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  1. martin123

    fireblade engine and seats

    Interested in seats subject to seeing the pictures please
  2. martin123


    Interested in roll at if still available?
  3. martin123

    Lightweight Zetec Flywheel

  4. martin123

    Brands Hatch track day

    Very late notice but there is a track day available tomorrow at brands if anyone is interested. My car isn't running properly so there is a space at brands with a garage and racing tuition if anyone is keen drop me a message
  5. martin123

    Aero Screen for wide or narrow body

    Hi is this still available?
  6. martin123

    Aero fuel cap

    Thanks for the info guys!
  7. martin123

    Aero fuel cap

    Annoyingly my locking aero fuel cap has fallen out on a drive. Does anyone have or know if I can buy just the locking cap from anywhere? I know westfield sell the whole kit but I'm hoping to get a fix for less than £130! Cheers
  8. martin123

    New owner - Sierra differential oil leak question

    Thanks for the advice all. I don't have the skills or space to take on the job of removing and servicing the diff just yet. Also I trust a garage more than myself!
  9. Afternoon All, I have an oil leak on my differential, its a Sierra LSD unit and its leaking form the drive shafts. Have had a quote for £350 + Vat to fix this at a local garage, just curious to know if this seems reasonable? I live in the Newbury (Berkshire) area Thanks!
  10. martin123

    Snap off Steering Wheel

    Awesome, thanks guys!
  11. martin123

    Snap off Steering Wheel

    Hello All, I am thinking about fitting a snap off steering wheel for security. Having removed the original Westfield steering wheel I have a 48 spline fitting. I have read some mixed reviews of products bought off ebay in terms of poor fitting. Interested to know if anyone has fitted these at all, or has any good suggestions? They appear good quality and at a reasonable price https://www.devon4x4.com/defender-boss-kit-quick-release.html https://www.devon4x4.com/defender-boss-kit-48-spline.html
  12. martin123

    New Owner, Newbury, Berkshire

    Thats going to be very potent!! Great track orientated machine, let me know if you need another set of hands
  13. martin123

    New Owner, Newbury, Berkshire

    Nice, whats the build? Yeah no worries, although I can only offer labour at this point. This is my first Westfield so don't know much on the mechanical side yet, but will be getting stuck in to learn a few bits.
  14. martin123

    New Owner, Newbury, Berkshire

    Thanks for the welcome messages all, im looking forward to the better weather so I can get some time in the car and get a track day or two in!
  15. martin123

    New Owner, Newbury, Berkshire

    Ah thats not sounding good, how come your carless? Being fixed or upgrading?

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