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  1. Chrisn01

    Widetrack, shocks, steering wheel,

    Steering wheel now sold & paid for :0) only rear suspension left to go
  2. Chrisn01

    Andy's Mega S2000 upgrades

    Also use discount code CLUBCIVIC & knocks a further £13.50 off ;0)
  3. Chrisn01

    Andy's Mega S2000 upgrades

    Dont think you can go wrong with OEM. Just come across one at a good price & same as OEM: https://japserviceparts.co.uk/products/honda-s2000/clutch-and-transmission-parts/fcc-clutch-kit-s2000.html
  4. Chrisn01

    Widetrack, shocks, steering wheel,

    Wide track now sold & paid for by Rae :0)
  5. Chrisn01

    Widetrack, shocks, steering wheel,

    Hiya Frubpato Unfortunately 'Raescar' beat you to it via PM, but if he pulls out, your 1st on the list for second dibs on the widetrack :0)
  6. Chrisn01

    Widetrack, shocks, steering wheel,

    Shocks now sold
  7. Chrisn01

    Widetrack, shocks, steering wheel,

    No worries, also, took a pic of the marked sticker, no other markes apart from that :0)
  8. Chrisn01

    Widetrack, shocks, steering wheel,

    Hiya Geoffrey, from centre of 1st mountin hole to centre of 2nd is 13.5 inches. Also, just noticed there is a small tear in one of the Protech Stickers, but this is hidden by the spring only titchy :0)
  9. Hey Guys Due to upgrading to front & rear Siltech Micro adjustable suspension & arbs mid build, have the following up for sale: Fitted, but unused FW rear wishbones top & bottom. Got these from Westfield uncoated as wanted a more durable & nicer finish. They were subsequently Zinc coated & then powder coated in metalic Anthercite. From Westfield including bushes & track rod ends, these would cost £798 plus the zinc & powder coat. But how does £350 sound. Also have FW front Wide track wishbones top & bottom which are the same as above with reguards to condition & powder coat. From Westfield including front ball joint kit & bushes cost £717.75. But how does £350 sound Both the above are from my FW kit, but would imagine they also fit other models to. If someone wanted both front & rear, would do them for £650 Also have a pair of front Protech Shock Absorbers to match my MegaS2000 & widetrack. These were fitted, but taken off mid way through my build & never used. These cost £220.37 from Westfield, but how does £150 sound. Lastly, have a new never fitted & Unused Genuine Momo Tuner Leather Steering Wheel 320mm as pictured. As you can see, only fractionally larger than the standard westfield wheel. £120 collected or £130 posted Might also have a set of Westfield front uprights & hubs, but still deciding on weather to get the siltech ones, but not sure if my wallet has recovered yet lol
  10. Chrisn01

    Battery Recomendation

    Thanks very much Ian, will get one ordered in that case :0)
  11. Chrisn01

    Battery Recomendation

    Hey guys, just a quick one, what battery would you recomend that fits the standard westfield battery tray for powering an S2000. Dont mind paying more for better quality, but want to retain the origional tray. Cheers fellas
  12. Chrisn01

    Recommend me an impact wrench

    The Dewalt XR range are pukka & used mine heavily past two years & still going strong
  13. Chrisn01

    Ball joint splitter

    Ended up going for this one :0) Draper 28882 Expert 2-Stage Ball Joint Separator https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00E58ZA8U/ref=cm_sw_r_em_apa_i_SrVpBbN6FKYMN
  14. Chrisn01

    Ball joint splitter

    Cheers guys, will get one ordred :0)
  15. Chrisn01

    Ball joint splitter

    Hey guys Anyone point me in the right direction or can recomend a ball joint splitter for westfield front uprights. Thanks guys

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