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  1. Just wanted to express my thanks to David at Tillett Car Seats, what great customer service & an excellent quality product, namely the B6's. Hopefully will get them fitted soon as my build progresses :0)
  2. Chrisn01

    Curiosity Question

    Think ill do the same :0)
  3. Chrisn01

    Curiosity Question

    Cheers, thats that question answeared, didnt even know our westies carried a spare wheel lol
  4. Chrisn01

    Curiosity Question

    Hey guys, just in middle of fitting my body work & just wondered what these are for on the rear of the chassis?
  5. Chrisn01

    Seat belts IVA markings

    Cheers Dave, been looking at the Schroth Westfield II ASM 4 point harness & have heard good things about Schroth. Would this harness be okay for IVA.
  6. Chrisn01

    Seat belts IVA markings

    Thanks Stephen, much appreciated :0)
  7. Chrisn01

    Seat belts IVA markings

    Hiya Guys Thread resurrection lol So just to make sure & prevent me from making a purchase blunder, as long as a harness is FIA approved, it dosent have to be E marked (ECE)? For example, would this one be okay: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F263559216616 Or is there any harnesses which you guys would recomend
  8. Chrisn01

    Sports Catalytic Converter

    Hey Dave, been chatting with Simsons, but not booked in yet, going to get majority of body work on, then got to sort out getting it trailored down. Havent gone into mainifold design yet, but was thinking as close as to the origional manifold design as possible as guess Honda new what they were doing. Then will leave it up to Simpsons to do the rest lol But will have a good chat with them once ready to book it in. Whats your veiw on side exit vs bonnet exit?
  9. Chrisn01

    Sports Catalytic Converter

    Cool, went with Simpsons advice & got a 200 CPSI HJS one fron Miltek :0)
  10. Chrisn01

    Sports Catalytic Converter

    Hiya everyone Hope your all well :0) Going to go down the custom mainifold & exhaust route at Simpsons in the not so distant future. The guy told me would be better if I supplied my own cat to keep the costs down & he quoted me happy. My question, does the cat have to be 'E' marked for IVA & would 200 cell count be okay on a MegaS2000 for emisions. Chris
  11. Chrisn01

    10% Ebay Voucher

    28th Sep 2018
  12. Chrisn01

    10% Ebay Voucher

    New 10% voucher until 8pm tonight: PAYDAY
  13. Chrisn01

    MSA safety device cage fitting / hole advice

    I was thinking that exact same thing & not a job looking forward to lol
  14. Chrisn01

    Westfield MegaS2000- Omex ECU serial data enable request

    My vote to :0)
  15. Chrisn01

    Aim mxs info thread

    Good to hear, there not far away from me, just need to scrounge a trailor closer to the time as better get body work on first lol Just emailed Omex about the CAN bus problem & the possibility of upgrading to the 710, so will await there reply.

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