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  1. Westfield SEIW 1999 (Q reg). MOT until June 2019, 10700 miles.built with Zetec 1800cc engine (built by AES Engineering) & MT75 Gearbox. it has the contoured dash fitted too. all Weather gear included with the car (side screens,full hood & tonneau cover), all of which are in good condition. there is a spare wheel included with the car,but its not fitted at the moment. I have a complete history file that includes the original receipts from Westfield. all of the past owners have been WSSC members too! the car was serviced in august 2017 (new cambelt also fitted at that time too). the front wheels are of a different style to the rear ones (two correct ones included in the sale, but they are not powdercoated like the rears are, so not fitted). the petrol tank sender needs altering because when it gets down to showing half a tank, the tank is actually empty. the carpets have also faded from the sun (supposed to be black!). so, with a set of matching wheels, new carpets & the fuel sender adjusted, this could be a very nice car. The car is registered as a Westfield, in my name. This is offered on here to attract a genuine buyer, because I don't really want to deal with scammers etc on the other general selling sites! I have taken into account the jobs listed and therefore I am looking for offers around the £5000 (five thousand) mark. I am based in Kings Lynn, Norfolk and can be contacted on:01553 672724, please leave a message if I don't answer as I work shifts. I will try to respond if messages are put on here, but my computer knowledge is very basic!!
  2. Hi bigals, my engine has run for 20 minutes at just over 2000 rpm (as guided by the Piper spec sheet) then took it for a 10 mile drive. Whilst waiting at Traffic lights near the end of my 10 mile drive I heard the Tapppets, which seemed louder than normal, then I put the Westy away and that's where it stayed for now!
  3. Many thanks to everyone that replied to my question, it looks like I have the correct oil, maybe I'm just worrying too much because it was the 1st Camshaft change that i've ever done.I believe my car has a standard Zetec sump, why do you ask 'mr mcp'?
  4. Hi fellow Westy owners, I have a 1999 seiw with a 1.8 silvertop Zetec and I was wondering which grade oil was best. I've just given it an oil change with Millers oils 5w30 fully synthetic. The hydraulic tappets now sound quite noisy. I am unsure what spec oil came out of it. The hydraulic tappets are brand new, as are the cams (new cam kit). It ran up fine on the old oil which was totally clear in colour but I changed it anyway. also the oil filter that is fitted is a Mahle OC11, which was fitted to clear the steering shaft, do any others fit or is that one ok. thanks in anticipation Trevor.
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