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  1. Scottc88

    Duratec running in oil

    About to get my engine back from re build, new pistons etc, can I use millers running in oil 10-40 mineral in it for 500 miles then change? Or does the Duratec not like the mineral oil ? So semi synthetic better? Thanks
  2. Scottc88

    PRICE DROP again!!! box, prop, sump, ecu/loom

    Was off a 2.0 Duratec fast road cams and 470 cc injectors, jenvey. So will be plug and play for that set up, will need a tune I’m guessing for blacktop.
  3. Scottc88

    High flow oil pump - wise move or pointless? (Duratec)

    Yes. Got one in the engine I’m dropping in. I’ll let you know if any difference to std 2.0 in few weeks
  4. Scottc88

    Size rad core

    Duratec supercharged, any recommendations on 55mm or 42mm rad? Will have oil cooler infront of it.
  5. Scottc88

    High flow oil pump - wise move or pointless? (Duratec)

    It is a OE part. They’re from the 2.3 engine. You’ll need a different angle block between the Pump and the pick up in the Raceline sump.
  6. Scottc88

    Strengthening around diff

    Anybody got any pics of how to add strength to the diff area? On a 2006 chassis
  7. Scottc88

    Duratec oil

    Anyone recommend a good oil for Duratec I.e 10w-40 etc And what brand? Fast road use and few track sessions.
  8. Scottc88

    Silencer with Cat

    I also have a 5” with built in cat. With fitting kit
  9. Scottc88

    MCT 75 gear box, Westfield plunge prop shaft

    @Alfascozzesi yes it will be different to the mt75.. good upgrade tho but you would need a bell housing. No prob tho mate cheers
  10. Scottc88

    MCT 75 gear box, Westfield plunge prop shaft

  11. As in title Westfield plunge prop shaft off my 2006 Duratec £80 Mitchel cotts mt75 gear box with quick shift. No bell housing. £350
  12. Scottc88


    Suitable for the westy obviously. Low ish budget.
  13. Scottc88

    Wing mirrors

    Aero screen wing mirrors good condition
  14. Scottc88

    Tunnel carpet.

    @bollockybill will do Friday mate I’m away at the moment.

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