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  1. Copland

    Westfield front rear calipers and more

  2. Copland

    Westfield air filter - sausage type!

    I have one in decent condition off my megablade, looks the same. Will let it go for £25 posted if that’s any help?
  3. That looks really nice, love it next to the defender!
  4. Copland

    Clan McWesty breakfast run

    Am still going but will meet at the fennels unless any others fancy meeting up before at the Aberdeen side?
  5. Copland

    Clan McWesty breakfast run

    Fancy this for my first Clan McWesty. What time would you be expecting to be at Fennels? I would only be going if the weather is ok tho but would like a run out with another westy
  6. Copland

    Roll bar and screen wanted

    PM sent.
  7. Copland

    Radiator to bracket spacers....what size are using?

    I have a alloy blanking plug that I had to remove to fit a switch. PM ure details and I will send you it foc.
  8. Copland

    Anyone other than Andy Bates?

    Always had problems getting to talk to Andy but he’s great when he answers. Luke is where I call first, always, top guys at plays-kool.
  9. Copland

    RGB again!

    Ok so have decided that since I use reverse often that am going to keep my RGB (Westfield green anodised). To help it be reliable am going to rebuild it with new bearings and seals and do the breather port mod up to a catch can. Does anyone know the part numbers for the different bearings and seals so I can get them before I remove the box? Am also going to drill the bolt heads and lock wire, again does anyone know the size and length I need so I can have them drilled and ready before I start? Thanks in advance, Steve.
  10. Copland

    4 point harnesses.

    I have a pair. If you send me ure email or phone number I can send photos. Cheers, steve.
  11. Copland

    Electric Reverse Installs

    I use it only on road so far hence why having it is a nice thing to have, I do use it a good bit. I also push it but wouldn’t fancy pushing it up a slight ramp. CosKev, you say how bad they are but do you still have it fitted?
  12. Copland

    Electric Reverse Installs

    Thanks Dave, I did do a search but all I kept seeing was rebuilds or fitting them. No evo now Kev sold it along time ago. Was a 6RS11 I had and recognised ure username.
  13. Copland

    Electric Reverse Installs

    It does look tight for room hence am looking to see if anyone has any photos of how they fitted it. Have seen a few mounted to the front of the tunnel. You also pick a good point about the battery, mine is a tiny lipo thing so would need a starter that could work with it. I think I might have to scrap the idea and just go for a two piece prop with a Cush drive fitted as I think that will help reduce the clunks and keep my old set-up for later. Still interested in pics tho before I shelf the idea tho. Out of interest were you on the MLR CosKev?
  14. Copland

    Electric Reverse Installs

    Just had a nice day out in my megablade, perfect day, almost. Sitting drinking a nice cold beer and wondering what could make the car better. Removal of the RGB is top priority as its so clunky. Would still like to retain reverse tho so was wondering if anyone else could post pics of how they have gone about it on the mega chassis. Another idea I had was to get a short prop/bearing made to slot in place of the RGB to see if I can live without it. Any input appreciated.

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