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  1. Geezergs

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 11th November

    So Kev does that mean that you can come along??
  2. Geezergs

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 11th November

    I'll be attending Deano do you want picking up??
  3. Geezergs

    Westfield Mazda Turbo

    What exhaust manifold did you get. All looks nice
  4. Geezergs

    Mazda sdv 1600 turbo

    My old map
  5. Geezergs

    Mazda sdv 1600 turbo

    Ben I know that you don't want to put anymore money into the car but a proper map is not all about power its about getting a nice reliable power and torque curve this can be achieved still maintaining the lower numbers, when I had mine mapped it was making way past 270 bhp but Matt Thorne ME Motorsport who mapped mine advised that with what I had fitted at the time 250 bhp and 230 ftlbs was enough safe and he tuned a lovely flat torque curve in mine so no big rush just steady stream of very usable power almost like a large normally aspirated engine . I think that will be the making of your car and if you have the motor reasonable the mapping may not be that bad talk to Skuzzle or ME Motorsport. I'm defiantly getting mine remapped once I get it back up and running as I have new bigger injectors 650cc Bosch, Skunk2 inlet manifold and up-rated turbo plus of course a full rebuild and full forging. I'm using the same ME221 ECU so I can adjust the settings for the bigger injectors but the professionals really are worth using. I think you would be very very surprised the difference a visit to a good tuner and a rolling road can make, Plus you can show the map to prospective customers so they really know what they are getting.
  6. Right for those not familiar with the local area could you possibly give the full address and post code as we have to arrange our passports and vaccines
  7. Geezergs

    Mazda sdv 1600 turbo

    Next person who says that ask them what is their daily driver?? Chances are it's a turbocharged diesel or small petrol engined and slap them for being silly, maybe you should dumb down your discription for the simple masses
  8. Geezergs

    Norway member getting started

    From sunny Kent enjoy your winter project
  9. Geezergs

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 14th October

    Hi Deano yes please that would be great
  10. Geezergs

    Mazda diff replacement

    Yep I'm gonna do it over Xmas I was thinking, cheers for the advice Ben.
  11. Geezergs

    Mazda diff replacement

    I've got a replacement 3.6 diff which i intend fitting soon for my 4.1 diff the mounting rubbers look to be in good condition is it advisable to fit new rubber mounts or upgrade to silicone or leave the old ones in.?
  12. Geezergs

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 14th October

    Okydoky I'm still Westless but I'll be along..
  13. Geezergs

    Before & After Photos

    I have a polo rad knocking around my garage if you want it it's in good condition foc just come pick it up from Dartford.
  14. Geezergs

    Show me you mounted oil coolers!

    Mines and 18 row Hell with Mocol thermostat at 82 deg C on my Turbo Mazda MX5 1.8
  15. I have a brand new set of ARP Mains studs (kit) for sale they are for the 2.0 and 2.3 L Duratec engine £120 to club members collection preferred but will post but you will need to pay for the postage.

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