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  1. Resto157

    Silvertop sump to blacktop

  2. Resto157

    Silvertop sump to blacktop

    Hi, looking to put my 1.8 silvertop shortend sump on to a new phase 3 2l blacktop. First issue is my blacktop has arp main cap bolts without the studs to allow fitment of the windage tray. New bolts needed? Has anyone done this swap? I understand the later blacktops had the windage tray built in to the sump. Cheers Adam
  3. Resto157

    Blacktop pick up pipe *Sorted*

    Anyone got a blacktop pickup pipe? need one ASAP. Cheers Adam
  4. Resto157

    Expansion Tank.

    @biomanFor sale? Cheers Adam
  5. Resto157

    Expansion Tank.

  6. Resto157

    Expansion Tank.

    Anyone got a spare kicking around. Revising my cooling system and want to run a standard tank. Cheers Adam
  7. Resto157

    Zetec engine

    What’s out there? Looking for something modified 200bhp plus. Engine only. Adam
  8. That’s what’s confusing me.
  9. Cheers, think I’ve found what I need. Looks like the the mocal fittings come with a Dowty washer that creates a seal when the fitting is tighten up. Must have been taken off when the engine went in and out and are now scrap. The only weird thing is it looks like the washer is inbtween the nut and the hose not the nut and the head so not sure how they are compressed to make a seal.
  10. Car has just started to drop abit of oil from the filter take off since the engine has been in and out for the gearbox change. Seems to be coming from the fitting not the pipe. Looks like it has 2 plastic washers that that don’t look in great condition. Thinking of changing it all for braided hoses and aeroquip or similar fittings. I believe the fittings on the take off and on the remote filler head are 1/2bsp. What aeroquip fittings would I need and what size hose? Cheers Adam
  11. Narrow tonneau and boot box cover. Sat in the loft for the last few years. £45
  12. Resto157

    Zetec to duratec

    Jenvey Throttle bodies and omex 600 Dave. Just about to order a new bonnet and scuttle from westfield so holes not an issue if I make my mind up now. The ECU and harness come from the passenger side. So if I was going to go ahead what would the parts list look like? *Engine *sump *exhurst manifold *inlet manifold * engine mounts (fabricated) *cluch?
  13. Resto157

    Zetec to duratec

    Port and polished head. Paul’s ZRV camshafts. Lightend and balanced bottom end. Light weight fly. Engine Was supplied as a create engine with dunnell’s Option 2 kit on. Only covered 4K. Last on the rollers at 192bhp. Had it fully striped and rebuilt last year. To be fair it’s a really nice engine and I’ve spoken with Paul and can take it to the next stage with a bit more head work his latest stage cams and the pistons pocketing. He thinks I could see around 215-220bhp retaining hydrologic lifters. Cost wise it’s not to bad so probably cheaper than the engine swap. This could still be an option. Just contemplating if I could get similar power for a fairly standard duratec, with potentially more reliability? And something to keep myself busy over the winter.
  14. Resto157

    Zetec to duratec

    Contemplating a swap from my current Dunnel 1.8 zetec to a 2L duratec. Car is a narrow. I believe it fits fine. Has anyone done the swap? List of parts needed to complete the swap? I’d be looking to run around 210-220bhp. Do we think the chassis, drive shafts etc can take it? Current set up is: 1.8 zetec, jenvey bodies, BGH box, alloy bellhousing, omex 600.
  15. Resto157

    ETB speedometer/sensor

    Cheers Dave, I’ll keep that in mind.

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