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  1. Hi, might be interested in the wheels & tyres but would have to arrange delivery as I'm down in the West Mids, is that possible? , I have a Seight and I assume they'd fit.

  2. Badger56

    Seight radiator supports / brackets

    Thanks for the photo, looks a beast :-)
  3. Badger56

    Seight radiator supports / brackets

    Yes thats the sort of thing I've seen, just wondered if someone had a design to share?
  4. Hi, I have a Seight with the usual arrangement for the radiator, I.e it “floats” in the nose cone. I’ve seen brackets which hold / support the radiator which makes things easier when removing the nose. Does anyone have the designs for such a thing or know where they can be obtained/ bought
  5. Badger56

    Seight missfire on turns

    Thanks all, I'll take a look at the electrics too, I have had my doubts about the quality of the wiring to the coil so that could be somewhere to start, I think the floats in the carb are ok but worth a check and maybe ajust them to the deaper side of the recomended level. I've had the car set up on a roling road and all the neadles etc are correct, runs beautifully otherwise, I'll have a "tinker" and see what I can sort. Thanks again.
  6. Badger56

    Seight missfire on turns

    Thanks "Table Leg" I'll give that a shot.
  7. Badger56

    Seight missfire on turns

    Afternoon everyone, hope you're enjoying the bank holiday. I have a Westfield Seight running a 4ltr range rover engine (No 35D02254A) on a Edelbrock / Webber 500 4 barrel sitting on a Offenhauser inlet manifold.I get a sort of sputter / missfire ocationally on slow corners, particularly (I think) left handers. I'm thinking float levels although I think they were set up at the standard measurement. I have a non-return valve in the fuel line and a filter king to regulate the preasure. Any thoughts? I think it could be the fuel "sloshing" forwards & then to the right under breaking then turning left if that makes sense. Cheers
  8. Badger56

    Space Saver Spare Wheel

    Thanks as always everyone, I'm always suprised by the quality of the answers you get on here to the most random of questions :-) I know what to look for now. Cheers Dave
  9. Badger56

    Space Saver Spare Wheel

    Agreed, I currently carry tyreweld and a small jack as a "just in case" but thought a space saver might be an option, just thinking out loud really. Thanks though.
  10. Badger56

    Space Saver Spare Wheel

    Hi all, I'm thinking of carrying a spare wheel on my Seight which I havent done before, I thought a space saver might be a good idea due to size weight etc, only thing is I'm not sure which donor car wheel would fit, pleanty of them on e bay but which one? Anyone point me in the right direction? Cheers Dave
  11. Badger56

    How heavy / light should my stearing be

    Ok & thanks, car not at home at the moment as I'm moving but will have a look over the weekend, the tyres are 17 inch low profile which could be part of the issue, it's not a "problem" as such but thought I'd ask, I'm going to splash out on a ProComp set up etc soon so maybe that will help. Cheers for all the replies as always.
  12. Badger56

    How heavy / light should my stearing be

    Thanks all, I'll investigate further but yes it could be "the big ol' engine up front " :-)
  13. Hi all, I have a 2004 Seight, my stearing is quite heavy at slower speads and I'm wondering if this is correct, I've seen videos of guys wipping the car about one handed and you'd need to be Geof Capes to do that in mine. Not sure about the rack but I'd assume its standard, I do have the wide front end. Your thoughts and advice would be very welcome. Cheers
  14. Badger56

    Tyre pressure

    I had the same issue with my Seight, had 30psi all round when I picked it up from the previous owner, this was the best advice I found:- "The correct tyre pressures depends on the weight of your car (including passengers and luggage so this will vary), and the size and make of tyres. You will need the following information to calculate correct PSI for any given combination: (Gross) weight of vehicle load rating of tyres at max PSI (the sidewall will have this information - something like 600kg at 44 PSI etc) For example, the weight of my legacy with some passengers and baggage I've worked out at 1700kg My Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD2s are rated for 545KG at 44 PSI so: 545kg x 4 = 2180kg (max load) 2180 (combined max load) ÷ 1700 (vehicle weight) = 1.28 44 (max tyre PSI) ÷ 1.28 = 34.31 So you should inflate your tyres to 34 PSI / 2.4 bar in that example." I run 18 psi all round, Cheers
  15. Badger56

    Full weather gear, access.

    Sounds like I just need to practice :-) thanks all, it was a bit of a flippant question but with the winter coming good to know the answer.

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