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  1. Welcome to the best community ✌️
  2. Nick Ron B and Kev P are both going in there tin tops I'm sure we can do somthing.
  3. Double check all your breathers open them up and see if this stops the vapour, as it sounds like a blocked crankcase breather or similar.
  4. Ian are you going up Saturday morning if so, sorry Deano Rob and me are going up Sunday morning..
  5. what is the diameter of the inlet do you have any pics ?
  6. Neat looking interior 👍
  7. Right Guys Deano Rob T and me are going up Sunday morning who wants to meet up with us ???
  8. UPDATE pre -meet emergency sortie to Stuart's gaff to look at his knocking knees......I mean rear end.. Knocking then on to the lodge......
  9. Believe it or not I will be attending with my new improved Westy, Only nearly a year since she came over the water....
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