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  1. Funny I can't remember the exact weight but I did compare my sports seats with my JK's and the JK's were lighter
  2. The weather is looking fairly good for tomorrow KIDS so lets have a GOOD turn out
  3. Boss are Caterham guys so they could help!!
  4. Hi Butler I'm in Dartford and can't think of a local company ..But our Essex group highly recommend Northampton Motorsport..
  5. I LOVE Curry .... I'll probably be with Deano Sunday if I'm good..
  6. I have a pair of used but good condition FW spats in blue as Iv'e changed the front light fittings on mine....make me an offer if your interested.
  7. MIllers running oil every time it's not expensive considering all the work that's been done it's mad to cut corners....
  8. Kev I why don't you take this opportunity to fit a simple heater while it's in bits your forgetting last winter runs how cold it gets ...
  9. I'm 6ft Have lowered floors and JK seats they have made a big difference I retained the Westfield sports seats runners , The header rail on the windscreen used to be in my line of sight with the sports seats now with the JK's I'm below it and I can keep my hat on up about 70 mph when before it would come off at anything over 50mph Best thing I have done bar the engine upgrades. the JK's are also much more comfortable the sports seats which offered no lumber support and used to cause me back ache..
  10. Buy a cheap S spanner of fleabay and get the angle grinder out that what I did. works a treat.....
  11. Great news some lucky new owner
  12. Sorry Guys I can't make it this weekend too many reasons to mention but the main one is the boss want's some stuff done in the house so I said a big fat no I'm going out to play with my mates on Sunday...................Hence I'll not be attending
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