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  1. 5 SUV tyres 205/70 R15 BRIDGESTONE Dueler Condition is Used. I brand new spare with 8.5 mm tread never been used 4 tyres have average 7.5 mm tread all in good condition done aprox 5000 miles from new on our jeep will be taking them off jeep Thursday for off road tyres collection only unless near to me and could meet advertised on e bay and Suzuki jimny site would like £125 for lot I think one is around £70 new ? thanks for looking
  2. Firstly I need to say a big thankyou to ian k (bagpuss) He saw my post about my dash 2 not showing readings correctly and after speeking to me he set me on a journey to sort it out as best he could helping me with my limited knowledge I purchased the car in October 18 a Honda s2000 with dash 2 with aprox 350 miles from new on the build the car as run perfect but the dash was not showing correct readings I had no software or leads to alter dash2 also no experience at all and was starting to annoy me this is what was basically showing on dash 2 readings 1 gear change was never showing 6 gear on display and 5 th gear was a bitt dogy 2 water temperature was only showing around 68 to 70 fan coming on at 83 ish 3 oil pressure was a reading to me but did not mean anything but was constant reading about 3.0 4 fuel % was showing 2 different values one with the engine running and one with the engine just ignition on , also the % were miles out making me paranoid about running out of fuel so carrying a spare gallon for emergency’s also drained fuel in car then filled car from empty and then every ½ gallon registering percent on gauge to see how much was in tank corresponding to the percentage I made a chart and stuck it at side of gauge on car for a bit of reassurance and worked on a 35 mpg consumption After several pm messages with ian k (bagpuss ) first job was to run a new earth cable to chassis from sender unit to give the fuel readings more consistent reading with the ignition on and the car running Ian says its noise down the cable so re earth a second wire This was done and the readings nearly the same result number 1 Then Ian told me how to recalculate the pulses from the wheel pick up on the dash 2 using the 4 buttons , to make the speedo read true and was checked with a separate gps on a run out this. was accurate and this also then made the gear change display perfect result 2 We then talked about temperatures and oil pressure and putting the dash 2 reading from % for fuel to gals To do this I needed dash 2 software on my laptop A 9 pin usb adaptor lead with driver to plug dash 2 under dashboard into my laptop A config file So again ian explained in detail how to load the software after sending it to me And a config file he had made for his s2000 And basically loading it onto my car via laptop The display values have all now changed and I have a display showing gallons on the fuel display and after filling with ½ gallon fuel increments its pretty near on the gauge on dash 2 Temperature showing fan cutting in at 89 instead of 83 a bit more realistic I still have to check car on a run on water temperatures it was 70 on average before showing it low but car was fine just display not reading right I may get out later this week to finalise all readings when car is running and up to temp so any update will be done its great to have readings now that are of a better values and a fuel guage that works again big thanks ian k (bagpuss) helping people with problems on the forum what a great guy thanks john
  3. the Barnsley boys went out well des and debs john and Jacky we had a run out to Friday Thorpe near to Bridlington what a grand day got sun burnt on head we could not afford any cake and buns and shared a coffee between us picture of glen eating cake again last time I saw him at Stoneleigh he was eating cake your going to need more horsepower to lug him around hope you all had a great day like we had now going home for a bread and butter sarni well there's no butter thanks john
  4. I ian just tried sending pm I composed it but it says you cannot receive pms ! thanks john tried again and now I think its sent my computer is on its way out sorry john
  5. sorry about the unintensioned hi jack I have a mazda diff also my fuel % is way out and had to make a card to look at at side of guage it reads different when car is running and car is turned off only so I emptied fuel and filled it in till full recorded the % when ignition on then ran car and recorded this all way till full this is my readings the off section is car turned off % ignition 0n % section is the dash 2 reading gals section is fuel I put in aprox to do test miles is aprox miles I will get say on the percentage but that's when car driving the off is has you can see different to running values so I think my dash 2 was set up not right and need sorting I will give you pm bagpuss thanks for everyone's time
  6. I have a problem with my gear selector display Honda engine dash 2 speedo pickup on front wheel display only works correctly in first 4 gears usually then could be in 5th gear but saying 4 also hardly ever says 6 gear when in 6 but it says I am in 5th gear unfortunately I do not have the software has I got it second hand and tried the last owner to get all the stuff for the dash 2 software etc but with no joy I have a port on drivers side on a cable under dash to connect a lap top into I believe that's what it is but that's all I know, any help for me as well thanks john
  7. looks like with it been cold , tin tops from our end. as well as a boring ride on motorway to show so everyone making there on way down and not meeting at Woodhall services we are meeting up at showground thanks john
  8. I robin just put a post about Sunday down to Stoneleigh meeting at woodhall   m1      9am  ish thanks john and jacky

  9. I have spoken to a few mates with westys on a trip down to show Sunday morning up to now it looks like meeting around 9.00 am at Woodhall services Sheffield south on m1 nothing set in stone about time yet any one wanting to join from any ware please look for any up date on time but need to be around that time also if weather is bad most people will still be meeting and going down in tin tops etc but it looks ok for Sunday up to now Barry and Andrew john and Jacky Steph des and debs thanks john
  10. I robin are you still up for tomorrow at 7 .30 we are going to make one unless you are not please let me know thanks john and jacky
  11. I robin if I can get her backside out of bed we should be there at 7 30 am john and jaky
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