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  1. robhume

    XI seen for sale

    A buyer might struggle to fit a roll bar like I have, on an eleven with the fairing but, the one on the car would not meet the current requirements and would also need other safety features as well, if, as the ad suggest, it could be used for hill climbs. But being already registered, alas with a Q plate, would save the hassle of going through the process and as Simon says, the BMW engine, provided it is the right one, would be and interesting prospect
  2. robhume

    Building my Eleven

    Morris, I just thought I would add that I looked at the clearance under the chassis tubes and the bottom of the sump is below the bottom of the chassis tube by 1/4". The sump, (wet) is what came with Mr T's engine and is 5" from under the block to the bottom of the sump. Looks to be a modified crossflow sump, 1600cc type for crank throw clearance. Once I offer up the bonnet I will be able to see what clearance there is but, the only item I can see that may pose a problem is the thermostat housing, so may have to mod that a bit. Out of interest, the dry sump pan I have measures 5" as well, so no benefit to be had size wise, but lubrication we will have to see.
  3. robhume

    Building my Eleven

    Eventually managed to get some time to trial fit the crossflow engine prior to making the engine mounts. At the moment it is on the engine crane with some wood blocks under until I get the bonnet clearance set.
  4. robhume

    i need an x1 in my life

    Regarding your question about fitting into the car, I am 6ft and, not slim, 15stone. The fit is fine for height and feel like you are sitting in the car, any taller would be a problem. Being built for comfort (me), makes it s bit tight width wise but perfectly fine for driving. As you have probably noticed from the build threads, I used a Zetec engine which made 183bhp, this was mated to a 4speed dog box and 4.5 ratio rear axle with 3J driveline half shaft and LSD. with this level of performance, the car was let down by using the Midget brakes, so were changed to the 4 pot KAD callipers. At the moment I am changing to a 1700 Crossflow which I bought from a member on here and is having some performance changes carried out which I hope will make about 170hp. My car has no carpets etc, but does have the ROPs and a fire extinguisher system but I can't remember what it weighs, but is quite nippy and even with the reduce hp of the Crossflow would expect it to be of similar performance compared to the Zetec, as the Crossflow is a bit lighter. When I put the Zetec in, I knew I'd have to cut the bonnet, which caused me a bit of hard thinking but with the crossflow and probably a dry sump, It will allow an un butchered bonnet to be used. It will also allow me to enter a non post historic class in the French hill climbs I do. So having said all that, I don't think you would regret acquiring an Eleven but for normal road use, you would probably want a 5 speed box and careful choice of springs and dampers. I hope my ramblings will be of use.
  5. robhume

    Hello from France

    Bonjour Eric, Pourquoi ne pas venir au course de cote Etretat/Benouville en Aout et prifiter de l'evenement et un cafe Rob
  6. robhume

    Megapin rebuild

    This image shows the slightly unusual chassis design/layout, which I guess makes the weight distribution nearly 50/50. I thought the Eleven was small but this is even smaller.
  7. robhume

    Megapin rebuild

    It is a gsxr1100, water cooled. Not sure about the WP bit, as I'm more used to zx10r engines but assume that may refer to it being water cooled. The car is supposed to weigh in at 340kgs in two wheel drive format. It has been sat for a while so will need some fettling but am sure it will be interesting to drive.
  8. robhume

    Megapin rebuild

    There's a clue in the first post... Ian Scott. Pin seems to be the common thread, Terrapin, Megapin. I think they collaborated
  9. robhume

    Megapin rebuild

    This engine is water cooled, see rad in image 2. I believe the water cooled version was introduce in 1993. Not massive HP compared to a CBR1000R but enough to be going on with
  10. robhume

    Megapin rebuild

    Mark, I believe the only bit if kit left of the 4 wheel drive setup is the Quaife centre diff. I'm not sure if the existing front uprights are suitable for driveshafts and was not really planning to go 4 x 4, as that would send me into another class as well as having to go full width with ROPs. The position of the engine with regard to the steering wheel and rear axle and also the notional passenger area suits a clubmans car, requiring only the existing ROPs to be changed for a one piece hoop of suitable diam. It is quite small and only weighs 340kgs, so should be fun.
  11. robhume

    Megapin rebuild

    I miss bike power so decided to buy this little car. Designed and built by Ian Scott, it has a GSXR1100 engine and was originally a 4 wheel drive car but over time has been converted to rear wheel drive. It has a rather unusual layout with the engine alongside the driver, no heater needed. The plan is to strip it down and rebuild, replacing any worn parts and see what happens. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place but thought it might be of interest. Plus, floor detail.
  12. robhume

    1.8 zetec engine package for sale

    The engine is now out of the car, so available and to recap it is; 1.8ltr silvertop with dry sump system Danst engineering inlet with zx10r throttle bodies and filter Sytec high pressure pump and fuel regulator New cam belt and dry sump pump belt Newman fast road cams Lightweight flywheel (3.9kgs) and new clutch Westfield exhaust manifold, 4 to 1 system Retro Ford water rail ME221 ECU with plug an d play harness specifically for the Zetec Lightweight alternator Lightweight starter motor Last rolling road set up for the new cams etc produced 183bhp All of the above parts are out of the car a ready to go as a package for £2250 or very near offer
  13. robhume

    Building my Eleven

    At present the engine has a modified steel shallow sump but I do have a dry sump pan also. The plan is to mate the engine to the gearbox and see what height the engine sits at with the shallow sump and if necessary change the sump to the dry sump pan to allow clearance for the bonnet and ground. Once the final position is established, I can then make new engine mounts. Hopefully the crossflow will be positioned this weekend. Hope that helps
  14. robhume

    Building my Eleven

    The Zetec engine has been removed and has left a space than needs to be filled with the Crossflow. The clutch has been changed to suit the 23 spline gearbox output shaft and hydraulic clutch bearing, so should be a straightforward job to lower the engine, mate to the gearbox and position at a suitable height, to allow the fabrication of new mountings and also to clear the front clip, well that's the theory.
  15. robhume

    Smokey's JW4 Formula Four Rebuild Thread

    Glad to hear you will be adding a bit of ally sheet around the feet area. Regarding the fuel tank, I remember on my original JW, I used an Atco lawnmower tank which I think held about a pint and was gravity fed, with a little stop dangler at the bottom. I also remember the car being one that you wore, rather than just sitting in it. I'm really looking forwards to seeing it finished and running, which I am sure will be a new experience for you.

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