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  1. McFrancis

    Hood Trim Extrusion Broken

    The previous owner of my car made this neat little clip thar hooks over the screen and the plastic top frame, to hold the hood down.
  2. McFrancis


    Thank you to everyone for the advice and contacts I'll take these forwards and hopefully be back on the road soon.
  3. McFrancis


    A BMW 1 series had a go at reshaping the front of my car this morning. Definitely needs a new nose, and the bonnet is also damaged where it was pushed back. Anyway it all going through the insurance so no problem there. I've been asked to either take it to a garage I know to get a quote or agree a cash in lieu. Has anybody had experience or this type of negotiation with an insurance/claims company, and do you have any advice?
  4. McFrancis

    Small in car toolkits

    I have an Oxford motorcycle tool kit, it is about the size of a softback book. http://www.oxfordproducts.com/motorcycle/brands/oxford/workshop/oxford_tool_kit_pro/?PHPSESSID=kipooncfevpkedcsddueoc6cv1
  5. Great run, and fantastic weather, it is still warm here in sunny Dunblane. Really nice to meet you all. Thanks for organising the run (and the weather) Bob. Chris
  6. Please could you put me down for a place. As a first timer, roughly how does the day play out? Chris
  7. McFrancis


    I recently used the same DRL controller. I kept all the wiring near the fuses on the scuttle, as I used one of the live feeds as the main 12v feed so that the lights came on with the lignition, and the feed from the side lights to dim the DLRs. Earthed it to the earth point behind the engine and finally cable tied the box to the chassis by the earth. I also used a connector block from the out wires to the DLRs so that I could easily disable them if I had any MOT issues.
  8. McFrancis

    Westfield POD

    Yes I saw the same article, I was just saying to the kids that I'd rather go in the Westfield than a pod, and then in the next shot the kids were pointing out that it was a Westfield! I still think I'd prefer my car.
  9. McFrancis

    New floor.

    I need to replace my floor as the existing floor has suffered from cathodic corrosion. Does anybody know what spec of aluminium is best, ie the 4 digit number and the thickness. Also can you recommend a place where I can purchase some in central Scotland. Thanks.
  10. McFrancis

    Non-Westfield build

    Really enjoying reading your build, it is absolutely fascinating, and as a person who has only just bought their first Westfield I'm in awe of your engineering ability.
  11. I'm a new member and need a Westfield! 


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