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  1. The Cheese

    Yorkshire meeting, summer BBQ, 3rd July.

    Sorry in Spain
  2. The Cheese

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Looks really good this
  3. The Cheese

    Recent snap of your Westfield

  4. If I’m on the road I will be there fingers crossed
  5. The Cheese

    (SOLD) Luggage bag

    If wooders doesn’t have it I will
  6. The Cheese

    Trailer 'Hire' - North Yorkshire

    i have one
  7. The Cheese

    Cat c Westfield

    buy in winter I'm sure you will get a much better bargain,any cat c will always be harder to sell as fewer people trust that the damage has been done correctly. speaking from experience i know how hard it is to sell one walk away
  8. The Cheese

    Howwwww much!

    too deep
  9. The Cheese

    need help guys

    Yes I’ve just got a Bosch 044 genuine and putting in focus rs mk1 injectors 400cc
  10. The Cheese

    need help guys

    its a mine field once you start ,should of sold it then bought a turbo one !!!
  11. The Cheese

    need help guys

    it is a totally standard zetec was hoping to run low boost with a view to increase at end of year but its a 2012 zetec not sure what size they are
  12. The Cheese

    need help guys

    recentley fitted a turbo t25 to my zetec westfield and its all finished and been for mapping but the guy mapping it says it can't keep up with the fuel above 4500 rpm he said i need bigger injectors a better fuel pump and a stronger actuator on my turbo which is brand new question is has anyone else had fuelling issues with the same/similar setup as i don't know wether to go somewhere else for a second opinion
  13. The Cheese

    Back on the road soon hopefully

    No idea will found out trial and error I’m afraid learn as I go , if not I will change it final two pics before Bennett goes back on
  14. The Cheese

    Back on the road soon hopefully

    Nearly there up and running just needs mapping

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