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  1. Mickwesty325

    SOLD!!!! Westfield ZZR1400

  2. Mickwesty325

    SOLD!!!! Westfield ZZR1400

    Would take £10500 cash. Need room for new car
  3. Mickwesty325

    SOLD!!!! Westfield ZZR1400

  4. Mickwesty325

    Drive train power loss

    It wasn’t the weather for Westfield’s this morning so I cancelled. Weather been clear a week as well, but woke up to frost this morning then sleet snow this afternoon. Pretty frustrating. Hopefully have mate race shuttle next week so weather won’t be a issue.
  5. Mickwesty325

    Drive train power loss

    My mate has offered me his Radical SR3 for a price I can’t refuse. He’s selling all his toys to start up new business venture. I’m gutted to be selling the Westy before I got proper use out of it on track, but at same time I’m totally buzzing to get the SR3. Rubbish time of year to sell but my mate needs rid of Radical ASAP so need to release some funds, not to mention room in garage.
  6. Mickwesty325

    Megablade ZZR1400

    Usual spider cracks on cycle wings but apart from that the bodywork is very good for track car
  7. Mickwesty325

    Megablade ZZR1400

    https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Westfield-Megablade-ZZR1400/222722070888?hash=item33db451968:g:hRsAAOSwovNaDdEW Change of plans, means I need room in garage. Sad to see it go as I’ve never had a chance to use it. Reserves set a 12k but I’ve got nearly 20k in it. Spend over 10k in past 18 months with receipts to prove. But as I most of you guys know on here building/modifying these cars is a expensive hobby of which you never see the money spend back again. Really fast reliable car for money in my opinion.
  8. Mickwesty325

    Drive train power loss

    Billet sump kit fitted. It’s really nice piece of kit. It doesn’t protrude below floor, I have flat floor fitted for aero........not sure what good it does on these car tho. http://www.kitcarparts-scotland.co.uk/zzr14-billet-sump-kit/ Bike engine bays are ugly in my opinion, but I’ve tried by best the keep it bearable to look at.
  9. Mickwesty325

    Drive train power loss

    Yeah, unfortunately it’s just a standard rolling road but it’s just to finely tune the remap. It will be interesting to see what it makes. Time will tell tho.
  10. Mickwesty325

    Drive train power loss

    Well dyno day tomorrow in order to finely tune fueling map via Woolich Racing software. Must say I’m a bit nervous to see what power the 2015 ZZR1400 lump makes in my westy. It’s turned out to be a very expensive conversation in the end and I know for a fact I could’ve had 200bhp busa conversation for nearly half the money. Anyways, lesson learned.......maybe. I know they make roughly 210bhp in the bike in standard trim (ram air). But I’m hoping for at least 200bhp in my car. The question is tho, what kind of power do you lose through the transmission. I’ve no reverse box fitted and just the propshaft straight in to 3.14 7” Quaife Diff. Is there rule of thumb percentage wise when it comes to BEC?
  11. Mickwesty325


    Just a quick 1, I don’t seem to be able to post topics. When I select topic the only topic highlight is membership info. Is there something I’m missing? Thanks in advance
  12. Mickwesty325

    XTR2 on PistonHeads used for 3 hours since the build

    This car has been for sale for years, I believe it's owned by a member of the band Travis (so the salesman said). I enquried about it back in march 2015 whilsts considering Radical SR3...........these cars are not Radicals!!!!! But I guess you get what you pay for. However I can confirm this XTR2 is in mint condition, I just couldn't justify the 20k price tag when I had the option of a 2008 Radical SR3 for the same money.
  13. Mickwesty325


    Anyone had any dealings with Aerodynamix lately? I'm struggling to get any response via email or phone. I heard the company had changed hands so maybe I've got the wrong contact details.
  14. Mickwesty325

    2017 westfield sport 250 SOLD.

    Cracking car that for the money. I wish I was in a position to buy. Scary to think I've got that kinda money in my car aswell........much prefer to own this 1. I'm sure you'll have no problem selling it. Good luck
  15. Mickwesty325

    Front Splitter

    I must say I prefer the look of that 1. Can I ask how much? Does he have a website? Cheers Mick

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