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  1. Ahem....... I did tell you to wear the WELSH shirt tj !
  2. Hope you’re wearing your Welsh shirt TJ
  3. The tester will certainly fail it if he gets his fingers caught in the gap!!!
  4. The old dog is a LOT heavier !
  5. Jeff...... in case you're not aware, and you plan to go that way, the Ponderosa is closed ..... https://www.denbighshirefreepress.co.uk/news/17425772.storm-erik-blamed-for-temporary-closure-of-ponderosa-cafe-on-horseshoe-pass/ CAN THAT....... SEEMINGLY OPEN AGAIN
  6. Just bought Odyssey PC680 for mine.
  7. If wowblaauw doesn’t take the sill protectors I’ll have second dibs
  8. I think the design team need therapy.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/business-46757872/the-car-with-a-split-personality
  9. Does anyone claim to own the moon? If China are going to build a station on the moon will they have to apply for permission and will it be leasehold with rent payable?
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