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  1. The Cheese

    Few bits may be of use

    It’s off a 2012 fw so I can only assume it’s the same check first and let me know
  2. The Cheese

    Few bits may be of use

    Brake discs good condition radiator and fan used on one run out then changed for my bigger one link pipe for exhaust £20 £40 £10 in that order plus any postage
  3. The Cheese

    Before & After Photos

    Found in a field in York
  4. The Cheese

    Before & After Photos

    Start of turbo conversion
  5. The Cheese

    Sigma/zetec intake air filter pipe

    I have one off a zetec 2.0 not sure if it’s same
  6. The Cheese

    North York’s. Bridlington Motoring Weekend. 8th & 9th September.

    Yes I’m in on Sunday
  7. The Cheese

    Yorkshire breakfast club, 19th August.

    Yep three of us
  8. The Cheese


    Hello from a fellow West Yorkshire man
  9. The Cheese

    Gear knob rad cowling

    I have one gear knob that is
  10. The Cheese

    brake discs

    ordered ta
  11. The Cheese

    brake discs

    Its a 2012 fw zetec
  12. The Cheese

    brake discs

    big question if I wanted to order brake discs for my fronts what would I be buying ie which car size cheers
  13. The Cheese

    My inheritance

    Full of respect for you great what your doing enjoy
  14. The Cheese

    Westfield in Stafford

    looking good still and my brother has just done new bearings and clutch on it so hopefully hassle free motoring for you
  15. The Cheese


    anyone know where i can get a 88 deg or lower thermostat for a 2.0 zebec thanks

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