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  1. Tommy, you still on holiday?

    Can you cal me please.




  2. Hi. Errrrrrrrrrrrrmm. Not so sure that’ll be possible I’m afraid unless you organise your own shipping! If it had been a set of brake pads then I could have done that but a 100kg engine !!!!?????? Thanks. Tom
  3. Hi. Yes I can do. Call me and make me an offer if you like - 07740948899
  4. Hi, Due to a change in plans I have decided to sell my Honda S2000 engine along with extras. The engine is very low mileage (25000 miles). I have no proof of this except for the fact that I saw the engine in the rear end shunted 2005 car and was there when it was removed. The engine was then soda blasted and painted silver to make it look nice and new. I also acquired a brand new rocker cover in the lovely unmarked crinkle red which I have fitted with new oem gaskets and seals. I have removed the sump and had a baffle plate welded in. This is currently not refitted but I will do this using the genuine Honda sealant which I have also bought. All of the ancillaries are included too which have been removed from the engine including starter motor, alternator, Flywheel, clutch, inlet manifold etc. I am also including the following: A brand new TTS bottom mounted supercharger kit which has all brackets, pulleys and belt. I do NOT have the rotrex supercharger itself though. This was £810 inc vat. Quaife S2000 to type 9 bell housing (long shaft I believe) £600 A spare damaged S2000 engine which I bought from my local Honda dealer. The car it was removed from had sucked in water from a flood. I believe it has bent the rods but can not confirm this. My plan was to build a 2.3 stroker engine out of it. I am looking for £4750 for the lot. Thanks. Tom
  5. Hi. Due to a change in circumstances I am selling my brand new Elite il200 box. I’ve bought this to go on my S2000 engine. I’ve only bought it about 6 weeks ago from Elite but due to a change of plans I’ve got to sell it on. The gear ratios have been chosen to work well with a 3.92 final drive on a vtec engine revving to either 8000 or 9000 rpm but should in theory be perfect for most engines. This is the new Evo2 box with wider gears and the box is rated to 250 Ibft of torque. It only weighs 22kgs. These are £4620 inc vat from Elite. I’m after £3600. These boxes do not come with a bellhousing but these can be ordered separately from Elite. It is a standard type 9 face
  6. Hi, I’ve only just seen this post! That’ll be mine. It’s still being built but should be out for next year. It’s taking a bit of time as I’m doing it as and when I can afford to. I can’t wait to race it!
  7. If the coilovers are stiÍl available I am interested could you tell me the lengths and any photos. I am going to stoneliegh so could collect.

    Regards Matty

  8. Hi. I have a set of unused Protech shocks complete with springs to suit widetrack. These are the single adjustables and the spring rates are whatever Westfield supply for the S2000 kit. Ideally they could be collected from the show at any time as Siltech can bring them along for me. Thanks. Tom £300
  9. Hi. I have a set of FW arches for sale as they are no longer required. They have been fitted onto the bodywork of the car but the car has yet to turn a wheel. They are in perfect condition and ideally could be collected at the show from the Siltech stand. £300
  10. Hi, I have these arches for sale that came with my kit but aren’t required. New and unmarked. Preferably collection from Aylesbury, Bucks but I can send them if really needed but the wife normally sends all our parcels so there may be a few days delay. £70 collected £85 delivered Thanks. Tom
  11. Hi. For sale is a complete set of new widetrack wishbones complete with power flex bushes, camber adjusters and steering rack extensions. They are for collection only from Aylesbury, Bucks. If you have any further questions please call me on 07740948899. £550 Thanks
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