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  1. I’ve got an edge light weight alternator on mine with a custom bracket. Plenty of space. Adam
  2. Thanks for the replies. Has anyone got the raceline Zetec system who could take measurements?
  3. Sorry should have clarified exhaust manifold. Not looking to increase power just yet but was looing in to replacing the exhaust system and particularly the manifold to set myself up for future upgrades. If it’s not restrictive then I’ll save my money.
  4. Hi, looking for someone running a Dunnell Zetec manifold who can take some measurements for me. Just want to make sure it will fit my application before I order one. Need to know how far it projects out from the block and also how far out it projects before it starts to bend. And just out of curiosity when people have changed from Westfield own mainifold to a “performance” item was there much difference? After speaking with Paul at Dunnell he thinks they are quite restrictive especially with power outputs over 180bhp.
  5. Been having a think about how best to do it Adam. I’ve got the tapped hole in the chassis in the middle of the seat where the old 3 point harness was mounted. Would need some sort of clamp for the roll bar. Use a bar between the 2 with a foam covered plate perhaps. Anybody have any examples ?
  6. Thought I’d update this as it’s been a while and lots has changed. After a great day on track at Donington yesterday I’m finally happy with how balanced and reliable the car now is. So last year I picked up a raceline phase 3 blacktop engine that had covered 1000 miles. It’s their 200hp engine with RL200 cams with Kent vernier pulleys, a head skim to bring the compression ratio up, a Port and polish and ARP bolts throughout. The main noticeable difference from the 1.8 sipvertop it replaced was the tourqe. Although It was a great engine I find the blacktop more enjoyable to drive. Durning the engine swap i decided to change the bellhousing to an alloy item and also picked up a BGH gearbox at the same time. Next up I picked up a pair of early Tillett W1 seats from a guy down in Bristol who had them in his caterham. These made a massive difference when driving especially on track, as you can probably tell they are very snug. Whilst fitting the seats I opted to fit some 4 point harnesses at the same time. In a bid to keep the weight down I decided to change the front callipers from M16’s and bought a pair of the Westfield (Highspec) callipers and some mtec disks. No noticeable difference in stopping power but it did save quite a bit of weight. With the macanical bits taken care of I wanted to refresh the engine bay. So had a tidy up of wires, painted up a few brackets. Replaced all the coolant pipes with new black Ash hoses and hard pipes and removed the old alloy header tank. Bodywork has been on the wish list for a couple of years. The skuttle had seen better days and was looking like swish cheese and the bonnet scoop fitted by a previous owner was not to my taste. After trying and failing to source one I ordered new from Westfield. Looks so much cleaner. Now ive started to do a few more track days I purchased one of Luke’s MSA half cages and at the same time a slightly larger 290mm momo wheel and quickshift.
  7. Yes that’s fine send me a PM.
  8. Narrow body high line bonnet and skuttle. I’ve replace with new. Both a bit tatty with holes, stars in the gel coat etc. The bonnet has a small crack by the filter cut out that’s been repaired at some point in its life. Bonnet £30 skuttle £30 *SOLD* collection from Bromsgrove B60
  9. 4 x 185/60/13 AO48 tyres. 2 with decent tread. Perfect to stick on for a track day. £60 *SOLD* SPA steering wheel, drilled slightly off Center. £20 - *SOLD* Rally design lower wide track wishbone (Only one) £15
  10. Now Sold Low line narrow bonnet uncut in white gel coat. Bought last week not knowing it was a low line and in need of a high line. Considering its age its in good condition, has cleaned up really well. There is a small star in the middle and a mark at the front edge but would probably be hidden once trim has been put on. Gutted it's not a fit for my car as have been looking for one for a while and they just don't come up for sale in this condition. Luckily Westfield still make the high line.
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