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  1. Why have I got an eleven, what a bargain.
  2. robhume

    Clutch compatibility

    After a bit of searching, it turns out a suitable Crossflow sized clutch cover and plate can be had from Retro Ford to suit a type 9/Rocket concentric hydraulic clutch release bearing. Specifically 190mm clutch plate with a centre to take a 23 spline shaft.
  3. robhume

    Clutch compatibility

    That's what I thought and am trying to find a match for the profile or have one made. Cheers Rob
  4. robhume

    1.8 zetec engine package for sale

    Hi Fat Dad, sorry for ne reply, have been away. Yes still for sale and still in the car.
  5. robhume

    Clutch compatibility

    Having bought Kevin, Mr T's crossflow engine, I'm now thinking about installing it into the car. The existing gearbox is a 4 speed dog box with a 23 spline shaft and has a hydraulic release bearing which is for use with a pinto pressure plate and clutch plate. The clutch plate on the crossflow is 20 or 21 splines, so will need to be changed for a Sierra 1.6 clutch plate, I believe, which is easy enough but what I'm wondering is if the hydraulic release bearing will work on this and what fingers are needed, ie wavy or flat. I'm not sure if I have described it very well but any ideas, help would be appreciated.
  6. robhume

    Stolen Jedi

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this but please change if not. Stolen from outside his home in London a green and yellow Jedi and trailer. The car belongs to John Gregson and can be contacted via Uphill Racers Please share via the usual channels
  7. robhume

    crossflow dry sump pan

    Looking for a dry sump pan for a Ford crossflow, why?
  8. robhume

    1.8 zetec engine package for sale

    Last price drop to £2250 This is a good strong engine and would be excellent for road use. It also has the plug and play ME221 harness, engine coil pack and the ecu has the map, so would be an easy install. The reason for the sale is I'm changing to a crossflow for age and class structure.
  9. robhume

    Building my Eleven

    The next stage of my Eleven build is to swap the engine for a crossflow which will fit under the bonnet and I can lose the bulge. I have bought Mr T's 1700cc engine and will run it with the Weber carbs and a camshaft upgrade plus ignition management. So my winter is taken care of and can't wait to hear the sound of those Webers at full chat.
  10. robhume

    1.3 xflow in the eleven?

    Probably a bit late to be continuing with this thread but thought it may be of help. Will a crossflow fit under the Eleven bonnet, see the attached photograph.
  11. robhume

    1.8 zetec engine package for sale

    Price drop New engine has been purchased, so need to move this one on. Price reduced to £2750 ono
  12. I have decided to have an engine change, so planning to sell the engine as a package as follows; 1.8 dry sump Zetec engine, plus tank and pipework. Light weight steel flywheel and pinto clutch Newman fast road cams ZX10r throttle bodies on Danst Engineering inlet. Retro Ford water rail Me221 ECU and Zetec harness Light weight motorsport alternator Starter motor Westfield exhaust manifold. Fuel pump and regulator plus existing high pressure pipework With the exception of the engine and exhaust manifold, all the other parts have only one hill climb and one sprint usage. Engine has had a very recent cam belt change also. Dyno sheet states 183bhp at 6976rpm I'm really not sure what to ask for the package, maybe £3500 or offers
  13. robhume

    Building my Eleven

    Whilst working through the items to be repaired/changed after the visit to Hethel, I decided to do a front brake upgrade. I finally settled on the KAD 4 pot callipers for the MG Midget with some Mintex 1144 pads. These particular callipers are a straight bolt on replacement for the Midget ones and represent a 4kg weight saving. The gold anodised finish is what was available, a bit too bling for me but they do the job well, so no matter.
  14. robhume

    Building my Eleven

  15. robhume

    Building my Eleven

    Jon, Thanks for that. There were some issues over the weekend, one of which is the braking, or lack of it. Need to do a proper master cylinder sizing job along with some other considerations to get the braking working. A seal on the near side rear axle has gone again plus there is a leak from the diff casing. I changed the rear springs to 150 pounds but that was a mistake. It made the turn in very heavy and understeered badly. The only way I can describe it was like trying to turn in a lorry without power steering, so old springs will go back on and a slight pressure reduction in the front tyres. Oh and more worrying was the fact that the rear wheel nuts were undoing themselves, so not sure what is causing that. Two and a bit weeks to Etretat, need to pull my finger out.

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