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  1. Resto157

    Low line narrow bonnet uncut *SOLD*

    Tell me about it.
  2. Now Sold Low line narrow bonnet uncut in white gel coat. Bought last week not knowing it was a low line and in need of a high line. Considering its age its in good condition, has cleaned up really well. There is a small star in the middle and a mark at the front edge but would probably be hidden once trim has been put on. Gutted it's not a fit for my car as have been looking for one for a while and they just don't come up for sale in this condition. Luckily Westfield still make the high line.
  3. Resto157

    Garage clear out

  4. Resto157

    Garage clear out

  5. Resto157

    Garage clear out

    @KeithS yes no problem. Can wrap it up if need be. Adam
  6. Resto157

    Garage clear out

  7. Resto157

    Garage clear out

    M16 calipers - perfect working order complete with pads with loads of life left. £40 Alloy header tank - £10 - *SOLD* Narrow RAC roll bar - could do with a lick of paint or powder coat if you wanted it mint but perfectly fine to run as is. £80 - *SOLD* 2 x 3 point Willans harnesses - one has been restitched where the 2 belts cross over at the top clip. £35 Phase 3 blacktop 2 part sump. As far as I am aware it’s never been used. £30 Type 9 to zetec bellhousing (not alloy) £20
  8. Resto157

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    Loving this build. I know you said you will keep the bodywork as is for now but what’s your long term plans?
  9. Resto157

    Carbon clear out. NOW SOLD

    PM sent
  10. Resto157

    Westfield SEI 202bhp

    I'm putting my pride & joy up for sale as I have the opportunity to purchase my dream car as the Mrs refuses to let me have 2! I have owned the car for just over 4 years. I've spent at lot of time and money getting the car to the spec it is today and it will genuinely be a sad to see her go. Full spec & photos listed: -Westfield SEI registered in 94 Engine and Runing gear Raceline phase 3 blacktop - fully balanced bottom end built up with ARP bolts. 11:1 compression ratio. Gas flowed ported and polished head fitted with RL200 cams and Kent vernier pulleys. Bosch 440cc injectors Dunell sump Jenvey 45mm throttle bodies with 100mm thrumets and ITG filter. Westfield exhurst manifold and Westfield silencer coolex 42mm alloy radiator Odyssey Pc680 light weight battery Edge lightweight alternator Omex 600 ECU swirl pot and Sytec fuel filter fitted in the boot box Alloy catch tank. 202 BHP 174Lb of Torque 3.9 LSD in Westfield casing BGH type 9 (Long First) with lubrication mod and large roller race laygear tracsport alloy bell housing Hydraulic clutch westfield (High Spec) 4 pot front callipers twin master cylinder Drums on the rear (lighter than disc's) Braided brake lines all round Mtec drilled and grooved disc's Adjustable brake bias floor mounted pedal box widetrack 2.4 quick rack protech shocks with correct valving supplied by procomp Interior Tillett W1 seats willans harnesses Spa Design 280mm quick release steering wheel. ETB gauges Battery cut off push button start on custom under dash panel. Exterior standard westfield (narrow) white main body. Black nose cone CRX 13" alloys A048 tyres RAC roll bar Carbon - all supplied by Mark at carbon NV front arches Dash Flared side panels Tunnel Top Rear arch protectors Interior side panels Boot box (not fitted) rear pannel behind seats Aero screen Full suspension and geometry set up by Matt at pro comp. recently mapped with print out. The car weighs just over 540kg giving a power to weigh ratio of around 374bhp per ton. The car is a dream to drive with the power really kicking in from 1600 revs and is smooth all the way to the red line. The bad bits Theres always a to do list with kit cars but I believe in being up front when selling a car. There are a few marks here and there on the bodywork. In my opinion it's in really good shape considering its age. New sump gasket needs fitting, very slight weep from the seal at the front. The boot box cover needs replacing ( have a new carbon one ready to go on).These jobs where on my winter list, I very much doubt I will be able to action any of these as my partner is ready to give birth to our first child any day. lots of new parts will a folder full of receipts and old MOT's etc Looking for £11000 Ono
  11. Resto157

    Silver top to blacktop

    I’ve just completed this exact swap. Really happy with the outcome. Old engine was a 1.8 silvertop putting out 192bhp and 152 lbf of Torque. The new 2l blacktop has just been roaded and put out 202bhp and 174 lbf of toque. The difference in toque is really noticeable with lots more power low down in thr rev range but I quess that will depend on your cam choice.
  12. Resto157

    Can get gears. HELP

    No was my old clutch from my previous engine. Only done about 1000 miles tho. If the friction plate has gone on the wrong way would it have been drivable for a bit? As I have driven it for about 20 mins and didn’t have any issues selecting gears just felt abit crunchy round second and first.
  13. Resto157

    Can get gears. HELP

    Just completed an engine change to a 2l blacktop. Everything’s back together and had an initial drive for about 20 mins. All seemed ok bar the gear change felt a bit stiff. Come to start it today as taking it for a map and I can’t select gears when the engine is on. Goes in fine when off. Bled the clutch again as all is fine. Any ideas ??
  14. Resto157

    Silvertop sump to blacktop

  15. Resto157

    Silvertop sump to blacktop

    Hi, looking to put my 1.8 silvertop shortend sump on to a new phase 3 2l blacktop. First issue is my blacktop has arp main cap bolts without the studs to allow fitment of the windage tray. New bolts needed? Has anyone done this swap? I understand the later blacktops had the windage tray built in to the sump. Cheers Adam

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