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  1. We’ve now turned our attention to some upgrades / post IVA stuff. Our list (so far): 1. Oil catch tank 2. Fit immobiliser 3. Fit doors 4. Quick release steering wheel 5. Blink-stop indicators (that’s a wife request) 6. Get suspension geometry professionally set up We’ve started by attaching a permanent connection for our trickle charger so that we don’t have to remove the battery connections each time we get back. Question for you guys, is it ok to trickle charge the battery whilst the cars electrics are attached to the battery. You’ll see what I mean in the picture! There is some wires coming off the battery to a connector that the trickle charger plugs into.
  2. We were quite surprised, we didn’t expect to pass. There were two cables that needed securing with cable ties and one of our Iva nut covers had fallen off which the guy let me fix there and then. He was really friendly and spent ages talking to us about cars. Funning thing though, on the way home the gear knob came off in my hand and the fuel gauge wasn’t working properly (I had just brimmed the tank). Fuel gauge now seems to be working fine. Next step MOT and then registration. Hoping to to meet you all at Stoneleigh next year!
  3. We’re at the IVA test and the tester has asked how big the fuel tank is. It’s the long range fuel tank. Does anyone know how many litres it holds?
  4. Last Saturday we checked the speedo and it was reading the actual speed perfectly. The test is this Saturday coming and we reckon that we are as ready as we can be! However, the wife had a concern about the length of the seat bolts hanging below the car. Is this an IVA area of concern?
  5. Speedo reading less than actual speed we had this little problem with the speed but found this lost on the forum and fixed it the speedo hadn’t been calibrated by WF. It was set to 6000 pulses instead of 3610 as per WF calibration certificate. The forum cane cane to our rescue once again:
  6. Thanks for the advice here guys! I had exactly the same pre-Iva problem. I followed the advice here and my speedo was calibrated to 6000. Have now set to 3610 as per calibration letter from WF. Forum to the rescue again!!
  7. Haha - you’re right. We’ve already got our winter upgrade list (immobiliser, side screens, oil catch tank). We are quite proud of what we’ve done. Not bad for two people who didn’t have the first clue about anything mechanical
  8. We’ve got the bonnet IVA covers taped to the glovebox. Good shout in the side screen hinge covers!! We’d forgotten about those.
  9. Doing some last minute jobs. One of which is the brake fluid sticker which we now have. Only question is where to stick it? On the filler cap
  10. Good news (sort of) - we have a new date for the IVA: Saturday 22nd Dec fingers crossed for good weather on the day!
  11. Yes - they offered Southampton which is 120 miles away. I don't want to drive an untested car 120 miles along the motorway in wintery conditions. Back to phoning up every Monday morning to get a new appointment.
  12. IVA Cancelled Unbelievable. The DVSA have just cancelled our IVA on Monday and they don't have any appointments for the next 8 weeks. Apparently the tester wont be there. I'm somewhere between disappointed and bl**** furious! I guess that's another 8 weeks of polishing then!!
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