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  1. Scottc88

    Carbon bonnet v8 type

    @Rednop1 not sure how will look on my car tbh. If you fancy parting then I’ll pop over try it out.
  2. Scottc88

    Gear knob rad cowling

    Me too. Like new.
  3. Is it the warwickshere meet tomorrow ?
  4. Scottc88

    Duratec breathing

    Yep. So leave as is unless changing bodies.
  5. Scottc88

    Diff, box, prop, engine, ecu/loom

    3.62 And std ford lsd. As far as aware. rorys dad has first dibs
  6. Scottc88

    Duratec breathing

    Best keep it like this unless you replace throttle bodies then fit tank. You’ll have another breather pipe coming from pressure relieve valve on block aswel which joins this. Not ideal as it goes back into the inlet but that’s the way the bodies are designed. I went jenveys and put filter on cam cover and pipe down to the ground on block valve. ( I know this is frowned upon and should be into a tank)
  7. MCT75 gear box with quick shift £600 Ford sierra 7” LSD £300 prop to match box with plunge end £140 alpha pro4 ecu with Duratec loom £400 2.0 Duratec engine with Raceline sump and newman fast road cams 14k miles (200hp) £1300 -wont include fan belt one pulley and comes with std oil filter housing. diff, box, prop available now engine loom ecu still in car couple weeks can be seen running. Message with sensible offers or suggestions
  8. Scottc88

    Type 9 oil amount

    Put a gasket in and blue sealent,, jobs a good un never had the engine and box out so many times ,, all good garage time tho
  9. Scottc88

    Help ! Miss fire back any ideas ?

    Just a thought. Have you had your throttle bodies balanced with an air flow meter. Makes world of difference
  10. Scottc88

    Help ! Miss fire back any ideas ?

    Worth changing fuel filter aswel.
  11. Scottc88

    Help ! Miss fire back any ideas ?

    Ask omex to connect to your ecu through your laptop. Or send it off to them. If ecu is fine then maybe ignition prob. Coil pack or crank sensor ?? Bad injector ??
  12. Scottc88

    Type 9 oil amount

    I never actually because the paper shrunk on my dash board. it’s got to come back out in couple weeks anyway for new engine so will put one in with some silicone. Ordered a complete gasket and seal set just in case. @Greenstreak-Andy D it was a gear kit I had off him, had it put in my mates old box with a new bearings/ seals etc,,which he so not one Steve built. But I will refill with a little less.
  13. Scottc88

    Type 9 oil amount

    Yes just been for a drive after fitting and is now leaking from bell housing so prob too much oil in. Fantastic bit of kit tho. And sounds amazing
  14. Scottc88

    Type 9 oil amount

    Hi, Just swapped my mtc75 for a spc type 9. taken the hex plug out the side, stuck a hose in and filled her up with oil, I managed about 1.5 ltrs before over flowing? sound about right ? You don’t fill from anywhere else do you ? Thanks

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