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  1. nick311256

    Zetec on DCOEs

    Similar to mine which is on twin DCOE 45 152G’s with 4 prog holes as below, you can check by undoing the brass slotted screw to see how many prog holes you have. I sure NMS would have mention it if they’ve set them up previously. Flat spot on pick up but once over 2-3k revs she flies, not perfect but you learn to live with it and drive accordingly. Ideally the Zetec should be running the the 5 prog hole Weber’s. Can’t say The temp makes much difference on mine though.
  2. nick311256

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    A quick spin around the Elan valley last week
  3. nick311256

    Driving glasses/shades/goggles. Fit issue.....

    Have a look at these, not sure how wide you need the bridge though. worked okay for me , just sold them as changed to prescription glasses full time, but great shades for driving. http://www.uksportseyewear.co.uk/section.php/4/1/kit-car-avt-glasses
  4. nick311256

    standard seat

    No problem, not rushing to sell at the moment but if you change your mind let me know.
  5. nick311256

    standard seat

    Got this pair of sports seats available if you’re interested, Black vinyl with WRG piping ( piping v dark and looks black) both have runners fitted and no rips or tears. Just taken out of my seiw and sport turbo’s fitted £130.00 Nick.
  6. nick311256

    Dixon driving sunglasses/goggles (sold)

    Pm replied to. Provisionaly sold to Rob.
  7. Selling my Dixon sunglasses as now wear prescription glass full time. Great for wearing while driving the Westfield as they come with removable foam gaskets that keep the wind/bugs out of your eyes, also have interchangeable clear, amber & smoke lens for changing light conditions. As new condition and only used a couple of times - £35.00 posted.
  8. nick311256

    Temp gauge not working

    Had the same problem with mine, pulled the wire connectors off the temp sender, cleaned them off, re fitted and it was all working again. Worth a try for starters.
  9. nick311256

    Twin Webber 45 carbs - SOLD

    Thanks for confirming Mark, Already on 4 prog hole Weber’s so not for me this time.
  10. nick311256

    Twin Webber 45 carbs - SOLD

    I’ll try, looking at your pic, from the top there’s the stud nut attaching the carb to the manifold, well it’s the brass screw driver slotted screw head directly below it (and one the same directly above the manifold nut on the lower carb barrel ). If you orientate you pic 90deg clockwise You should be able to work it out by comparing with the pic I posted. hope that helps.
  11. nick311256

    Twin Webber 45 carbs - SOLD

    If you have a look under one of the brass screw caps adjacent to the manifold bolt ( not the brass jet) there should be a small bowl with a number of small holes in it (progression holes) there could be 3, 4 or 5 depending on what model carb it is. I’m not sure which model the Vauxhall’s red top runs with but the Zetec needs the 5 prog hole model to run properly to avoid the lumpy transition between the idle jet and the main jet.
  12. nick311256

    Twin Webber 45 carbs - SOLD

    Any idea if these are the 5 progression hole type that would suit a zetec? would be interested if they were. Nick.
  13. nick311256

    Bottom hose

    I’m looking to replace the bottom rad hose on my 1.8 silvertop Zetec as it’s getting on a bit and starting to look a bit weepy, it’s on an older style ford rad with the outlet on the lower off (driver) side. Does anyone know what the replacement hose is, tried all the searches but most refer to the S shaped polo rad hose from a Datsun which doesn’t look the right shape at all, Any info much appreciated.
  14. nick311256

    Westfield Mats, for MT75 tunnel cars SOLD

    PM sent, Nick.
  15. nick311256

    Westfield sports turbo seats

    PM sent Nick.

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