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  1. westy 1

    Rear anti Roll bar

    Iv got one but not sure what year cars it fits. there are differances, also you need to look at your rear wish bones newer ons have brackets to bolt to if not you will need to weld on some brackets to your ones.
  2. westy 1

    wanted o/s/f lower wishbone

    Pm sent with price
  3. westy 1

    wanted o/s/f lower wishbone

    got a new one in powdercoated black if your interested have both sides if you wont
  4. westy 1

    13" Split Rims

  5. westy 1

    13" Split Rims

    What sort of money are you looking at spending ? I have a as new set of image wheels that they used to make for early radical race cars Ford PDC 13/8 i think off set is around 12ish two have gold centres and black rims two have black centres with black rims
  6. The PDC of the holes is 50mm standered 3 bolt paturn for 3 bolt boss / quick release unit
  7. For sale is my near as new MOMO swade stearing wheel 280mm excelent condition £120 delivered to mainland UK
  8. westy 1

    First Westfield wanted

    How about a SEIW running a 1700 crosflow on twin webber 45's ,aproximatly 120 - 130 phb Type 9 5 speed box , AP up-graded race brake master cylinder , new front and rear callipers discs and pads need bedding in properly. Just need a few little things to finish of for the mot I was in the process of re-comisioning it but things have changed so it is up for sale. Full westfield roll cage fitted and carbon Screen and custom made twin carbon side exhausts Looking for £7000
  9. westy 1

    Hill Climb and sprint car wanted

    So you are looking for a road biest car that is capable of the odd track day and race ? how about a seiw with a 1700cc cross flow and full cage
  10. westy 1

    black front cycle wings

    got a pair of westfield 10" GRP cycle wings in black good condition £60 + postage
  11. westy 1

    Bedford Autodrome this monday

    if you wont to do bedford I would do it soon as I have heard that MSV are in the processes of selling it as they have just bought the lease to donington and dont to run it any more.
  12. could do with theas going so down to £150 collected no offers

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