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  1. Nick Mace

    No questions is a stupid one! This comes close.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding! Yes, I’ve got a mono team too and it is a solid bit of kit.
  2. Nick Mace

    No questions is a stupid one! This comes close.

    280mm is a smaller diameter than the IVA wheel (300mm I think), so it will make the steering heavier (effectively it's like using a higher gear if you see what I mean).
  3. Check that you haven't blown one of the blanking plugs off the intake manifold. Mine backfired and did that and it took me ages to work out what the problem was. I put jubilee clips on them after that.
  4. Nick Mace

    Car stuck in tree.

    No doubt special branch will be investigating this one
  5. Nick Mace

    Cobra 427 Build

    Hear hear. I for one am enjoying it enormously. I suspect most people are lost for words!
  6. Nick Mace

    Engineering excellence at its best

    Great! My son loves Colin Furze videos. So far we have made a remote firing mechanism for a Nerf gun, but he really wants to make a pulse jet...
  7. Nick Mace

    How long to lose a license......

    I grew up in Guernsey (top speed limit of 35 mph). A school friend of mine rolled his VW polo after hitting a kerb not long after passing his test. The headline in the local paper was "Too Fast Too Soon". Needless to say that article, which the rest of us took as a euphemism, was cut out and pinned on the sixth form common room wall. It still gets mentioned 26 years later.
  8. Nick Mace

    A question for any electricians in the house!

    Environmentally friendly poltergeists who go round switching lights off when not being used could be the answer to global warming. I could certainly do with one in my house...
  9. Bad luck on the fail, but it's good that everything else was OK. I nearly failed because of the brake balance issue. The inspector kindly encouraged me to go and drive like a hooligan around the industrial estate where the IVA test centre is to get some heat in the brakes. He then re-ran the brake test and it passed. As Dave says, I think the issue is getting the brakes bedded in properly, but it's hard to do that pre-registration unless you can get the car on private property. Hopefully WF's proposed solution will work.
  10. Nick Mace

    So far

    The other wire goes to earth (if I'm thinking of the same one as you...).
  11. Nick Mace

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    If you replace the washing machine with a beer fridge it would be perfect...
  12. Nick Mace

    fancy one of these

    A chap I know is building a plane. It’s a modern take on a wooden plane with a doped canvas covering - really basic stuff. His fuselage is made from aluminium tube. There is no kit - I think all he has is a plan and a pile of tube which he bought. I think he’s mad!
  13. Good advice from AdgeC. You may need to trim the steering rack so that you have enough adjustment. Otherwise, you may find that you still have too much toe out even after you've done the maximum adjustment. It's possible (if a bit awkward) to cut the rack whilst it's in the car so don't feel you need to take too much off in one go. As AdgeC says - you can't put it back on!
  14. With the “spats” on the FW body, the headlight nut is a pig to get to. I nearly failed my IVA because of headlight alignment and the inability to do the nut up. If you can do the adjustments and get them rechecked before IVA that would be a good idea. You should also practice a method for doing the nut up in case you need to tweak the alignment on the day. Good luck!
  15. Nick Mace

    C type project

    It's a work of art. You must be chuffed to bits!

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