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  1. Welcome mate and what a great first post! Car looks great and if you enjoy it as much as we enjoy ours, you'll wonder why you didnt get one ages ago..... Mart.
  2. Pete is from the othercend of the country on the south coast near me... Mart.
  3. just had a quick look at mine and hadn't realised just how short the prop is tbh... looks like a catcher just fwd of the centre will do nicely. Mart.
  4. Hi Stu, Brilliant advice above. Don't be too perturbed if the budget is on the low side - there are some cracking cars on here for sale at times, cheaper IMHO than on piston heads etc. A good few members on here would rather see their cars go to good homes than try and get top dollar... This is a very good club and joining it will be a good investment that pays for itself numerous times over... Good luck in your quest. Mart.
  5. I had a mk2 xr2 but preferred the look of the mk1... Imho the French hot hatches were better than all the old xr2 fiesta guises.....something ford has addressed now as the fiesta st is a fantastic car, especially the new 3 cylinder version.... Mart.
  6. Yeah, just been googling and there is quite a lot of info on the locust builders site, including pics of various options...some better than others. As you say mate, as long as the prop is supported in line, it cannot whip and do damage. ill be looking into one at the front, but one at the back too.... Mart.
  7. This post has made me wonder if I need one too.... Of course, you only need one if it goes belly up, and by then it could be too late.... Any old loop of material doesn't sound too inspiring.....would rather see some pics so that I can make my own mind up. I would imagine a broken or undone prop rotating at speed would need something capable of supporting and restraining it for the time it would take to slow down without it ripping through the transmission tunnel? When you think about it, there is little between the prop and your legs and hips bar a bit if sheet ally..... Mart.
  8. Two little tinkers in mine at the weekend. Can't keep 'em out of it and Grandad loves it lol.... Mart.
  9. Have to agree on the French hot hatches...mate of mine was mad on them and madder on the road too...although a very quick and capable driver, he was reckless IMHO.... His cars - Gordini Gordini Turbo 5 turbo 21 turbo (not a hot hatch) Alpine 3.0 (not a hot hatch either) Clio 172 Clio 182 Turbo 2 (l/h drive and his best car by far) Clio 190 Clio V6 My eldest had a 106 GTI which was abrilliant car and had a fantastic history too which we didnt know about until we sold it...worth a thread on its own.... Mart.
  10. No worries mate. It can stay in the garage until someone needs one! Happy hunting. Mart.
  11. As above, there are plenty of people about with the skills and knowledge to put a host of different engines in different cars....as can be seen with the ongoing project binky mini. However, an unusual engine, although on the face of it, quite attractive, will probably be far less attractive as a resale value due to the issues in the posts above. Mart.
  12. Hi All, Been given one as a pressie and wondered if anyone had done one there....any tips, pitfulls, advice etc before I book. Want to do a Porche and Ferrari plus one other. Cheers, Mart.
  13. I'd worry about the side panel with that amount of heat? Mart.
  14. I'm up for a blat now Pete as back on the road now! Your car looks 'proper by the way! Mart.
  15. As Sooty has said above - very easy to do BUT make sure you wear a cheap mask as you dont want to be breathing in the dust. Pair of latex gloves helps too. Mart.
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