fitted to a Trike and that's got to have a lot less weight than mine (a picture can be found on this link http://www.slindustries.co.uk/gallery#&gid=1&pid=1). They also only weigh 245kg which should be more than ample for a Westfield ... especially as mine is 725kg without driver. Mine is also a Q Plate (registered in 2001) so I wonder if the newer regs would be a hinderance? Saying that I'll speak with Westfield, the DVLA and my insurance company to see what they recommend.
  11. Andy_R


    During Silverstone I saw a number of those little Teardrop Caravans being towed by a variety of different vehicles into the campsite. After chatting with my better half we were wondering if a Westfield could be fitted with a removable tow bar & electrics to tow a small teardrop caravan. I use my Westie for either Blatts in the countryside or for camping trips so having a bit more comfort without the faff of setting up a tent would be fantastic. I wouldn't be looking to build one as there are various companies who manufacture at a much better quality than I could ever hope to make (http://www.slindustries.co.uk for example). However would our cars be able to cope with towing a Teardrop? Would the height of the caravans chassis (probably being higher than the Westie) be an issue? The ones I'm looking at weigh less than 250kg (unladen) so I can't see that being an issue but legally speaking is there a problem? Would the aerodynamic properties of our vehicles make towing something like this difficult or dangerous? Has anyone done something like this before (either with a caravan or just a trailer)?
  12. Andy_R

    Peak District, Sunday 1st July

    What great pictures and please thank Lee for the fantastic snaps of Maverick!
  13. Andy_R

    Silverstone 2018. The photo thread.

    Angina attack with exhaustion thrown is. He got discharged from Northampton General about 11pm and is back home resting. He'll be fine but has probably learnt more about his endurance limits then he expected. Everyone at Silverstone was fantastic and a special mention to all the WSCC members who offered to help ... it meant a lot knowing I didn't have to stress so much when we were waiting for 6+ hours for a doctor at Northampton.
  14. Best caption of @Ali and Gail & Rich wins a melted Twirl chocolate bar fresh from Silverstone!
  15. Andy_R

    Silverstone 2018. The photo thread.

    The Silverstone Medical Centre thanks to my brother collapsing at the International Pits!!!

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