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  1. The Cheese

    run out saturday or sun 23/24 feb

    would do but I have mine in bits at mo
  2. The Cheese

    New to the Westfield family

    Welcome from Wakefield
  3. The Cheese

    FW Half Hood

    not used it yet been altering the roof bars so the work properly but it looks as though it will be bang on
  4. The Cheese

    Radiator / fan

    ive got a new one that I put on my 2.0 zetec before turboing it was only used for a day comes with fan 30 quids if you want it
  5. The Cheese

    FW Half Hood

    This is what I did soft bits will make it how u want it I used the existing tenex that was there for my original hood
  6. The Cheese

    Yorkshire Breakfast meeting, 20th January.

    viva le espana is where i will be see you all next time
  7. The Cheese

    Fw hood for sale now sold

    I don't know if it fits a narrow body sorry, its designed for the fw
  8. The Cheese

    Fw hood for sale now sold

  9. The Cheese

    Fw hood for sale now sold

    Full fw hood with bag and frame like new hardly ever been on windscreen channel broken in middle as usual also frame brackets to put in car £200
  10. The Cheese

    Yorkshire breakfast club,18th November

    Better from that side
  11. The Cheese

    EBC brake pads

    Thanks for that hi spec ones
  12. The Cheese

    EBC brake pads

    So if say someone wanted to order some mintex1144 which would you order
  13. The Cheese

    Handbrake cable

    Yes they are hi spec brakes thanks
  14. The Cheese

    Handbrake cable

    I’m looking to replace handbrake cable on 2012 fw Zetec anyone know which one to get I’m of the understanding it’s a ford ka is this correct ?
  15. The Cheese

    selling parts

    is it just me doing something wrong here but every time I put spares on for sale nothing,end up going to ebay brake discs in perfect condition no response ,next advert brake discs pm sent don't get it from now on ebay will get all my bits

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