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  1. Just remember I’m on holiday then but went to the one in May & it was very good, only thing was the cars were all parked so close together & there was only one way in / out, so you could only leave then other people left.
  2. Hi guys sorry I’ve been elusive, I’ve been busy doing a extension on our house and had to put the car into storage. But got it back home yesterday . Looking forward to the next meet up hope your all well.
  3. Sorry for the very late reply, Kev / Rob - I live in colchester so if you want I can pick rob up ??
  4. If there's any left can I get one plz. Will send a pm
  5. I'm not going to be able to make this one the westy is out of action with a need of a new rear main oil seal & water pump ( that's why the coolant kept poping ). Looks like the perfect day for a drive too
  6. Good to see you all & yes thanks bud also had a bike who wanted to get home as quick as me
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