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  1. maurici

    Wheels, tyres, ARBs - biggest gain?

    Car have to be half driveable too... I cant see a track westy in a sprint event being "competitive" with T1R, 15 and without any ARB to control the weight transfer... Seat time and tuition is a MUST, but a decent set of 13" sticky rubbers and AT LEAST a front adjustable ARB will make a difference, and the car will be slightly more in pace. Tyres are not so important for tuition, as you won't probably use your set of competition tyres for training purposes, but ARB should be IN before trying to understand the car's behavior. (just an opinion though)
  2. maurici

    front wishbones

    I bought lower rallyedesign wide track lowers to replsce my damaged westfield ones. Decent quality and quite cheap. I seem to remember they dont use standart bushes, they were 1mm smaller. @AdamR should be able to confirm it as he had to play with the lathe to turn them down.
  3. maurici

    WSCC @ Three Sisters Sprint - 29th July

    Can I then drive your westy? :P
  4. maurici

    Westfield Carbon silencer; best polish?

    really interesting read. My car have loads of unprotected (UV) carbon... and despite I´ve never beed bothered at all of how the car looks and I don´t have any milking whitening on any of my panes, I would be really really pleased if I could keep them like this as long as i can (providing I´m not crashing and making a carbon fest against the wall, witch happens very often). I may be useles... but I can´t find the product. Would yo be so kind to link it here? Thanks Maurici. Edit... Really you stor the car outdoors? Not even I would be confortable with my westy outdoors... cover or not. XD
  5. And the Ebay seller you just asked... was myself. Thanks good you didn't bough them straight away. I totally forgot I put them there. Sorry, I've canceled the Add.
  6. maurici

    Feliz cumpleaños al loco mallorquín

    Ohhh I missed that! Thanks guys!! Yep. the weather is really good!!
  7. maurici

    XE Cam cover Baffle Needed if dry sumped?

    Mines is gone out fairly easily...
  8. maurici

    XE Cam cover Baffle Needed if dry sumped?

  9. As per title really. I've searched a lot and there is mods for RWD cars... and so... but I couldn't understand really the function. Situation: XE Dry sumped with ALL the breaders in the cam cover blanked. From my understanding, this baffle is basically to prevent oil spill trough the breather in certain conditions, so... if my breathers are blanked, can I live without this thing? @Arm maybe you have an straight answer? Anyone else? Thanks, Maurici.
  10. maurici

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    its allways a pleasure to see this nice machine... Even that we all know that is the right car with the wrong wings...
  11. maurici

    Whats yours called and why!

    Mines is called Frankie... but I never refer to her like this. Why? well... Back in Spain, owning an MK and being part of a club called Lighweight maniacs... we was following UK forums and sharing amusing or interesting content between us for a laught. When @AdamR started all the technical treads developing the car, we used to follow them and call her Frankie... because it looked chunky, fast and aggressive. (like Dr Frankenstein monster) I never thought I would end buying the car several years later.
  12. maurici

    Our trip to Wales - lots of pictures

    Nice picture!! Next time I need to go to the hairdresser before the photo session!!
  13. maurici

    TRACKDAY - Anglesey June 7th Javelin

    Yeah sorry... im too lazy to edit a video
  14. maurici

    TRACKDAY - Anglesey June 7th Javelin

    Thanks for the pics!!! I'll share my funny momments many thaks Adam!! I can't erase the smile of my face!!
  15. Sold pending jimbo return from hollidays :P

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