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  1. Geezergs

    Charge cooler radiator ideas

    Dave best of luck this has been a very interesting thread showing how something so innocuous could be so vital to performing. PS I was only joking about Chinese knock off I saw your installation at Stoneleigh and its a quality piece of kit.
  2. Geezergs

    Charge cooler radiator ideas

    Dave where did you get your Radtec from.. It's not a Chinese knock off is it,...
  3. Geezergs

    Charge cooler radiator ideas

    Dave I also fitted a 19 row oil cooler with my coolex set up when I gunned it the water temp would quickly get up to 100degC but stays there and comes down to 85 90 once you slow down, I've also just got a boundary oil pump for my rebuild I'm hoping that helps temperature control.
  4. Geezergs

    Charge cooler radiator ideas

    Hi Dave don't you have a Radtec setup? Is it not keeping things cool, are you only after getting a deeper water rad and retaining your Radtec intercooler?
  5. Geezergs

    Lithium battery goodness

    I ran odyssey batteries on my BMW motorbikes for years they lasted much longer and never gave me any trouble, I have an odyssey in my Westfield I don't have any worries with it if you have a big shunt in a Westy you may have other things to worry about..... No real protection etc. I have mine mounted in an alloy frame which will hopefully hold it in position in a crunch. The weight saving is also a big factor.
  6. Geezergs

    Pre-Lit wet weather gear

    Kevin Turner ..........
  7. Geezergs

    Might as well show you all..

    Nice Nick glad that you finally found a nice one......
  8. Geezergs

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 12th August

    Sorry Guys I'll be away for the meet , have a good one...............
  9. Geezergs

    Find my Westy - Q813 KKE

    Banshee has a very similar car I'll message him..
  10. Geezergs

    Clutch Cable supplier

    Bernie do you need a powerful one for that Bionic left leg...........
  11. Geezergs

    Jk composites Seat runner

    You can use standard Westfield runners, Car Builder Solutions or Kit builders ones will do they are pretty similar just check the centres from the JK bonded nuts line up..
  12. Geezergs

    Mazda sdv 1600 turbo

    Ben have you got it on any other sites ie Fleabay or pisstoff heads I cant believe that it's not gone ..don't give it away..........................
  13. Geezergs

    Westfield Msa Bar

    Got any pictures... Please
  14. Geezergs

    Carbon Dash

    Can't you get a carbon dash which is already moulded on the top edge I'm sure that I have seen that on some other Westy's ?????
  15. Geezergs

    Best place for replacement black headlights?

    My LED's on 5 and 3/4 lights .. if you go down any rural unlit roads you need to see and be seen I have lots of unlit country lanes that I use I wouldn't consider going down them at night or even in the day with standard 4" lights the 4" lights are more show than go. if you want to be safe as it's vulnerable enough in a Westy make sure that dopey drivers or Motorcyclists can see you put decent lights on your motor..... I have some Police mates who say that it's best to have your lights on all the time day or night...........

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