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  1. maurici


    I could be one big voucher against the Pay-to-post rule... But after a few years I actually I've found it the way to be to be honest... It warrants you a minimum ammount of "b ull s hit" in the forum, (even when I am one of the polemics ones sometime...) the advice is given by a club member, that means zero intention of trolling, That doesn't warrants you 100% accurate advice, but is a start when no trolls are allowed. and has some cool adventages. There is no year when I have not returned the "club's fee" on discount on insurances, or some good deals on buying or selling stuff from sponsors or from this same forum. Just sign in!! its worth it!
  2. maurici


    Cheers guys! See you in A then!
  3. maurici

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    Mark, John, Terry... I´ve been one of the strong moaners here... not for the prizes but for technical content that I disagree. Anyway that is going to be my last intervention in this topic. First of all, none of the opinions written here, have to be taken personaly nor against the person behind the lines. I'm firmly convinced that we could still sit toguether and drink beers and have a nice time regardless of the outcome of the regulations or if I enter again or not. At least, I would be fine with it... If you guys don't and want to take it personally, let me know to don't look like a fool when I come to say hello. From this same lines, sorry for any over-excitement I may have had in public. I may be really unfortunate, because is the second time in a row that as the regs come out, they throw my plans over the floor, hence my really big frustration. I want to point out though... that after all, working for free, doensn´t warrants acceptance, and if the people moan, and have feelings is because they wanted to be part of, but they feel somehow left out due changes, point of views, or opinions of other competitiors. However, appears that having a sayt o try to be included, hurts feelings. Again sorry, wasn´t the intention... but with some answers from the SSOT, appears that the position is "if you don´t like, don´t come and be silent" rather than value any others comments. At the end, you work for free folks, we somehow support the series too, and we choose to support this ones rather than the other similar club ones... and for some of us, simple workers is really, really expensive and needs a lot of plan ahead. So... without organising team, there is no competition, without competitors, there is no need of organising team. Is a quid pro quo where everybody gives their best to make the speed series happen, so frustration from one side, or the other or even boths, is to be expected and is completely understandable. I have loads of Ideas, most of them crazy some of them realistic to try to improve stuff and attract new people... at the end, Im a newcomer, you are stablished guys, and we need each other to keep this going, but, It´s been left clear that here is not the place to talk. As a constructive point of view... I would leave this year´s regulation as they are. It is probably too late unless you withdraw them and make a copy paste of last year´s ones as they were, but you won´t probably come with nothing better under an even bigger pressure and more hurry that when the first draft was published... but would be a very very good thing for everybody, to do a public consultation of whatever the regs are this year, and fully open them to debate. Then, someone no byased, should analize the topic at midyear, and try to agree a draft that covers most of the opinions (with sense) and publish it well ahead of the end of the season, so every one knows what they have to do as soon as they come back from anglesey in october. It Would probably be much more constructive that listening chit chat in the padock where no newcomers will be represented for example, or having to deal with over excited people just here when the regulations come out too late. Who knows me well will know that I´m not a good politician but really passionate and creative... and some times I get carried away. I´ve organized stuff as a volunteer in the past and I know how frustrating is hearing continuous complains from the others, so, to make up a bit my complains, I offer my help to the SSOT if they are understaff for the future, if that means that more people can be heard and more people can feel included in the series... witch, correct me if I´m wrong, is the whole point of it. Cheers. Maurici.
  4. maurici

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

  5. maurici

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    Well @Marto303 we have written the same at the same time... must be true!! Xd
  6. maurici

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    @SimonRad Dont be put off by this. You wont take anything good from a yorkshirer an spanish and a bunch of upset people arguing behind a keyboard. If that was in the pub with beers the tone and the arguments, would be much more relaxed even telling the same. The only one great thing that cant be denied is that the atmosphere and the banter in the Speed Series, is great, and once there, everyone is up for a laught all of the guys are really suportive when it comes to help. If you want to go there, and you are not fused about results and you want to have fun... leave the boardroom aside, as in the real life, everybody is quite easy going and fairly different from here. Even I am quite nice...
  7. maurici

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    Sorry. Too son for jokes? Forget it.
  8. maurici

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    Curious... I thought I've quotet it from your comment replying to Roz.. Anyway. Good thing. I was already preparing some templates to take measurements in the padock...
  9. maurici

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    If this is enforced as it says here it means wiping out cass A and B... I'm sure you don't want to quote the paragraph as is...
  10. maurici

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    @John Is my car, my budget and my time so I choose the method as long as is legal. If you, suddently find that is not prior 10 weeks to the start of the season, you are giving me very little choice. Method 1- Do a taylor made fiberglass seat - Too expensive, too time consuming, and the base needs to be foam anyway... so would't be compilant either as won't be fully fixed as per terry suggestions Method 2- Buy a full roll cage. (witch I eventually will, but I can't right now, nor have the time to fit it). Method 3 (not accepted by WSSOC)- Do a taylor made foam seat alike as a Caterham S3 academy (and many other cars), Inexpensive, I already bought the material and done a few satisfying trials is a perfectly valid solution that suddently 10 weeks prior the first meeting you deciede not to accept over-regulating the roadgoing classes. (C'mon, I even have a full passenger seat fitted). Any other method? Ah yeah. We can also strip half car to do lowered floors, or, I can just move to a superior class unmodifying my car, just to be in the very same class in the event day? For the sake of it?
  11. maurici

