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  1. robhume

    Building my Eleven

    Whilst working through the items to be repaired/changed after the visit to Hethel, I decided to do a front brake upgrade. I finally settled on the KAD 4 pot callipers for the MG Midget with some Mintex 1144 pads. These particular callipers are a straight bolt on replacement for the Midget ones and represent a 4kg weight saving. The gold anodised finish is what was available, a bit too bling for me but they do the job well, so no matter.
  2. robhume

    Building my Eleven

  3. robhume

    Building my Eleven

    Jon, Thanks for that. There were some issues over the weekend, one of which is the braking, or lack of it. Need to do a proper master cylinder sizing job along with some other considerations to get the braking working. A seal on the near side rear axle has gone again plus there is a leak from the diff casing. I changed the rear springs to 150 pounds but that was a mistake. It made the turn in very heavy and understeered badly. The only way I can describe it was like trying to turn in a lorry without power steering, so old springs will go back on and a slight pressure reduction in the front tyres. Oh and more worrying was the fact that the rear wheel nuts were undoing themselves, so not sure what is causing that. Two and a bit weeks to Etretat, need to pull my finger out.
  4. robhume

    Building my Eleven

    Would anyone know the diam of an MG Midget brake calliper piston and also what size the rear brake cylinder is. Thank you in advance.
  5. robhume

    Building my Eleven

    Thanks Jon, The Lotus test track is very good, been there before over the years and it's not too far.
  6. robhume

    Building my Eleven

    Thanks Stephen, I hope it all holds together, especially me, age is a wonderful thing but not when you get older.
  7. robhume

    Building my Eleven

    At long last we are doing a sprint. Car loading for the Lotus test track at Hethel. Apart from the trip to France last year for a hill climb, it's been two years since I last did a sprint, so back to the beginning for me.
  8. robhume

    XI purchase

    Good point about the gelcoat Jon. When I enquired about a RAL or BS number to match the colour, the best, or worst they could come up with was dark blue.
  9. robhume

    Building my Eleven

    Hopefully the cooling problem has been solved, I have added a filler neck with an 8mm spigot outlet with a hose going to an vented overflow bottle with a tube going to the bottom in a small amount of coolant. The fan cuts in at 95 and goes off at about 82. I have also added a bit of ducting to direct the airflow to the rad, which is still the Midget one. Hopefully I will actually get the car out for Hethel.
  10. robhume

    Header/expansion tank cap

    Thanks Dave, After checking, I can confirm it is a Corsa header tank and the cap is rated at 1.4bar/20psi.
  11. robhume

    Header/expansion tank cap

    I wonder if someone can confirm if the cap for the standard westfield supplied header tank is a pressurised type. It does say "high pressure" but would like to hear from anyone that it is.
  12. Hello, I noticed you had used a Retro Ford water rail on your Zetec and would like to ask

    if you can tell me what the thread/fitting size is on the top of the rail where you have 

    connected it to the header/expansion tank please. I have used a zetec engine in my Eleven

    build and because of height restrictions in the engine bay, the cooling is being a challenge.

    If you could give me the thread size and also where you got the fitting from, that would

    be a great help.



  13. robhume

    Will I fit?

    Hi, I'm 6ft and my seat is the standard bucket type supplied with the kit. It is hard against the rear bulkhead and is bolted through the floor pan, no runners. It just accommodates me with non bulky clothes Unfortunately I'm in Suffolk, so not very close to Hampshire but if you are up this way more than happy to let you sit in it. However, you could venture up to Shelsley Walsh this coming weekend, Sat 23rd, where there will be at least two or three Elevens. Good luck
  14. robhume

    Building my Eleven

    Ah, good suggestion, had forgotten about them
  15. robhume

    Building my Eleven

    It would be very possible to make a spanner from flat sheet. One of the nuts is relatively easy to get to but the one nearest the door end is extremely tight for space. There is probably enough space to fit an escutcheon on the jamb but the nuts and bolts on both doors need tightening, so I will have to devise a way of doing it. In the same class as me last year was a Crossle sports racer and he was using spring bonnet catches to keep the doors closed which actually worked much better than my bungees.

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