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  1. Paul lester

    Xflow to zetec swap

    Just wondering how easy is it to swap a xflow to a zetec engine I've got a full race xflow to a type 9 straight cut box it's quick but was thinking about a 2.o litre zetec but I've got a dry sump which is shallow in depth if I buy a brand new zetec I think it will fit the box just engine mounts to move is there any thing else I should know I've got a big radiator apart from the 45 decos to fit is it worth it my box is 4 speed so may be worth going for a 5 speed my box has a long 1st gear ie 55mph easy in first. Just wondering whether to swap it
  2. Paul lester

    Techcraft or Westfield Carbon Silencer?

    I've a Simpson exhaust pipe in stainless it's awesome mate
  3. Cash waiting has anyone got one cheers Paul
  4. Paul lester


    I spoken to them and he wants 4 weeks to make one I'll ring them but they was moving premises
  5. Paul lester

    Yellow nose for Westfield se wanted

    Has anyone got a nose cone for sale cash waiting black or yellow many thanks Paul
  6. Paul lester


    Yellow or black nose cone for Westfield se in good condition

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