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  1. Hi, Sorry for the slow reply. The gear knob was on the gear lever when I purchased the gearbox, so I don't know where it came from. I've just checked and no makers name on it. Sorry I can't be much help. Gary
  2. Yes, looking forward to getting some miles on it.
  3. Hi, A bit of 'tinkering' today. Fitted the side screens and mirrors. If the roads are dry tomorrow I'm going to try and get out for a bit!
  4. Just caught up with this. great thread @KugaWestie keep it up! Gary
  5. Really enjoyed my run out in it this afternoon. The crossflow hauls it along a treat!
  6. Thought I would try some different seat configurations, as a I have the original bench seats. Prompted to do this by the post from @nice_guy looking for a car that the description fits mine in many ways. Hadn't thought much about selling it just yet , but there's always that next project! If I decided to sell it, how on earth to I price it? Also fitted the screen, and also tried it without the headrests. Sure I'll settle on the best combination eventually.
  7. If you get over your fear of aluminium, here's a picture with the windscreen and bench seats!
  8. Hi Stephen, @Marto303 is in Milton Keynes.
  9. Loved it! Still grinning now, but I have been out again. Just had to turn the rear dampers up a couple of clicks, but all good other than that. Down side of fitting inner wings on the rear, had to take the boot box out to get at the dampers! Cheers Gary
  10. Thanks all, and thanks to @Marto303 for the stunning paintwork! I think I'll fit the standard screen as I have one, but I think brooklands aero screens would suit it. Might possibly change between the two. I couldn't fit the screen until the rear wing were in place as I need to position the side screens, which will give me the position of the screen, there are no reference point on the scuttle. Had a little run round some local lanes, nothing fell off! managed a little squeal from the tyres changing to second, which added to my grin. Gets a bit exciting above 50 with no screen or helmet!
  11. Panels on the car and ready for its maiden voyage.
  12. Great to see you back on it. Gary
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