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  1. Geezergs

    Mazda Yellow 450cc Injectors

    Hi yep still available...
  2. Geezergs

    indicator pods

    PM sent Jay Cheers Barry
  3. Geezergs

    indicator pods

    Second dibs please
  4. Geezergs

    Essex trailer

    Nick I know of a guy in Gravesend area Kent Terry the trailer he's very good and has a nice small one ideal for Westfields but you will have to collect from him.... his number is 07802894715
  5. Geezergs

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 10th June

    Yep to see some new faces and a few older ones... Great turnout
  6. 1.8 manifold and down pipe for Westfield used but in good condition has boss for lamba sensor £50 plus postage
  7. Geezergs

    various things

    Ash Message sent re the Knob
  8. Geezergs

    LED headlights

    Yep mine do sometimes but not causing any problems so far
  9. Geezergs

    Recommend an Impact Wrench

    NOOOOO Kevin Hitachi has just won best impact cordless wrench in Autocar tests £260 including two batteries
  10. Geezergs

    Mx5 Diff Length differences

    Mark(smokymo) is ya man Ben
  11. Geezergs

    Westfield FOUND

    Nick are you coming along this Sunday to show us your purchase !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I have my Excedy standard clutch pressure plate and flywheel off my MK1 1.8 it has about 1500 miles on it and no signs of any wear, if you have a 1600 MK 1 or 2 this is a good upgrade or if you just want a new clutch and funds are tight this could be a good option I'm happy to sell the clutch and pressure plate on their own . I'm looking around £50 plus postage Ideally collect if you want the flywheel as it;s not light. Just as a note this clutch cost £140 new....
  13. Geezergs

    Mazda Yellow 450cc Injectors

    I have my set of genuine Denso 450cc yellow jacket injectors off my Turbo they have less than 700 miles on them and are less than a year old They are a direct replacement for standard MX5 and many other systems, so if your planning some upgrades this is a good start. I'm upping my power and have just ordered some 650cc Bosch items so my Yellows are up for sale these are not the cheapo copies off "fleabay" so I'm looking around £90 .
  14. Geezergs

    Throttle Bodies

    Motorsport Electronics do a complete kit with ECU and loom making it a plug and play installation, billet bodies with proper throttle bodies not secondhand adapted motorcycle ones. From memory they are about £1900 all in that includes the base maps ready to run but to get the most a visit to a good rolling road will fine tune it up.. Well worth a look if your in the market for good equipment.https://motorsport-electronics.co.uk/throttlebodysystems/
  15. Geezergs

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 10th June

    OI!!!! Kev don't you mean from the POSH part of the world..................

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