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  1. Well that’s a good thing Dave better to spend time on the car than updating the thread. Look forward to seeing the progress you have made when you get time. John
  2. What a difference Wayne looks great! Are you doing the side panels as well? Would be good to meet up for a run out and look at all the changes. John
  3. Look up this item number on eBay 303135927750 £30 delivered
  4. That is a smart charge alternator 1 wire ignition 12 volt 1 wire signal from ecu 1 wire feedback to ecu charge warning light on this setup is via the ecu to dash if you search for an escort 1.8 zetec alternator that fits with the correct pulley and warning light circuit
  5. Hi Martin is this the pipe your after? and as fitted on my car John
  6. Wayne that looks superb. Glad you’ve decided to keep it and hopefully catchup soon for a closer look. John
  7. I was just thinking about the same trip! i will try and get there but I won’t be if it’s wet I’m a fair weather fairy!! John
  8. It’s nearly Grockle time again! It can only be the one and only @AdgeC
  9. I had the same dilemma all be it with a dash 2. I went with a flat panel dash with a contoured crash pad to give extra height. Works great for me. Pictures for reference
  10. Hi Dave, I’m on the Cornwall/Devon border so anything going on towards this end let me know. John
  11. I have three in total so @PaulT and @neptune if you cover the postage and PM me your address I will get them posted next week. Check that the connectors are correct in the photo.
  12. I will have a look I chopped all of these from my loom but not sure if I still have them. Will let you know. John
  13. I have done this and as you said I removed the cone part of the housing. The LED lights are very shallow so if fitting for the first time you don’t need to make big holes in the body work. Picture of lights fitted.
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