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  1. Davidjohnson

    Rx8 to ecoboost

    Ye my bad it's the 1.6 I've bought. Wasn't aware about chassis mods so good to know.
  2. Davidjohnson

    autosport show 2018

    I'm there Thursday too see you all there.
  3. Davidjohnson

    Rx8 to ecoboost

    Has anyone done a rx8 to ecoboost install on here. I have most of the parts now but a bit stuck on the clutch mechanism. I understand I use type 9 clutch arm but unsure on other bits. Thanks
  4. Noticed your car in this years wscc calender
  5. Davidjohnson

    Aero screen / aa windshield wanted - advice?

    Mine had a windscreen and I couldn't find an aeroscreen that covers the windscreen holes. I ended up fitting a carbonNV Aero and putting stickers over the bottom hole not covered. Hope that helps a bit. No idea on AA screens.
  6. Davidjohnson

    3.9 open diff £80

    Taken from My old tiger Avon before replacing with a 3.38. Good working condition. £80 Could list but won't be cheap. Can leave near Doncaster or meet Leeds or my house near Skipton.
  7. Has anyone got any laying around. I'm building up a zetec blacktop for winter but seem to have lost my old injectors. Thanks David
  8. Cash is fine and anytime is fine for collection.
  9. 1.8 zetec engine 55k miles £60 engines stored with plugs and are free so not seized. Been turned regularly in storage. 2 sets of Sierra uprights with calipers £100 need refurbishment but bearings look OK. Also 1 spare caliper so has 5 calipers. 2 Sierra columns and wheels with indicators and 1 cowling £50 the lot. 3.9 diff open Sierra good Condition £80
  10. Davidjohnson

    4 X 205 60 13 A046 £100

    Can you keep them for when I pass next. Going to keep the car not had that much interest but more tyres would be good. Just having engine rebuilt again with bigger Pistons for more power with less boost And new remote oil pump
  11. Davidjohnson

    5 point TRS harness pair for sale

    Yes they are and all clip in fixings.
  12. Davidjohnson

    5 point TRS harness pair for sale

    With a new project started I have a few parts for sale. See below the harnesses. £60 posted please. Came from a car with roll cage attachments then used in my tiger avon for a while. Couldn't get rid of the comfy leather seats from the westfield so never used on the Westy. Thanks for looking

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