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  1. John (Kernow)

    Hi from Cornwall

    Welcome from South East Cornwall
  2. John (Kernow)

    TOMTOM Live 1000 Satnav with case, charging lead and car mount.

    Pm sent
  3. John (Kernow)

    Newcomer from Devon

    Hi Mark, there are a few of us not far from you I’m in South East Cornwall just over the river and there are another 2 in Tavistock. If you need to look at any or want a passenger ride let me know and we will arrange a local meet. John
  4. John (Kernow)

    New Type 9 leaking

    I used 1 of these just search for type 9 speedo blank on eBay
  5. John (Kernow)

    Adding Photos to Forum Posts using Photobucket

    Aah yes the original advert photo for my car! I’d lost this so thanks for finding it. I bought the car off someone who imported American cars, he also did drag racing etc. I had no interest in that lot only the Westfield. There was a then and now thread that this picture would be good for. many thanks. John
  6. John (Kernow)

    Haynes Breakfast Club

    Sorry but I’ve been holding off hoping these torrential downpours and thunderstorms would stop but there not! Hope it was good and maybe next month the weather will be kind. John
  7. John (Kernow)

    Haynes Breakfast Club 1st July

    Bump The weather is looking good we are going to get there for about 8:30, Exeter for about 7:45 if anyone wants to meet on route. John
  8. John (Kernow)

    Paint colour

    Will take a picture of the mould label and post up. John
  9. John (Kernow)

    Paint colour

    I have dug out my invoice for the paint which has the code on it. Mine was scanned and came back as MAN Natch blue and is a perfect match for my car. It might not be the same but it’s a starting point.
  10. John (Kernow)

    Paint colour

    Hi Andy, my local ECP is in Cornwall but the paint section is called LKQ coatings. I think the colour scanner was mobile but worth checking, I will give you my paint code later as a starter might not be exactly the same but good for reference. John
  11. John (Kernow)

    Paint colour

    I have a navy blue car and body work is a similar vintage. I needed some paint as I had an orange boot box. I took my boot lid to Euro Car Parts who had a paint section and they used their colour matching scanner. They got a match, mixed me 1 litre of 2 pack and I have to say it is an exact match and very pleased. If you can do the same it’s got to be worth a try. John
  12. Haynes museum hold a breakfast club on the first Sunday of each month the next on the 01st July. It starts at 9:00 and finishes around 12:00. i am planning on going and we could do a Cornwall / Devon convoy if we have enough interest. Let me know if your interested and we can arrange times and locations to meet. Might be worth discussing at your next meeting @jonjh1964 and on Sunday @Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO To see if anyone else wants to go.
  13. John (Kernow)

    New member looking for his first Westfield

    Raceline sumps are £540 plus delivery, expensive but in the grand scheme of things and considering what has just happened are worth it.
  14. John (Kernow)

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Stable mates
  15. John (Kernow)

    Rivets - size and qty

    I bought 1000 rivets from Rivco painted to my Ral colour. The finish on them is excellent no paint came of the heads when used. I had about 150 left after my build which are good to keep for future use.

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