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  1. JonD

    Tillett B4 Seat GRP 40cm

    Hi George, Just thought I'd post repose on here as well as the PM. It's very unlikely the Tillett mount holes are spaced as per the existing holes in your Westfield floor. The spacing on the mounts is 315mm front to back and 315mm to 325mm across the width (slotted holes). As I didn't use sliders in my car, I mounted the seat on the Tillett mounts to a piece of 20x20mm box section and then mounted this to the floor. Thanks Jon
  2. JonD

    Tillett B4 Seat GRP 40cm

    Will also throw in a new set of Tillett TB1 side mounts with the seat worth over £90.
  3. Hi, i'll have to weigh the seat to find out a weight because I can't find any numbers from Tillett for the GRP/Carbon headrest only model. I do know that the full carbon one is 2.75-3kg so this will be a little more. i also have 2 x sets of TB1 side mounts for sale and as as. Ew, just missing packaging. I'd let these go for £50 per set which is nearly half the price of new/what I paid. Thanks Jon
  4. Still for sale. cheers Jon
  5. JonD

    JK Composites GRP Seats ***SOLD***

    Now SOLD (subject to collection & payment).
  6. JonD

    JK Composites GRP Seats ***SOLD***

    I'll have a look at postage and let you know. cheers.
  7. Well used pair or JK Composites GRP seats taken from my Westfield. Some scratches and crazing in the gel coat. They are base mount with threaded inserts so an easy fit. Narrow at 39cm and quite thin construction so quiet flexible and surprisingly comfortable. They could also do with all the harness hole rubbers replacing - see photos. £125 the pair.
  8. Tillett B2 Carbon/GRP seat. Edges have not been trimmed. Used with some light scratches but in good condition, see photos. Any questions PM me. £300
  9. Used Tillett B4 GRP seat with trimmed edges (40cm version). Used Condition with some wear and tear - see photos. It has a few scratches on it, and unfortunately scratches show white on this seat so they are visible. There are also a couple of small holes drilled in the left hand side, close to your left knee. Any Questions please PM me. Price: £250
  10. Indeed it is. Cheers
  11. Westfield 2.0 Duratec SEiW with 2000S chassis (Colour - Black). Whilst very few cars are built to the standard factory specification this car is built with lots of options and upgrades hence the detailed description below to enlighten and enable those new to the world of Westfields & the wonderful WSCC to appreciate why the specification and build of this car does stand out from the ‘crowd’. 2004 Wide bodied SEIW, built with all new parts as a modular build, registered as a 2004 plate (not a Q plate). Engine supplied new by Westfield but then upgraded to current spec with machine work carried out by Scholar Engines. Base specification: * SEIW body with detachable rear arches, ducted nose system. * Carbon Aero screen and Full screen, unique side screens that give clearer visibility. * Black Team Dynamics Pro Race 7x13" wheels & Toyo R888 tyres (205/60/13 all round) * Enhanced Westfield 2000s chassis with Carbon fibre interior panels. * Front & rear Westfield aluminium uprights. * Tillett B6 Carbon seats on Tillett sliders (new in last 2 months). * Ford 2.0 Duratec (240 BHP/ 189 lb/ft torque at 5800rpm) with recent DTA S80 ECU upgrade. * Caged (Laser Engineering) MSA full roll cage * Nitron Suspension The Car was built by Glen Hardman, a previous Area Organiser for WSCC Club (Manchester), his 2nd Westfield car and build & has he also assisted many more in the Manchester area club. Passed SVA first time (as did his first build) and has never let me down. It is a well-known car in the WSCC club so there should be plenty of people that can vouch for both the car and myself. Engine upgrade carried out in late 2006 (at circa 6,500 miles) - engine upgraded from the standard 187bhp to the new spec listed below, this was set up on the rolling road by Northampton Motorsport (NMS). Checked on rolling road Motorscope (Northallerton) showing 240BHP & 189 Ib/ft of torque at 5800rpm (flywheel) Rev limit set at 8000rpm. ECU upgraded from Alpha system to DTA S80 during my ownership, mapped by NMS last year along with full suspension & geometry setup. At 545kg full of fuel this gives near 420Bhp/Ton which is exhilarating yet tractable, reliable and smooth to drive throughout the full rev range. Whilst this is a very high spec Westfield, it was built for road use with occasional track use, very at home & fun to drive on A & B roads or in on trackdays or sprint events. All previous MOT available with mileage recorded, currently covered just under 18,500 miles, 2 sets of keys, comprehensive file of all receipts, parts listings, all vehicle documentation and rolling road/engine printouts. MOT due March 2018. Chassis / Rolling Chassis upgrades: * Rare Westfield 2000s chassis with all additional cross bracing yet with standard engine mounts – (The 2000s chassis can come with solid engine mounts with no anti-vibration mounts that is for pure race use) but I specified standard rubber engine mount set up in lieu of solid mounting of engine that would rock your teeth loose. * This chassis proved to be nearly 5Kg lighter than standard (proved by myself rather than hype) yet is recognised as being stiffer than standard due to extra bracing. Chassis / Rolling Chassis upgrades (cont) * This 2000s Chassis comes standard with mounting bosses for full cage already welded in as part of the chassis design * All chassis panels are true carbon fibre (except floor pans that remain Aluminium) and are both bonded and riveted to the chassis – for clarity these are NOT carbon effect or 