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  1. Andy_R

    Huge Dilemma

    Thanks again everyone. Luckily I do have time and having grown up with Westfield's I don't want to replace what I consider to be the best version of the car (that has a lot to do with my love for a petrol guzzling V8!). I think Julie's comments are probably right and live with the situation for a while to see what happens ... hoping I don't get divorced for doing it Also thanks to @Robin (Red Spider) - Yorkshire AO & @Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO for allowing a Cobra into the mix ... if it helps there will be the nice burble of a V8 to go with it
  2. Andy_R

    Huge Dilemma

    Thank you to everyone that's commented. @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary - that's really useful information and I'll keep that in mind especially after this winter when I find out which vehicle is used more. I'm very tempted to go for the removable hard top (although it costs an extra £3.5k + VAT) as this will make the Cobra much better as a winter vehicle. This would allow for Maverick to be a more summer vehicle but it all depends on how much my wife can be bribed! @BigSkyBrad - we have some specialist car storage companies within 25 miles but don't allow access to maintain the vehicle and tend to ask for 48 hours notice before getting your vehicle so I'm not sure if this is the best option. @bob25 - our drive is quite narrow so the trailer option limits how much room we will have especially when it comes to getting the bins out. It's certainly an option though and good to know your friends furniture isn't suffering. @Rory's Dad - thank you for the kind comment about my daughter. She had a seizure while getting ready for school and I had to perform CPR on her while the ambulance was called. She was then in re-sus for 2 hours with so many medical professionals trying to keep her alive that I lost count. Really scary but luckily she's a lot better now and the consultants appear to understand why it happened which will help us in the future.
  3. Andy_R

    Huge Dilemma

    Should probably have said it would be off-site ... it's one of those shipping container storage companies that have 100 of the things on land a few miles away.
  4. So I've been a bit quiet on the forum recently due to my daughter having a seizure and needing a lot more support than normal to recover. However just before this happened my wife gave me permission to buy my dream car ... an AC Cobra. Now I don't have the kind of money needed for an original model but my wife kindly gave me a budget of £50k to buy a brand new replica. After going to the various factories I settled on the Pilgrim model and this is currently being built for me. Collection should be early June and to say I'm excited is a massive understatement! As part of this agreement with the wife I was told my Westfield had to go as we only have room for one car in the garage ... I even started getting it ready for sale (honest)! However as time has been on my side I've managed to get this caveat put back. I haven't found an owners club as friendly as the WSCC and I really enjoy driving the SEiGHT so I don't want to get rid of my Maverick (especially considering the work I've done in the last year fixing oil leaks and generally making the car more desirable). So I have a dilemma as to where Maverick should go when the new Cobra arrives. There are currently two options open to me and I was hoping for some advice ... 1. I have a long (ish) single drive that leads to a large single garage and I plan for the Cobra to stay in the garage as it's the most expensive of the two. So the first option is to put Maverick on the drive under a Hamilton Classic outdoor cover (which I already own) and get a gate at the top of the drive to keep prying eyes out and make it a little bit more secure. This causes me problems when it comes to going on a drive as I have to move vehicles around (we own two day to day vehicles so the Cobra will mean 4 cars) but that's not the end of the world as I won't be using either Maverick or the Cobra that often. My questions for this option are whether keeping Maverick outside all year round (even with the cover) is okay in the long term and will the insurance company have any problems with this as currently they insist on it being garaged? 2. I rent a shipping container storage unit (we've got a local company we used before for a similar reason) until such time that we hopefully move to a bigger house with double garage. I already know the extreme heat & cold you can get in these units isn't ideal for the vehicle so the question for this is all insurance ... will an insurance company let me do this? As my current house is a new build we aren't allowed to extend for the next three years so I can't increase the size of the garage. I don't have room to put a lift in the garage. We also aren't allowed those portable type garages although at a push I could erect one in the short term as our neighbours wouldn't complain. I've also looked at renting council owned garages but these are all in less than desirable areas and I'm not keen keeping the car there. Thanks for any advice in advance.
  5. Andy_R

    Fuse box cover

    Should have added ... On the option section ... click on the 6 way. This then shows one identical to the picture by @WINGNUT Sorry for confusion Dave.
  6. Andy_R

    Fuse box cover

    Interestingly I was just looking for the same thing while eating dinner today Demon Tweeks sent me their new magazine today so I started looking and found this ... https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/auto-marine-standard-blade-fuse-box-240042/ Looks identical to me so I'll be getting a couple for Maverick.
  7. Yes please ... I'd still would be interested in this. PM me when you know for sure and how much you want for it.
  8. Hi John. I used to live in Hemsworth and we were going to buy a house in Great Houghton so I know it well. The route I take goes from Crofton to Nostell, through Hemsworth and Great Houghton (despite all those horrible speed bumps!), turn off at RSPB Dearne Valley and then follow the smaller roads to Rotherham, past the football ground and end up hitting the M1 just by the Sheffield Parkway. I then come off at J29A (to limit motorway miles) and get to Matlock via Chesterfield. There is a fuel stop the Matlock side of Chesterfield which gives me enough for the run around the Peaks. The route from mine takes 1.5 hours ... I'll be leaving mine at 08:45 so would be in Great Houghton just gone 09:00. I'm not a fast driver and keep to a steady pace (you might find me a bit boring in that respect ) ... which is why I like the Peak District runs as they aren't all about racing to the next destination. My route back from the Travellers Rest would probably be to go via Sheffield, hit the Parkway and follow the same way back home ... although I'm open to suggestions if you want to do something different / longer / more interesting? I've got your PM and will shortly send you my number. Feel free to text/call so we can arrange a suitable time to meet up. If you want to modify the route then let me know ... I'm happy to make it more interesting and take in more of the Northern parts of the Peak District although I suspect as it's the first shake down you want to keep it simple?
  9. @4 WAK ... I'll be travelling to and from Wakefield on Sunday. Assuming it's dry I'll be travelling to Matlock in the morning and probably leaving the group after dinner so I can get back before the light levels drop. You are more than welcome to join me on any parts of this journey so you have company in case there are any issues. Normally I go the back roads via Hemsworth & Rotherham in the morning to cut out some of the boring motorway. Depending on where the group eats dinner I tend to go back via Sheffield and then Rotherham to again miss the motorway ... but all of that is flexible and I'm more than happy to try different routes.
  10. ... a Yellow Westfield on the new relief / development road heading towards Leeds around 15:40. Anyone from the forum?
  11. I haven't but if you struggle Westfield Parts sell one at 43mm (£4.76). https://parts.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=668&search=sticker&description=true Demon Graphics also do a set of 4 (you can pick from many different colours & sizes) for £19.99. https://www.demongraphics.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=62&products_id=1416&zenid=cf6d465c0ccec2103ff360b2bfcb6301
  12. Roary has now been sold subject to payment and collection.
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