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  1. Hello! Could I have more pictures of the car? I'm acting on behalf of a mate from spain who is really interested on the car. Cheers. Maurici
  2. Yes absolutely. Im ashamed of asking any money for it as in ebay they are cheap as peanuts (even so, mines is almost new)... Where are you from?
  3. Yes. I do have a polo rad!!
  4. If you are happy to post it, ill have the gun
  5. Agreed. But im not keen on drilling bodywork and have weird air turbulences hitting against the rear bath tub... a simple sheet of aluminium, or even greenhouse policarbonate will do the same, keep rear driveline safe from stones dirt and rubbish... worth to have it (again as undertray... not as a propper diffuser)
  6. I do happen to work with the person who put the caterham at the wind tunnel and I normally service his rally car... I got few additional notes on it, some day will write them at full. But yes, rear diffuser only works as undertray... with all its benefits. but non downforce or lift reduction I'm afrraid. However it had quite a lot of influence on drag.
  7. You ge to work a lot with me in that last bit... you should be excited :P
  8. You are not the first actually sujjesting the bean seat kit. But it is much more expensive and it scares the hell out of me to fack it up and lose about 160 quid... Would you be kind enough to explain the process or link me somewhere to see it?
  9. Absolutely superb. Brilliant. I've had to walk out of the office finishing a few minutes earlier and still droping tears of laughter while walking to the car. It is very well written, yes, but the fact itself is absolutely SUPERB.
  10. Making an expanding foam seat (BAG SEAT) in your seven. Well, I don’t know if this is a common problem or is just me. But I’m a big lad… big… wide whatever, and despite I fit well in most sevens (including narrow and Caterham s3 chasis) I never find a confortable position where I’m completely happy to drive. Aside of that, my torso is proportionally longer than my legs compared with the average population and my preferences for the driving position have been allways more “gt and rallye style” quite erect rather than single seater style… all laid back. This creates me all sorts of problems with the standard off the shelf available seats… head too near to the roll cage, head over the aeroscreen diffusing line, ergonomy problems reaching gear levers and operating pedas confortably for hel-toe driving… so finally opted for a bag seat after many years of fighting with off the shelf seats (I have to say that the JK that I had in my previous car were the best by far, but still not perfect for me). It took me ages to actually bite the bullet and start doing it, but finally it’s been really easy. Total working time, under 3 hours with ZERO experience before. I’ve followed the attached tutorial, I think is quite complete, but I could give you my two cents of experience here after having tied that myself: http://www.sjmmarsh.f2s.com/Caterham/Foam Seat.html I've done it without the insert as I wanted to seat as low as possible. Main two advises here: 1- Use an EXTREMELY BIG bag. Real big. The main danger of a bag seat is the possibility of overflow making a huge mess… so the bigger the better to minimise this risk -t 2- Use good quality foam. It makes a difference of how easy is to mix and how temperature sensitive is to start the reaction. Try to be extremely carefull with the foam, whatever it touches is disposable. Be carefull where you dispose the containers you will use to mix, as the remainders will start to expand and they may make a mess over your workbench. AVOID contact with skin...b - Then… you mask the interior of the car, with a big cloth, cardboard to limit the expansion to the sides, and hard porexpan to approximate you driving position. Mix 300cc of each component, and start the fun. Place it in the bag, wait till start to expand, distribute it by hand where you want to have it and sit. Wait 15 minutes. Get out, check the results and start filling the gaps with smaller amount of mixes. Finally I used 700cc of each component. It’s been a lot of excess that then it’s been cut away. The result is far from being aesthetic at all, but is really confi and the feel is perfect. A hack saw blade works perfect for cutting and trimming. If the bag is left any major kink or crest just sand it down with 80 grain sand paper. All toguether resulted in a 0,9kg seat with a very nice driving position... another plus Finally cover it with gaffer tape. It is a very long and tedious job to have to cover it… but is a must. Now… things I would have done differently: I would have limited the forward expansion… maybe placing the bag further backwards It just expanded way too much to the peal area and I lost quite a lot of foam there. I would have done it with a mate or with the misses… to help to pour and fill the gaps just lifting my butt and back rather than having to go out and estimate where the foam should go. Eventually, being that easy, I’ll do another one during the season correcting all this small mistakes. Find a link to the biggest bags I’ve found on-line. They have been perfect for the purpose. https://www.msar.co.uk/moulding-kits/msar-hd-x-large-seat-moulding-bag.html
  11. I'm working on it... But will be very difficult to get an arrangement on price if that ever happens... Aside of that, there is too much of adam's in the build, and would be like buying half of him... In all honestly, I really doubt this car willk be ever for sale. If ever changes hands won't need an advert, because it would be literally a massive queue of people ready to throw stupid money for it.
  12. I've already spoken in private with Adam... but it must be made public. I shouldn't be too surprised about Adam's skills. I may be one of the lucky persons that have continuouly seen and taken profit from Adams work and untill now, most of it its been really good with amazing bright ideas and brilliant execution, but with this car!! oh my god. EVERYTHING is oustanding. I'm not sure there is anyone else in the world that can afford saying: "Manifold is too expensive, rather make it myself so I get to keep the tools for a little more" and they achieve this result at the first go EVER with a totally new technique of welding! Is absolutely awesome. p.s. I've had to heavily edit the post because the "formal dictionary" of the club forum wasn't happy with my colection of excited words... :P
  13. It looks dodgy, yes, but works well. I may change or paint the juice bottle for something less Kitcar made... but the principle is this one. not the first time I've had to do that... my reverse quife box in my MK had the same issue and ended venting in a shampooo bottle that happened to be in the workshop.
  14. I was. Main problem was location of all the bits I was offered... Where about is this one?
  15. Silver grafa tape is for cooling ducts... dont ask me how i know it. Not really for powertrain... Black tesa tape works good for everything tho... Btw... never ask barny to design anything. He chooses the wrong tape
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