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  1. Wilfman

    Car history

    try..... http://en.vindecoder.pl/
  2. Sorry for correction Jeff..... it’s Mostyn Docks not Moston in case anyone Google’s it.
  3. Wilfman

    Non-Westfield build

    If it helps..... I cut a bracket from some aluminium channel with a couple of slots cut either side. The bracket was mounted to the chassis rail and a large jubilee clip to match the diameter of the swirl pot passed through. You can then rotate the pot to match the directions needed plus you will be able to lift it up...... ideally it needs to be higher than the rad for the air to trap at the highest point and lead off to the expansion tank.
  4. Wilfman

    Non-Westfield build

    I concur with you Ian.... the head feeds into to top inlet and bottom out to the rad with the 8mm from the top to the expansion tank with the theory being that no air will enter the rad.
  5. Wilfman

    It can be really handy, owning a Westfield

    A green woman???
  6. Wilfman

    Manchester to Chester, sunday

    I spotted you and waved
  7. Wilfman

    Boot box fitting. Will this fit

    Once everything is cut, reassemble it all with the plastic tubes over the brace bars (I used masking tape wrapped round the bar to the internal thickness of the plastic tube so it is correctly centred). A couple of strips of glass fibre and resin applied from under the arches onto the original boot and over the pipe and leave it to go off till morning. Build up the inside gaps with IsoPon P38 and sand with decreasing grade paper to desired finish. I got a local paint shop to spray mine up as I was after a lacquered satin black finish.
  8. Wilfman

    What about the Cheshire Crewe

    I will be along too ..... which way are you going Ian?
  9. Wilfman

    Boot box fitting. Will this fit

    Hope these help..... I used a laser pointer fastened in line from the top rose-joint, using a piece of plastic pipe, and pointing to the centre of the bottom joint to mark the centre of the brace bar and it's angle in the boot. Once marked up it was a case of easing the slot up to the right size for the 50mm OD plastic drain pipe (B&Q). Any questions, ask away
  10. Wilfman

    Cheshire & N. Staffs Monthly meet, Thursday 6th September.

    I will pass on the run and meet you at the Sweaty Arms
  11. Are you starting a dealership John????!!!!
  12. Wilfman

    Happy Birthday Quinten.

    Happy Birthday
  13. Wilfman

    Happy Birthday Bagpuss

    Happy Birthday Ian
  14. Wilfman

    New Member in the NW

    hello from Cheshire

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