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  1. 4 WAK

    Santa Run, Sun 3rd Dec, Peak District

    I just looked at your outing at weekend hope you have a great time sadly Honda sorn so cannot join you has we have only a 03 focus enjoyed the last run out with you all so may see you next year thanks john and jacky
  2. 4 WAK

    Breakfast in the Peak District, Sun 12th Nov

    thanks for a good day out it was brill we got lost but hay hoow we met again never been round that neck of the woods just a little uneasy about the sun in the eyes and push bikes coming home was great to Glossop on the A 6 got on the main road from Manchester to Barnsley with top still down only to be hit by a shower of salt from a dangler doing 50 coming to the other way sprayed all over us and was fuc pleep pleep off then so when we got home it was dark so needed to jet wash and soap the car down with a flash light on the drive its now in garage drying out with a fire on is it really worth having a nice car round here may has spent on a log cabin in Scotland and chilled out for rest of our life anyway thanks for the day out the breakfast would have killed me but I think we will go again even in the ford focus cos its nice thanks john and jak
  3. I will give you the history of the car for your peace of mind later when I have a bit more time all I can say is its a good nice car you have
  4. i mate you just got a great car I fettled about 5 year ago fitting it with the blacktop and all the nice stuff nice number plate for the car mate wanted to buy it but you bet him thanks john walker any questions give me a pm
  5. sorry mate I sold the car to the guy at Scarborough I fitted the black top and had the omex fitted and made it look nice thanks john walker
  6. i mate its john who you got the car from is there a problem you don't seem to have hade it that long thanks john
  7. 4 WAK

    wanted s 2000

    thanks seen it wak
  8. 4 WAK

    wanted s 2000

    aint got time to build just wan to get in and go thanks john
  9. 4 WAK

    Yorkshire Breakfast Meeting, 16th April.

    we will be in a tin top at 10 tomorrow thanks john and jack
  10. 4 WAK

    Yorkshire Breakfast Meeting, 16th April.

    bbc weather type that in barnsley our lass just come in and said she is going on p*** tomorrow so I will see in morning john
  11. I mate theirs a add on a car for sale a white Westfield 220 hp Duratek

    I looked at this two year ago and its not what's advertised it was a 200 hp bag of ****

    smashed underneath with racing down track from his house to road and a convicted drug dealer

    I know its nothing to doo with me but warn other peoples thanks john

  12. 4 WAK

    Yorkshire Breakfast Meeting, 16th April.

    I mate looks bad with the weather not a Westfield day will be in tin top all been well not too much cider tonight but where do you go on a bad rainy day Easter will be full of garden centre visitors thanks john can I pm you
  13. 4 WAK

    Westy bonnet lock kit wanted

    I have had 2 Westfield's with these locks on and are rubbish better with rubber clip type the cam lock system when the bonnet is warm or cold is a dog to shut thanks jw
  14. 4 WAK

    wanted s 2000

    so where is the car I can buy off you all I am Shure if your wife looked at this add you would be sacked into not selling or no sleepy times together only the hard core wife's would stop a sale explained above thanks john lets face it new caravan ish motorhome ish the wife's need more than a Westfield play thing
  15. while sitting on the sea front at the discovery centre on the isle of bute Scotland a westy bike engine went buy us island only small who was it thanks john walker

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