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  1. Chrisn01

    New(ish) member

    from Hertfordshire
  2. Chrisn01

    Rear Wishbones & Playskool Arbs

    Heres pictures of the wishbones & come fitted with mastic bushes & rose joints.
  3. Chrisn01

    Radiator to bracket spacers....what size are using?

    Measured it at 48mm top & 62mm bottom
  4. Chrisn01

    Radiator to bracket spacers....what size are using?

    Your more than welcome, yeah its the Siltech ones, they come fully complete & fit perfect :0) Not sure what length they are, but will measure them for you when next in garrage. As for the blanking plug, come with the Rad, but recon wouldbt be hard to find one, ill see if I can find out the thread size etc
  5. Chrisn01

    Radiator to bracket spacers....what size are using?

    Hiya Siltech do a very nicely fabricated radiator spacing kit for the Westfield, saves messing about :0)
  6. Chrisn01

    Rear Wishbones & Playskool Arbs

    Rob's (Newton') unless they dont fit his mega chassis :0)
  7. Chrisn01

    MHR Monty

    Hey a belated "Happy Birthday" :0)
  8. Hey Guys Due to upgrading to Siltech Micro adjustable suspension & arbs mid build, have the following up for sale: Fitted, but unused FW rear wishbones top & bottom. Got these from Westfield uncoated as wanted a more durable & nicer finish. They were subsequently Zinc coated & then powder coated in metalic Anthercite. New from Westfield, these cost £686 but how does £340 sound. Also have FW rear & wide track front Playskool Arbs from Luke in the soft variant. Again, these were fitted, but removed before use, so are effectively new. These cost me £350 but how does £225 sound. Pictures to follow:
  9. Chrisn01

    Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Good luck, not that you will need it, your build looks top notch
  10. Brand New & Unused Genuine Momo Tuner Leather Steering Wheel 320mm as pictured. As you can see, only fractionally larger than the standard westfield wheel. £120 collected or £130 posted Also have a brand new & unused genuine Sparco L999 330mm Steering Wheel as pictured. £180 collected or £190 delivered
  11. Chrisn01

    Rear Hub Nut question

    On the bright side, as there chunky heavy washers, will save a bit of weight lol
  12. Chrisn01

    Rear Hub Nut question

    Thanks for all the replys guys, glad I asked now, think ill remove the washers to be on safe side. Think got in my head that I needed the washers because I saw a diagram in hains manual & ordered them lol
  13. Chrisn01

    Rear Hub Nut question

    Yeah the nuts come with the stub axels & theres a groove to dent the nut to lock them in place. Now you mention it, it is probably the washer as brought them seperately from Ford lol That makes me feel better lol
  14. Chrisn01

    Rear Hub Nut question

    Ps...have torqued up both sides & appear the same

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