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    3 participants by not allowing the Bag seat witch is a perfectly valid MSAuk solution as seen in MANY other series... just because... I don't know, they have their own way of reading the blue book. Had the B&B already booked for anglesey and plannig blyton 3 sisters and aintree... and got plans to go out at least at 8 meetings this year. Obviously, another club is getting my entry witch is a shame.
  12. maurici

    Wilwood break upgrade (disc size)

    Yep, Ex @AdamR, and then Ex Mines... was absolutely fine in the ring with 245mm solid disks... with decent pads lapin under 8 with its current owner in several laps stints... If you are overheating the brakes in Nurburgring, in all honestly, you are doing something wrong... or something in the car is wrong. I've been doing laps in 9.20 BTG with a BMW 320D with supermaket pads... and had no problem at all. In a trackday... even better, After doing the full straight the brakes are stone cold when arriving to Start finish line, so is like a re-set.... Start with the basics that will help to keep the weight down... you will not get dissapointed.
  13. maurici

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    TO be fair, I think It haven't. Its been a (good) try to restrain the freedom of the roadgoing cars, witch is fair enough, but It haven't been contemplated the implications. Cars have to be fully compilant with a FULL MOT, and be according with SVA-IVA (as per Bluebook really). Ok then, Any of the cars that doesn't use a IVA friendly Steering wheel, that has a front splitter, or that has removed all the edge trimming, is technically non MOT compilant... but, still, every MOT station (and anyone with an inch of forehead) will oversee this "because kit car". But regulations on hand, they have wiped out the elegibility of any previous car that has been in the roadgoing classes before. As Adam has pointed out, A full mot (not only daylight mot) will wipe also most of the TT, At least the ones that have been records and no calculated, as the "roadgoing" clasees have been quite often widely intepreted, we have had a lot of cars without lights, passenger seats... echo... Lighter cars. Basically, a competitive roadgoing car has very often been "the best it can be borderline passing an MOT adding a few bits here and there" (something that I've been strongly against despite it was going against myself). There is a whole lot of implication behind this wording... Including the Westfield supplied or GRP seats that wipe out straight away any alternative material for the driver seat. (that has been understood that isn't the intention, and I gess will be re-worded). Regulating is not easy AT ALL... particularly when there is a bunch of nunneys like us waiting to deciede to enter o not depending of the regulations and the target times ready to fight for anything that doesn't fits our car... let alone when it does alters the whole class where we expected to enter... I get how difficult it is, and trust me, I kinda feel bad being here jumping to debate any change... but ****, i'm being unlucky. Last year changes, messed with all my competition plans and when feedback was heard and eventually ammended, was too late... At least Me and @BCF were lost in the process, who knows if someone else. This year is catched me with a new car, and with an already bought twin component expanding foam seat kit... just to find I won't be allowed to go out with this, messing with my budget and compromising again going out this year. Well. This year, won't happen again. Will do my plans aside the WSS, and if there is enough justification to get involved later on with the WSS, I will, if not, I won't. Fortunately, alternative clubs have very similar calendars for what I would requiere. So don't rush for me. The rule doesn't needs clarification anymore, and if you want to wipe again the "hotline" question, do it. I don't want to make you work or even doble think just to find out I'm not entering at the end. When changing a rule, is important to contemplate any scenarios, nunneys included. With the current wording in the Regs, If I was checking elegibility I could wipe out every single A and B car using a 30 degree cone. That was true with the previous wording tho..., but nobody had wiped out a component for non being SVA / IVA compatible... we appear to do an exception now with the seats. *Edit: Cash prices are nice... If you are first, second and third... and 6th... maybe are relevant... but this won't Made the participation any higher, and won't attract any novice. What I can see... is that the people with pretty much endless budget, competing with 25k cars, 50k motorhomes and 10k trailers, will have few hundred quid to bring the wives out for a dinner. Not that they need it. Not a club spirit really. Measures to attract participation? Adam is made a nice suggestion. Here is another one: Take the £1400 you are going to share and made the SS for free, subject to 5 participations. If you don't attend to 5 meetings, then you pay your admin fees. Then, share any "profits" with a raffle with motorsport material or vouchers... People will go great lenghts to make their free SS entry worthy, regardles of having to spend 20 times said entry fee to make it work... At the end, entrants already are paying members, isnt it? A very dedicated novice with a very competitive car and decent skills may achieve realistically what? 7th? 8th overall? so £140 Vs an average of £2.5k season... That won't incline the scales...
  14. maurici

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

  15. maurici

    2019 Speed Series Registration

    It talks about passenger seat arrangements, and only passangers. I dont doubt it wanted to say something different but it doesnt. """Where alternative passenger seats have been fabricated they must have a rigid base & back and be adequately trimmed and padded such that a passenger would not experience any direct contact pressure on the vehicle floor or rear bulkhead."""

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