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  1. Mighty Mart

    Help with ignition ID

    Cheers. Local factors have identified the module....not a ford unit at all but from a fiat. Will be delivered later this afternoon, so fingers crossed it will do the trick. I have replaced the alternator and coil with new units already. If this sorts the issue, I'll post the two part numbers I have now for the module to help anyone out in the future that has the same issue and they use the search facility! Mart.
  2. Mighty Mart

    Help with ignition ID

    many thanks Captain. I'm on the case!
  3. Mighty Mart

    Help with ignition ID

    Many thanks mate. I'm leaning towards a Lucus Competition set up but will contact them tomorrow if possible. Good mechanic up the road has confirmed that the module has probably been fried by the alternator. Mart.
  4. Mighty Mart


    Hi Greg, Thanks for the informative reply....very interesting. Exactly what a forum is for - a mine of information and always happy to learn from others experiences :-) Mart.
  5. Mighty Mart

    South Hampshire and IOW meeting

    Hi lads. Hope the first meet goes well and is well attended. I'm off the road currently with a fried ignition system but looking forwards to the next meet already. Mart.
  6. Mighty Mart

    Help with ignition ID

    Today's bump. No one with any ideas? Mart.
  7. Mighty Mart

    Help with ignition ID

    Bump for this morning. Any ideas anyone?
  8. Mighty Mart

    Breakdown cover? AA alternatives?

    Just to through another one in the mix.... Ive been with kwik fit for breakdown cover only for the last five or so years and last year they asked me if I wanted to cover a second car on the same policy for next to nothing extra. After checking the westie would be covered ok, I added it on and was recovered back home after breaking down on the way back from the 21st shelsey event (150 odd mile so) at no cost or hassle. Mart.
  9. Mighty Mart


    Hi Greg, i would imagine that most cars wearing yokohamas would be significantly heavier than a 7 type car though, so going lower than 19psi for our cars would not be the same as in a tin top? Mart.
  10. Mighty Mart

    Help with ignition ID

    Hi, Car still off the road since Shelsey Walsh with a no spark. i suspect the ignition module may have been fried by an alternator issue I had on the last run where the ignition light suddenly glowed mega bright before blowing at max rpm after issues in the morning. can anyone shed any light on the distributor and ignition module from the pics please?
  11. Mighty Mart

    Disc Brake conversion for English axle worth it?

    Personally never found a handbrake as good on discs as drums? My handbrake on drums is the best I've had? Also more than happy with braking capability? Mart.
  12. Mighty Mart

    21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    What a fantastic and well organised day and many thanks to those that made it possible. A fantastic venue at a very reasonable cost IMHO. personally, got 6 runs in and thoroughly enjoyed myself, along with my son, but the edge was taken off it slightly with an alternator issue. My thanks go to the various peeps offering help, especially to Tim Pennington and Ian. ended up breaking down on the m5, fortunately pulling into a service station at just the right time, and then being recovered back home around midnight, so thank god for breakdown cover lol....as I was 140 miles short of home at the time.... Absolutely loved it though and will do it again in a heartbeat if the opportunity arises. What a great club this is! Mart.
  13. Leaving at 5am tomorrow with my no 2 son. driving licence and mot cert packed just in case. see you all tomorrow guys.... Mart.
  14. Do we need driving licences..... Must have missed that? Please confirm? Mart.
  15. 98 names signed on by my reckoning, and I'm guessing this does not include passengers as my sons name is not there? Either way, it looks to be a very good turnout so here's hoping to good weather, a great day and safe journey there to all of you going. see you Saturday! Mart.

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