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  1. Chrisn01

    MSA safety device cage fitting / hole advice

    I was thinking that exact same thing & not a job looking forward to lol
  2. Chrisn01

    Westfield MegaS2000- Omex ECU serial data enable request

    My vote to :0)
  3. Chrisn01

    Aim mxs info thread

    Good to hear, there not far away from me, just need to scrounge a trailor closer to the time as better get body work on first lol Just emailed Omex about the CAN bus problem & the possibility of upgrading to the 710, so will await there reply.
  4. Chrisn01

    Aim mxs info thread

    Thanks Dave, think that might be my best bet, might give Omex a call & see if I can exchange my one & pay the diffrence as will be worth it in the long run. Fingers crossed my loom will fit the 710 as this might turn out to be an expensive exercise lol
  5. Chrisn01

    Aim mxs info thread

    Well iv had three quotes & simpsons were best & really helpful & nice guy, so going to go with them. As for manifold/exhaust 4-2-1 with high flow cat and there making the silencer. Although cosmetically side exit looks more oem & sleek, as long as there is no implications with IVA, am toying with the idea of a bonnet exit as will lower under bonnet temps & be less restrictive.
  6. Chrisn01

    Aim mxs info thread

    Thanks Dave, thats food for thought as always assumed since the Dash 2 works, so would the Aim Strada. As I was planning on getting a manifold & exhaust made, did ask Omex if the 630 was mapable and was told "Yes the ECU is open so changes can be made in the future." Since my ECU is still new & not fitted, I wonder if they would change/upgrade it for me & still supply the appropriate map.
  7. Chrisn01

    Aim mxs info thread

    Much appreciated, just have to decide weather to order it now or hold off till black friday lol But if you dont mind, once I get it, will drop you a PM to see if I have the same file as yours. Yeah im using the Omex 630, but sounds like by the time I get it up & running, the ECO thingy should be uodated, so happy days :0)
  8. Chrisn01

    Mega s2000 Omex throttle bodies

    Good news, spoke to Omex & my ECU is already configured for the later F20C engine & stated there in the final stage of testing , so the revised throttle boddie kits will be ready to order in the next 4 to 6 weeks :0)
  9. Chrisn01

    Aim mxs info thread

    Hey Guys Going to order this to install on my MegaS2000: https://www.aimshop.com/collections/car-racing-loggers-displays/products/iva-compliant-plug-and-play-kit-car-race-dash-kit Is there anything else I need or optional extras that you guys would recomend to get at same time. Im a complete newbie when it comes to this, so any advice greately appreciated. Chris :0)
  10. Chrisn01

    Mega s2000 Omex throttle bodies

    Told them I would be getting a manifold made up to, so they said the ECU was open :0)
  11. Chrisn01

    Mega s2000 Omex throttle bodies

    Think ill drop Omex an email & enquire about the throttle boddies. Iv already received my ECU from them & they used my newer DBW loom to scavenge the plugs. Also let them know when I ordered would be for the later drive by wire engine, so hopefully they should have amended map to account for the diffrent cam & crank trigger wheels as it did say on the supplied CD Rom "later F20C engine" :0)
  12. Chrisn01

    Mega s2000 Omex throttle bodies

    Well fingers crossed Omex can solve the issue soon as have one of the later F20C engines, so was kinda relying on the Omex throttles to convert it from drive by wire. In the event Omex take longer than anticipated, is it just a case of swapping the drive by wire throttle body with an earlier one or does the whole manifold need swapping with an earlier one.
  13. Chrisn01

    Mega s2000 Omex throttle bodies

    Im still waiting on Westfield to restock these which is taking forever lol Have Omex ironed out all the niggles yet and will they cause any issues for IVA
  14. Rear wishbones sold pending payment :0)

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