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  1. Wilfman


    If wowblaauw doesn’t take the sill protectors I’ll have second dibs
  2. Wilfman

    Anyone for bacon and egg.

    Do you take aim from outside?
  3. Wilfman

    Split personality

    I think the design team need therapy.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/business-46757872/the-car-with-a-split-personality
  4. Wilfman

    Chinese moon landing & Moonbase plans.

    Does anyone claim to own the moon? If China are going to build a station on the moon will they have to apply for permission and will it be leasehold with rent payable?
  5. Wilfman

    Happy Birthday AdgeC

    Happy Birthday @AdgeC
  6. Wilfman


    Reading through these threads made me think I should maybe turn my car over and let it warm as it hasn’t been run since the end of September. So, on Friday I went too it got the car out, checked everything, jumped in and turned the ignition on and could hear the fuel pump working frantically to fill the float chambers before tailing off to a gentle tick-tick. I usually turn the engine a few times on the starter to get the oil moving before pumping the 45’s 4 or 5 times to fire it up. On turning the key I got a nil response and thought back to a few weeks ago when I had moved the car to roll the tyres and had left the key on the first turn to unlock the steering and which powers on a few peripherals. I had omitted to turn the key back to off and spotted that the volt meter on the USB sockets was showing a reading some weeks later and realising my error simply turned the key and removed it from the barrel. With the above in mind, I got the multimeter out and dropped it over the battery terminals where it read 11.4v and was dropping steadily with just the meter over it. Thinking there may not me enough kick in the battery to open the solenoid it pushed the car back in the garage and threw the charger on it (it’s a lead acid battery btw). After close to 24 hours the battery charger indicated that the battery was charged and ready to go so the same routine was followed yesterday pm and I experienced the same difficulties - dead on the second turn of the key. Checking again with the multimeter all appeared good under the bonnet and I put my hand round the key barrel to check all was good, which it appeared to be, and turned the key once more to find this time all kicked in albeit very slowly and slowing off after a couple of seconds. I did this a couple o times to move the oil and then wondered if there would be enough of a turn to get it to fire up. Having introduced a bit of fuel via 5 full pumps of the accelerator I turned the car over once more and, as I expected, nothing. Repeated the process another couple of times and it attempted to run but failed to continue. Half expecting there not to be enough juice in the battery I went for it again and hey presto the old girl was running. The voltmeter I’m the car was reading low again and so I let the car run till it got warm but being SORN it would be wrong to run it carefully around the block to get some charge in it So, some 10 mins later the voltmeter was showing a more respectable 12.4 volts I once again checked the battery. With it being maintainancr free it has a built in indicator which is basically one of 3 colours - green (OK), grey (recharge) and white (knackered). The colour in the window appears grey so I suspect it’s not in good health. Now considering replacing with the Odyssey I had always planned and will consider a charger for conditioning over next winter.
  7. Wilfman

    Stuff to watch over the winter.

    Enjoyed those - ta TJ
  8. Opened one of my pressies on Christmas morning to find the enclosed...... Must be a copyright thing ..... as you can imagine, it's being returned to Amazon!!!!!
  9. Wilfman

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

    Merry Christmas all
  10. Wilfman

    Happy Christmas Day Everyone

    Have a GREAT Christmas all
  11. Blue sky????..... go and fly your drone!!!!
  12. Wilfman

    *SOLD* Spare Wheel Kit

    Now SOLD
  13. Wilfman

    6 Point Harness

    I'm pretty certain the regs are changing to 10 year life for seats and harnesses provided the are not torn / damaged.

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