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  1. Nice view of Clywedog😊, good to have another westy in mid Wales👍
  2. I’m thinking about refreshing the cooling system on my 2000 build 1.8 silver top Zetec which all currently works fine but the rad does weep a bit and the hoses all look their age and in the back of mind often think something will let go at some point soon. The current rad is the old steel escort type as supplied at the time and I’m thinking of a straight swap for the Coolex aluminium equivalent with Spal fan fitted as it should all bolt straight on to the original mountings (will need to check with Coolex). My question is, is there anything to be gained in going down the Polo rad replacement route with the associated change in mountings and hoses?
  3. Obviously a very popular Westfield view point! An early spring day last year for mine
  4. Yes, according to the Westfield web site and after taking them out of my seiw I doubt they’d fit in anything narrower. if it helps they’re 40cm at the widest point at the base.
  5. Still for sale if anybody wants them before they go on the bay next week.
  6. Yes, still for sale. I’m in Presteigne on the Wales/Herefordshire border, 20 miles from Leominster.
  7. Selling a pair of Westfield sport seats in black vinyl with WRG piping, complete with runners & mounts on both seats. Both are in good condition with no rips or marks. Will only fit a wide body I believe. £150.00
  8. Exactly what I did with mine to raise the tick over rpm, raised the idle speed by a small adjustment on the throttle cable linkage on the carb with no effect on the carb performance.
  9. Similar to mine which is on twin DCOE 45 152G’s with 4 prog holes as below, you can check by undoing the brass slotted screw to see how many prog holes you have. I sure NMS would have mention it if they’ve set them up previously. Flat spot on pick up but once over 2-3k revs she flies, not perfect but you learn to live with it and drive accordingly. Ideally the Zetec should be running the the 5 prog hole Weber’s. Can’t say The temp makes much difference on mine though.
  10. A quick spin around the Elan valley last week
  11. Have a look at these, not sure how wide you need the bridge though. worked okay for me , just sold them as changed to prescription glasses full time, but great shades for driving. http://www.uksportseyewear.co.uk/section.php/4/1/kit-car-avt-glasses
  12. No problem, not rushing to sell at the moment but if you change your mind let me know.
  13. Got this pair of sports seats available if you’re interested, Black vinyl with WRG piping ( piping v dark and looks black) both have runners fitted and no rips or tears. Just taken out of my seiw and sport turbo’s fitted £130.00 Nick.
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