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  1. Mighty Mart

    Bonding metal to plastic. Glue recommendations?

    tried some gorilla glue on a home repair that several other glues failed to stick and it was surprisingly good. not metal to plastic I'm afraid, but the product does seem to be better than the usual superglue so an epoxy gorilla may be the answer?
  2. Mighty Mart

    Alternator help?

    Lovely jubberly....will ring now. thanks for your help mate. Mart.
  3. Mighty Mart

    Alternator help?

    Cheers Michael. That explains why the three terminal is incorrect on the kit I have doh.... i will ring them shortly to see if I can return it and get another kit. so it's definitely an A115 then? Mart.
  4. Mighty Mart

    Alternator help?

    Ps... whats the blue bit on the bottom pic. I haven't got one of those in the kit?
  5. Mighty Mart

    Alternator help?

    Just taken off the cover mate, that's all. Bits in the box look as though they will fit so will have a play tomorrow. Anything to watch out for or is it idiot proof lol?
  6. Mighty Mart

    Alternator help?

    Right then lads....after the excitement of earlier today.... offending alternator off.... and and cover off..... whats the verdict....I have bought the acr kit.....is it the right one?
  7. Mighty Mart

    Alternator help?

    Thanks mate. I have the first meeting on Monday at noon but will not be accepting anything without checking it out thoroughly first.
  8. Mighty Mart

    Alternator help?

    Cheers lads...much appreciated. Not gone yet but position pretty much untenable now.... Bit of a kick in the teeth after 40 yrs.....
  9. Mighty Mart

    Chris Jones’s SE 1600vauxhall

    Amazed it stayed for sale for so long tbh?
  10. Mighty Mart

    Alternator help?

    Cheers lads. not the best day today as just been made redundant.... plenty of time to play in the garage though! Mart.
  11. Mighty Mart

    Alternator help?

    @Thrustyjust. Just not 100% sure of the guy and it will cost me nearly as much in fuel to take it to him as it will cost to order the kit, and I'll have the satisfaction of fixing it myself wit the help of you guys. Mart.
  12. Mighty Mart

    Alternator help?

    Thanks mate. Just looked at the link for these kits. Can it be fitted with normal tools or is there any soldering required? Mart.
  13. Mighty Mart

    Alternator help?

    Thanks mate. What type do I need and where from if it the acr type. It is a Lucas btw.
  14. Mighty Mart

    Alternator help?

    Sorry mate...predictive spell checker lol... i meant to say I guess the older alternators are still available...have seen some on the bay so may go new rather than recon? i could take it back but lost confidence in the guy now to be honest?
  15. Mighty Mart

    Alternator help?

    Thanks mate, will have a look see tomorrow. im guessing the older sterna tours are still available? mart.

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