3m carbon sticker on Ali panels but true pre-preg carbon fibre panels supplied by Fluke Motorsport * Westfield supplied upgrade to Wide track front suspension – this is a much sought after upgrade and normally the first thing owners do to upgrade the standard set up. * Westfield supplied upgrade to Nitron shock absorbers to front & rear, these are also designed to mount upside down to reduce un-sprung weight and further improve handling * Westfield supplied upgrade to add front & rear anti-roll bars – giving improved handling and cornering * Westfield supplied upgrade to RAC roll bar with removable stays will also come with the car, however, full new MSA approved Caged roll cage currently fitted. * Upgrade to quick ratio steering rack – supplied from Rally Design * Westfield supplied upgrade to Alloy Rack Mounts (steering) * Upgraded conversion of front top wishbones to rose joint set up – wishbone to upright connection to give improved geometry * Westfield supplied upgrade to Nylon Bush’s throughout suspension & wishbone mountings * Northampton Motorsport carried out a full suspension geometry set up inc. ride heights, corner weighing and wheel alignment. Engine Upgrades * Pocketed Pistons (Standard ford pistons) * Piper Ultimate Road 285 cams (DUR BP285) * Piper double valve springs & heavy duty cap retainers * Piper Vernier Pulleys * Ported cylinder head (chambers) and both inlet and exhaust ports matched to the manifolds. * Heavy Duty Big End bearings * Full ARP bolts to cylinder head, rods bolts, crank casing, flywheel and crank pulley * Crank key-wayed to timing sprocket & auxiliary pulley. * Raceline low line & baffled sump * Raceline lightweight flywheel and clutch (Hydraulic clutch so no stretching cable) * Raceline water rail * Raceline direct to head Throttle bodies * Raceline 90mm trumpets * Raceline 4-2-1 exhaust system and trackday silencer (never been turned away for noise) * ITG 160mm air filter * Addition of 13 row oiler cooler system * Heavy duty cooling fan (to account for extra air resistance of oil cooler) * Aluminium Oil catch tank * Oil pressure warning light systems and oil temperature gauge (temp gauge not inc in standard wiring loom / standard set up) * Northampton Motorsport rolling road / engine set up on new DTA S80 ECU. Transmission Upgrades * BGH Sporting Close ratio gearbox (bought new) with ratios specifically picked to keep in the right rev range but leave a reasonable final gear ratio. * 1st – 5th ratios of 2.66, 1.75, 1.26, 1.0 and 0.82 * AP racing heavy duty clutch (hydraulic release bearing) * 4.1 Limited Slip Differential with Quaife ATB internals Braking Upgrades * Westfield supplied upgrade to Twin brake bias pedal set up with balance bar and twin master cylinders – enables full balance set up of front to rear brakes. * Westfield supplied upgrade to AP Racing 4pot front callipers * Westfield supplied AP Racing vented front brake disc’s * AP racing front brake pads * Westfield supplied upgrade to VW Golf aluminium rear brakes (more modern, lighter and reliable than standard sierra units) * Hawk Performance ‘Black’ rear brake pads * Front to rear brake lines are neatly routed through the gearbox tunnel to provide total protection – standard factory built cars see’s these run directly under the floor pan of the drivers seat which exposes them to potential damage Body Work * Standard ZK bodywork * Removal rear wheel arches (these are newly replaced / refreshed for the sale) * Front arches for 205 tyres (standard are for 185 tyres) * Full screen / wipers and side screens, however, Carbon Aero screen and scuttle currently fitted. * Ducted Nose systems – direct airflow from the radiator out the top of the nose / bonnet instead of through the engine bay, this system normally requires some additional work to remove the nose cone as the nose / internal ducting support the radiator, however I have cleverly used the standard chassis radiator mounts to self-support the internal ducting allowing the nose cone to be removed in the very same way as a standard nose and without any need to drain the system and allowing the car to be driven (if needed) without the nose cone on. * This car has the best of both worlds with the option to quickly (5-10 mins) to remove the scuttle c/w screen & wipers and fit a second scuttle with aero screen – this removes approx 10kg of weight. General Upgrades * 3” wide 4 point safety harnesses (1x new Schroth and 1 x Westfield). * Modified side screens – plastic replaced with tinted polycarbonate to give much improved visibility (and looks) * Carbon fibre dash and boot cover * Carbon kick guards (to chassis tubes in foot well) * Custom rear lights (using Hella light units) * M&P front headlights * All fuel & brake lines carefully run through transmission tunnel (usually exposed under the floor pan) * Stack 500 digital and programmable dash systems * Odessey lightweight Gel battery * Safety Battery Cut-Off switch * Electronic self cancelling indicators - this uses an electronic device with 3 modes / timings which sourced on a club group purchase from the United States (also operated from steering wheel) * FIA Master kill switch fitted. * Quick release steering wheel with indicator control on steering wheel – no more taking your hands off the wheel to indicate. * Built for ability to quickly remove scuttle and body side pods for easy access to major components. * Toyo R888 tyres all round. Asking price £14,995 this reflects the many upgrades and proven ability of the car. Cost to build substantially above this figure.
  12. JonD

    High Spec Honda K20 Engine conversion

    Hi, Is this on eBay now?

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