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  1. Herewegoagain!


  2. Herewegoagain!


    Wow, not one comment. Wasn't expecting that. What are people thinking
  3. After much consideration i have decided to sell my westy. Work and family life means not using it at all really. Thinking an Elise maybe a little better as i can get a car seat in it. Its a 2000 on a W Factory built SEIW with a 1800 zetec on a standard throttle body. Mt75 gearbox and standard diff. Being a factory built car these were new and supplied by ford power products so the 25000 miles is all they have done. car is in great condition and has a 12 month MOT. Had full service last year. spec as follows 1800 zetec, MT75 Box, Standard diff, Protech Shocks, Willwood 4 pot calipers at the front, Mintex pads all round, Upgraded AP master cylinder, team dynamics wheels, Carbon effect rear stone guards and front cycle wings. Plasyskool MSA roll bar. Modified boot box so still works with roll bar. JK composite seats, Racelidz 6 point harnesses (only fiited as 4 at present). Carbon dash, Go race quick release hub and inner column. MOMO wheel. Retrimmed Vinyl carbon trim. Playskool Light housings with LED lights all round. New Carpets. New belt and water pump when i bought last year. Side doors and spare whhel included ( no roof as will not fit with MSA bar) Have tons of recepits and alot of the stuff is new. Ive probably forgotten alot on here so please ask. The only thing that needs finishing is the tunnel top. I was planning on making something like the caterham and covering in the same carbon vinyl but never got round to it. I have all the trim to do this. Call me on 07943076835 Thanks Colin £9500 ONO
  4. Herewegoagain!

    Shurlock ep100

    New immobiliser is in and she's alive again. Very easy to do although I cut out the original Westfield multi plug as in my opinion it makes it to easy to bypass the immob. Soldered everything up and taped up to the loom. All in all a pretty straightforward job and the immob was only £50 from fleabay
  5. Herewegoagain!

    Shurlock ep100

    So I've bypassed it and works fine. Ive ordered myself a laser line 921k which I will fit at the weekend. Always something to do
  6. Herewegoagain!

    Shurlock ep100

    Thanks guys, ive tried the ignition thing tonight and that didn't work. Think I'm going to bypass. Looking at the build manual it doesn't look to difficult. Basically have to link the 3 circuits which are the starter, fuel pump and coil. Id still like an immobiliser so I'll see what the alternatives are
  7. Herewegoagain!

    Shurlock ep100

    I should state that i am not a thief. and i do own the westfield im trying to start
  8. Herewegoagain!

    Shurlock ep100

    Need a bit of help with the above. Batt has been disconnected for approx 2 months as I've redone the interior. Disconnected immobiliser when I've replaced the dash and now when I reconnect the battery I get two beeps but nothing when I put the immob key in. Tried both red and black keys. Done a quick search but no answers found
  9. Herewegoagain!

    Half hood

    Gave up trying to contact softbits last year. Read there not great at getting in touch anymore. Ill try again
  10. Herewegoagain!

    Half hood

    Spoke to the westfield guys at stoneleigh and they basically told me they can't get them at the moment
  11. Herewegoagain!

    Half hood

    Looking for a half hood to fit my seiw with Msa roll bar.
  12. Herewegoagain!

    Sold - Windscreen Pillars and Mirrors SEIW

    I will take these for 200 if there still available gary
  13. Herewegoagain!

    Free Windscreen for wide body

    I was thinking the same thing. im on holiday for the next 10 days so no rush.
  14. Herewegoagain!

    Free Windscreen for wide body

    Could I have this please. Could collect from Warrington
  15. Herewegoagain!

    GSXR 38mm throttle bodies, zetec e manifold

    Do you know if these would fit on a 1800 silver top?

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