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  1. Wilfman

    Scalextric Westfield.

    Is your loft still hot???!!!
  2. Wilfman

    Happy Birthday Thrusty!

    Happy Birthday Thrusty!
  3. Wilfman

    Fitting Air Horn

    Back to the drawing board then!
  4. Wilfman

    Fitting Air Horn

    Cheers Ian..... was trying to avoid a wire from the battery terminal but if that's the answer then I'll have a think...... will I be able to use the existing wiring loom wires (will they be rated for the load?) to feed the horn itself from the relay?.... I'm trying to avoid running new wire the length of the car.
  5. Wilfman

    Fitting Air Horn

    I'm fed up of people on phones not seeing me and I can fart louder than my current horn so have invested in one of these 120DB monsters..... I have mounted to the car but the horn is rated at 20 Amps and comes with a 30 rated relay. Not wanting to burn out any wiring / switches, I'm wondering how best to wire this up utilising the standard wiring loom as much as possible and limiting new wiring runs. All advice / suggestions welcomed.
  6. Wilfman

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Geoff I had issues with mine last year, a Pinto on 45's with Luminition ignition pack. I went through everything and it turned out to be the alternator! It would start OK and then start playing up as it got warm..... it semed that the cooling fan was kicking in and causing the issue due to the regulator packing up and the draw of current was too great for it to handle. Can you try a different alternator to rule that out?
  7. Wilfman

    My inheritance

    ...... from Cheshire
  8. Wilfman

    Oulton Park Gold Cup 2018 (W/North Wales)

    I recall I got multiple options - mine will be there for all 3 days.
  9. Wilfman

    Scalextric Westfield.

    Is that what happens when you suffer from fallen arches???!!!!
  10. Wilfman

    Hit on the head by a flying jar

    Whale Oil Beef Hooked
  11. Wilfman

    Westfield air filter - sausage type!

    Andy Burton have the pipercross equivalent..... works out about £20 cheaper but branded as "Pipercross".
  12. Wilfman

    Cheshire & N. Staffs monthly meet, Thursday the 5th July

    I’ll be there
  13. Wilfman

    Whats yours called and why!

    Mine was nicknamed “Brum” by my eldest sons, at the time, girlfriend. As most of you know, Brum is a kids TV programme featuring a two seater yellow car with a face..... I was less than amused and now the name appears to have stuck as the wife hates the car and knows the name annoys me!!!
  14. Wilfman

    Cheshire and N. Staffs Monthly meet, Thursday 7th June

    I should be there too

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