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  1. McFrancis

    Ready for the next financial crash?

    A short seller has to borrow some stock (shares) say from a pension company. The pension compay wants to keep the shares long term. When the short seller borrows the shares they will pay a bit to the pension company, and promise a date when the pension company will get them back. At this point the pension company is happy as they have a bit of extra cash for doing nowt. The short seller can now sell the shares to someone else. Now comes the scary bit, they have to hope that the price will drop before they have to buy them back from another source. It can fail sometimes in spectacular style. Porsche famously turned over the hedge funds by owning all the devalued VW stock. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/transport/3281537/Porsche-and-VW-share-row-how-Germany-got-revenge-on-the-hedge-fund-locusts.html
  2. McFrancis

    How long to lose a license......

    When we were 17 my mate lasted 8 days after passing his test, before a horrendous crash followed by losing his licence. I always thought that was a record. I went in the car with him only once, we travelled from my house and were going to the local town, it was petrifying, at the first junction he stopped and I jumped out, it turned out to be a good move. 2 days later, he plus 3 of my friends and 2 people in the other car were in hospital.
  3. McFrancis

    Autocar top 10

    Well it looks like we've made it into the top ten, https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/best-cars/top-10-best-lightweights we can now debate whether the other cars on this list should be there.
  4. McFrancis

    Removing exhaust manifold

    Thank you all, the final answer was to jack up the engine and remove the mount plus some of the water pipes. Now bricking it about putting it back in a few weeks. Now showing my general ignorance, does anybody know what the black part of the engine to the right of the dip stick and under the exhaust outlets.
  5. McFrancis

    Handbrake warning light

    My handbrake light was not working and it turned out the handbrake switch had got stuck in the down position. It turns out all it needed was a squirt of WD40 to free it up.
  6. McFrancis

    Removing exhaust manifold

    Should have said, zetec 1800. I've got the silencer off, I'm just struggling to manipulate the other half out the engine bay.
  7. McFrancis

    Removing exhaust manifold

    Before I lose any more blood, pull my hair out or lose my mind, is it possible to remove the exhaust manifold without removing the engine first. I'm removing the body to give the chassis a winter touch up of the magical POR15. Any top tips on how to get the manifold out?
  8. McFrancis

    Indicator pods

    Full working order, I can also include the connector blocks if you wish. £30.
  9. McFrancis

    Ducted nose cone - ZK

    Has anybody got a ducted nose cone and/or the internal ducting sitting around? If you have and you'd like to sell it me, drop me a line. Thanks Chris
  10. McFrancis


    I got mine done at Automek in East Kilbride https://automek.org. They seemed pretty good, car definitely felt better after it had been done. Also the exotica in the car park was well worth the entrance fee.
  11. McFrancis


    I fitted Yokohama ADVAN AD08R 195/50 V 15 earlier this year and have been very happy with them. Had a cracking run to Ballater and back yesterday, part of the run was damp and had no bother with them. The tread has a nice pattern too, which also scores high in my book.
  12. McFrancis

    Hood Trim Extrusion Broken

    The previous owner of my car made this neat little clip thar hooks over the screen and the plastic top frame, to hold the hood down.
  13. McFrancis


    Thank you to everyone for the advice and contacts I'll take these forwards and hopefully be back on the road soon.
  14. McFrancis


    A BMW 1 series had a go at reshaping the front of my car this morning. Definitely needs a new nose, and the bonnet is also damaged where it was pushed back. Anyway it all going through the insurance so no problem there. I've been asked to either take it to a garage I know to get a quote or agree a cash in lieu. Has anybody had experience or this type of negotiation with an insurance/claims company, and do you have any advice?
  15. McFrancis

    Small in car toolkits

    I have an Oxford motorcycle tool kit, it is about the size of a softback book. http://www.oxfordproducts.com/motorcycle/brands/oxford/workshop/oxford_tool_kit_pro/?PHPSESSID=kipooncfevpkedcsddueoc6cv1

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