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  1. BrianBas

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 12th August

    Sorry but Brian won't be there as I'm in my caravan in Mid Wales, cycling walking etc. A pity as the car is going well, almost without issues (rear view mirror came unglued is the only tiny one) but I'm now having trouble with my shoes - my old ex badminton Ruccanor shoes are narrow with good grip and perfect for the car and cycling (old fashioned narrow toe clips) but now worn out and giving the odd slip, or poor heel/toe movement- though perhaps its just me getting uncoordinated. Anyway the modern trainer/sports shoes are too wide, poor grip or silly money. A discussion on Sunday about your choices might have been very useful though of course the mechanical bits are more interesting. At least I can now demonstrate a pair of perfect gloves at last, with tremendous grip and sensitivity and my too tight, unbending sealskins left for winter cycling. Enjoy yourselves and I must keep September meet date free. Brian
  2. BrianBas

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 11th March

    I am pleased to join you on Sunday 11th but only meet up at the lodge. I am due back from the sun abroad on Saturday 10th, and due to the snow this week, have put the Westy back in my garage, on the lift so the wife's car is underneath to escape the snow, whilst we are away. So not enough time to sort them out for the 11th blat. We catch a plane this Friday afternoon, providing the Gatwick snowplows are working well. Brian
  3. BrianBas

    Essex Area Annual Weigh In - 15th April 2018

    Brian will be there with his Westfield and this time won't get lost at any cross roads! A date that coincides with a free diary day, at last!
  4. BrianBas

    Aeroscreen conversion

    Aeroscreens - I should have made this the first item in the thread There have been threads before on replacing conventional windscreens with aero-screens. This has included swappable systems - some more swappable than others such as a flat ‘blade’ type screen with short screen pilers using the same conventional windscreen filler mounting points. However some previous suppliers seem to have disappeared, some products are no longer in production and some have changed hence I should have started a new thread. My 2005 SEiW has a conventional screen and full Westfield sourced weather kit which is OK for bad weather days. For much of summer use, I would prefer to be able to use an aero screen that is reasonably swappable with the conventional windscreen. Under consideration are issues such as ensuring reasonable times to swap (an hour or two?); whether wiper spindles have to be removed/loosened and push back; minimising additional fixing holes which would otherwise have to be bunged when not in use; sealant removal/installation; the effectiveness as an insect screen and air turbulence reducer; quality of finish; appearance and price; not in any particular order of importance. I haven't specifically included in this list material type - I am aware of GRP; Carbon and perspex versions, sometimes in combination - GRP much cheaper than carbon of course. I find the current main alternatives available on the web from stock or made to order are:- 1) Westfield’s own - looks great, possibly not too swappable, possibly most expensive. 2) Aerodynamix’s grp or carbon double bubble or high level screens - these being pretty cheap and I understand capable of installation without completely removing wiper spindles. I can find several pics on the web of differing installations, some better than others and some with pretty good screens and the wiper spindles left protruding in front- presumably swappable or a very lazy installation. Opinions and any details please to help me make a final decision, especially as to how one can have a Westfield or Westfield lookalike screen, reasonably easily swappable and looking reasonably good in appearance. Thanks Brian
  5. BrianBas

    ** SOLD ** FOR SALE 2013 Mazda SDV now reduced to £8000.00

    Andy, could you please advise me on the manufacturer/type/source of the aero screen please. I am looking to convert my 2005 SEiW and yours looks a very neat installation. Was it a special as I notice the drivers side is at a differing height from passenger side - another novel idea I haven't seen before. regards Brian
  6. BrianBas

    Aeroscreen conversion

    May I ask what is the make/type/manufacturer of the aero screen please - just for info as I have been looking at converting my own SEiW Thanks, Brian
  7. BrianBas

    Driving gloves

    I also have used Sealskinz - certainly warm in any cold weather and grip the wheel well but I find mine not ideal in being a bit stiff - more suppleness needed, Perhaps I haven't yet used them enough. I have also used them for cycling in the cold last March and they are good and give good physical protection as well. I asked the same question in another thread months ago - so you might research that. Brian
  8. BrianBas

    Essex Area Monthly Meet

    correction - the other firm is aerodynamix.co.uk - the spell checker kept replacing the 'x' with a 'c'.
  9. BrianBas

    Essex Area Monthly Meet

    Brian here and due to a once-a-year visit from two American friends I can't attend Sunday. Pity as I really wanted a close look at the various aero screens with a view to re-manufacturing the blade type as the previous person seems to have gone AWOL from the club - my posting on another forum/thread is relevant - http://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/topic/102226-interchangeable-aeroscreens-for-se-sew/?page=7&tab=comments#comment-1327666 I am also looking at the aerodynamic.co.uk type, but they don't respond to my emails. Better try the phone!
  10. I'll be there for the Wings and Wheels day. Flew solo illegally at age 15 with ATC in 1960 and had a couple of gliding holidays in the 1990's so might even be interested in a flight. Brian
  11. BrianBas

    Rubber fuel line replacement

    Thanks for all your help, new 8mm feed line installed and I can also see where the return feed goes back to the tank - at the bottom and a simple job to replace this as well - get another good quality 8mm for this and do soon. Back driving instead of leaking/worrying! Brian
  12. BrianBas

    Rubber fuel line replacement

    Thanks Rory's Dad - very sensible and now I have rushed to get the new line I will change the other two soon. The one from tank to pump is obviously low pressure, short and very accessible to change. The return flow line , perhaps medium pressure looks a bit trickier - I can see the end connected to the pipe coming from the engine end; can see the protective corrugated pipe looping down near the gearbox then disappearing upwards presumably to connect with the tank somewhere - I will get the torch and hunt shortly Bye the way the 1m replacement line that arrived from Westfield parts store is the high pressure variety and clearly reinforced. Brian
  13. BrianBas

    Rubber fuel line replacement

    Thanks. My Westy has Jenvey throttle bodies so do I need a higher pressure spec fuel hose for this bit between pump and filter?
  14. BrianBas

    Rubber fuel line replacement

    Fuel leaking from my 2005 SEiW 1800 Zeetec - almost certainly the line between the fuel pump outlet and filter inlet - the protective pipe filled with petrol and ran out the end. On taking apart, the rubber is cracked near the jubilee ends especially on the sharper bend near the filter and looks rather tired/soft. Cut of the worst bit at that ends (3") and re-fitted but end immediately damaged by jubilee clip tightening and leaks badly. Clearly needs a new pipe, approx 8mm bore and 16mm external. The pipe doesn't feel very strong and poorer quality than my gas barbecue type pipe. Can anyone recommend a replacement source or are the Westfield parts bin store lines OK for this replacement? Thanks Brian
  15. BrianBas

    Gloves for winter

    Thanks for your advice. Gone for all black Sealskinz dragon eye, large, which are a fairly tight fit at the cuff. For once purchased at Halfords. Better get the car out this week!

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