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  1. Revised price of £11.5K. Failing that a set of carbon nv rear guards are getting ordered next week and I will be keeping it for the summer.
  2. MR2 turbo or maybe a classic mini K-swap project.
  3. Cheers Gary. Will see how it goes, if it doesn't sell quick I might be tempted to buy some more goodies and put some more milage on it. Decisions, decisions.
  4. Putting my Megablade up for sale as I hardly use it and have another itch am wanting to scratch. The car has a AB supplied 893 blade engine and FW rear with diffuser, V8 bonnet and nose all in very good condition with some new Carbon NV arches. I have owned the car for about four years in total. In the last few years I sorted it to do some upgrades and got a bit carried away. All the following parts that I have fitted have done less than 600 miles. Body- New full cage (caged), Tillet B6 carbon seats with runners (both sides), Schroth harnesses, lightweight steering column with Momo where and QR, Lipo-battery, Longacre wide mirror, SPA wing mirrors, FIA cut off, Lifeline extinguisher, Passenger footrest and driver heel bar. Engine- AB air-box, new self regulating fuel pump, Coolex radiator, Mocal catch tank. Handling- Fully Nylon bushed, Siltec widetrack, Procomp double adjustable shocks, Caterham staggered wheels fitted with Toyo 888, refurbished M16 callipers. I opted to keep the Westfied reverse gearbox as it suited my needs but had it rebuilt (7 bearings, 3 seals). At the same time I had the breathing mod done that is feed to the catch tank. Lot's more I have probably forgotten about and some terrible photos but only just decided to bite the bullet before I change my mind again. I have never tracked the car and have only used it this summer hence only 600 miles on the parts. The MOT runs out in May. On the last test it got two minors, first being pitted disks from lack of use but they are now perfect and the other being a oil leak. The leak was from the reverse gearbox before the rebuild and catch can mod and now there is no drips. Any question or requests for more/better phots call Steve, 07903958904. ASKING PRICE, SOLD Cheers.
  5. That car is stunning, not normally keen on black but wow!
  6. Copland

    Non Starter!

    Problem sorted! After checking fuses again a battery (13.3v) again I noticed my neutral light and handbrake light were also not working. Hand up back of dash panel and click. Multi-plug snapped back together and everything works fine. Thanks for the help team.
  7. Copland

    Non Starter!

    The Li-po is in good health and fully charged. Am thinking fuse swell because its shut down the engine side of things. Can't for the life of me find a main engine fuse fitted tho. Hoping not to have to remove dash to look at plugs. Can't remember if my Fia cut-off has a fuse fitted now I think about it.
  8. Copland

    Non Starter!

    Wondering if any of you guys could give me a few ideas to what my problem may be. Quick story, I pulled the tunnel panels out to remove my reverse gearbox on my mega blade for a rebuild. Just finished putting it all back together and went to reconnect my battery (lightweight Li-Po) and whilst doing it I shorted the battery to the chassis for a split second. I now have no power to my starter, fuel pump and god knows what else. I do have power going to hazards, lights, horn etc. I have checked all the fuses in the engine bay and also the two fuses in the starter relay under the scuttle and they are fine. Could there be another fuse, maybe I unseated a multi-plug whilst putting the tunnel covers and carpet back? Got too cold to keep searching so looking for ideas or things to check tomorrow if anyone thinks they know what might be the issue. Cheers.
  9. Mine were easy to tap out, no need for a press!
  10. +1 for Superforma. I ordered rear hub-centric spacers to my exact dimensions for relatively low cost and got a great fitting product. Got my longer studs from Demontweeks, probably not the cheapest but came fast and fitted perfect.
  11. I have one in decent condition off my megablade, looks the same. Will let it go for £25 posted if that’s any help?
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