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  1. Mighty Mart

    [Tchoupi 13] Westfield SE

    Welcome and a nice looking older car. I hope it's soon back on the road and giving you a lot of pleasure! keep the updates coming please. Martin.
  2. Mighty Mart

    Back on the road after major restoration

    Thumbs up for another mighty crossflow! Mart.
  3. Mighty Mart

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    Obviously you need to check the hub is locating correctly and no crap behind it etc etc. There's always a lot of potential debris around brake systems (corroded flakes, dust etc)which can play havoc when re-assemmbling or fitting new parts... Mart.
  4. Mighty Mart

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    Just out of curiosity, did you check the first hub to see how far that ran out? I remember having quite bad wheel wobble on a scooby under braking and was surprised when the disc only ran out about 4 thou. Reskimmed to a gnats hacker and all was good again, so small run outs can make a big difference... Poor that the hub runs out at all, let alone that much? Mart.
  5. Mighty Mart

    150 Days - Another Westfield on the Road!

    Nice one mate. Your enthusiasm shines through in the write up. There are faster, better looking and certainly more expensive cars out there, but smiles per mile cannot be bettered in value for money... Mart.
  6. Mighty Mart

    Clarkson gaffe re. new Top Gear presenter.

    Freddie F & Paddy M may be celebs, but I've never known either to be car savvi, so this looks like the ultimate own goal by the beeb.... At least their only paying them £.5 mill each lol.... Not only that, but 2 wrong-uns will drag down Chris Harris who deserves air time as he is perfect - a car nut with talent, both presenting and driving! Mart.
  7. Mighty Mart

    Oem ford engine connectors

    When I had my st mondeo, some of the parts were cheaper from jag than from ford... Mart.
  8. Mighty Mart

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    Depends on how hot they are going to get..... a thick disc will handle getting hot and not distort, it will also likely dissipate the heat better. A disc that us too thin will not! if it's being used in a performance scenario, you may be better off with a thicker and heavier disc than a skimmed down one? cracking build thread by the way....really enjoying the out of the box thinking.... Mart.
  9. Mighty Mart

    stick on carbon fibre sheet

    I've had a few complimentary comments on my 'carbon' bits until I tell them it's sticky back vinyl with a carbon effect and they are then amazed at how good it looks lol... Of course it's not the real thing, but for a few quid off eBay, it's amazing how good it looks. Mart.
  10. Mighty Mart

    Hello from France !

    Welcome and can I congratulate you on your choice of British cars and your first post in pretty good English! Good luck with the hunt and looks like you are 'stuck' with the older classic, possibly with a crossflow which in my opinion, is truer to the original mark too......flame suit on lol.... Martin.
  11. Mighty Mart

    High mileage

    Really enjoyed that and fair play to him. A real enthusiast who is a credit to the caterham and other 7esque marks IMHO... Mart.
  12. Mighty Mart

    Back in the game....

    Empty mate. Once it drys up a bit, I'll sit in it and get a pic. Don't believe it will make too much difference but I may get a surprise lol... Mart.
  13. Mighty Mart

    Back in the game....

    Hi Ricky, heres some pics of mine. It's an ally one and is baffled internally by a separate plate which bolts in. The tape was resting against the front of the sump and was square by the way! It takes about 4.75 Ltrs to fill....5 Ltrs is too much and the catch tank comes into play with heavy right foot use. Once down to 4.75 it's fine. dont get any grounding issues and throw it around a fair bit. hope that helps? Mart.
  14. Mighty Mart

    Back in the game....

    Hi Ricky, will get a few pics of it tomorrow some time and measure it too. not sure what sump it is, but it was baffled as well when I dropped it out. Overall package looks pretty good tbh so glad I inherited the set up from previous owners. its had a few whacks, but not in my ownership so far, and roads terrible around here.... Mart.
  15. Mighty Mart

    Back in the game....

    So, after breaking down on the way back from Shelsey Walsh a while back, and having just been made redundant and starting a new job, I'd left the westie in the garage not daring to see what had happened... after a few wild goose chases, the distributor was found to be siezed, causing the drive to shear... sump off and gave it a good checking over....rescuing all the bits of drive in the process. Cam looked unscathed, took off the oil pump housing to ensure all good there too. poured some cheap 10-40 down through the galleries and then cleaned it all up. Sump cleaned and refitted, along with inlet manifold and carbs. Distributor rebuilt by h & h ignition....can recommend those guys btw. new alternator, coil, and ignition module too. timed at 12 btdc and dizzy lined up with no1. a few turns with the plugs out to get the oil pressure up and then plugs in and she fired up on the 3rd spin, so well chuffed. Turned the dizzy round a few degrees to find the fastest idle once warmed up and jobs a goodun.....so far. need to get the timing checked at 5000rpm but relieved so far...only time will tell though. annoyed I missed all the nice weather but other things took priority. Also a shame as there's a new AO locally who is keen as by the looks of things. looking forwards to taking it out again...either this year or next spring. Mart.

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