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  1. Mighty Mart

    Hello from France !

    Welcome and can I congratulate you on your choice of British cars and your first post in pretty good English! Good luck with the hunt and looks like you are 'stuck' with the older classic, possibly with a crossflow which in my opinion, is truer to the original mark too......flame suit on lol.... Martin.
  2. Mighty Mart

    High mileage

    Really enjoyed that and fair play to him. A real enthusiast who is a credit to the caterham and other 7esque marks IMHO... Mart.
  3. Mighty Mart

    Back in the game....

    Empty mate. Once it drys up a bit, I'll sit in it and get a pic. Don't believe it will make too much difference but I may get a surprise lol... Mart.
  4. Mighty Mart

    Back in the game....

    Hi Ricky, heres some pics of mine. It's an ally one and is baffled internally by a separate plate which bolts in. The tape was resting against the front of the sump and was square by the way! It takes about 4.75 Ltrs to fill....5 Ltrs is too much and the catch tank comes into play with heavy right foot use. Once down to 4.75 it's fine. dont get any grounding issues and throw it around a fair bit. hope that helps? Mart.
  5. Mighty Mart

    Back in the game....

    Hi Ricky, will get a few pics of it tomorrow some time and measure it too. not sure what sump it is, but it was baffled as well when I dropped it out. Overall package looks pretty good tbh so glad I inherited the set up from previous owners. its had a few whacks, but not in my ownership so far, and roads terrible around here.... Mart.
  6. Mighty Mart

    Back in the game....

    So, after breaking down on the way back from Shelsey Walsh a while back, and having just been made redundant and starting a new job, I'd left the westie in the garage not daring to see what had happened... after a few wild goose chases, the distributor was found to be siezed, causing the drive to shear... sump off and gave it a good checking over....rescuing all the bits of drive in the process. Cam looked unscathed, took off the oil pump housing to ensure all good there too. poured some cheap 10-40 down through the galleries and then cleaned it all up. Sump cleaned and refitted, along with inlet manifold and carbs. Distributor rebuilt by h & h ignition....can recommend those guys btw. new alternator, coil, and ignition module too. timed at 12 btdc and dizzy lined up with no1. a few turns with the plugs out to get the oil pressure up and then plugs in and she fired up on the 3rd spin, so well chuffed. Turned the dizzy round a few degrees to find the fastest idle once warmed up and jobs a goodun.....so far. need to get the timing checked at 5000rpm but relieved so far...only time will tell though. annoyed I missed all the nice weather but other things took priority. Also a shame as there's a new AO locally who is keen as by the looks of things. looking forwards to taking it out again...either this year or next spring. Mart.
  7. Mighty Mart

    2.1 pinto narrow body 143bhp

    Love the ad mate....your enthusiasm really comes through..... pics would be a bonus IMHO. two problems...a narrow and too old school for most, although being a narrow x flow powered owner, they don't know what there missing! good luck with the sale if you go through with it. Mart.
  8. Mighty Mart

    John Wayne and some cyclists..

  9. Mighty Mart

    SPAX Shocks and springs length

    @Damperman is your man, but I think he may be on his hols for a few days iirc....Mart.
  10. Mighty Mart

    Help with ignition ID

    Cheers. Local factors have identified the module....not a ford unit at all but from a fiat. Will be delivered later this afternoon, so fingers crossed it will do the trick. I have replaced the alternator and coil with new units already. If this sorts the issue, I'll post the two part numbers I have now for the module to help anyone out in the future that has the same issue and they use the search facility! Mart.
  11. Mighty Mart

    Help with ignition ID

    many thanks Captain. I'm on the case!
  12. Mighty Mart

    Help with ignition ID

    Many thanks mate. I'm leaning towards a Lucus Competition set up but will contact them tomorrow if possible. Good mechanic up the road has confirmed that the module has probably been fried by the alternator. Mart.
  13. Mighty Mart


    Hi Greg, Thanks for the informative reply....very interesting. Exactly what a forum is for - a mine of information and always happy to learn from others experiences :-) Mart.
  14. Mighty Mart

    South Hampshire and IOW meeting

    Hi lads. Hope the first meet goes well and is well attended. I'm off the road currently with a fried ignition system but looking forwards to the next meet already. Mart.
  15. Mighty Mart

    Help with ignition ID

    Today's bump. No one with any ideas? Mart.

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