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  1. maurici

    Coolex Radiators Nottingham

    Thanks for the clarification. I wouldnt call "risk" altrough... as is what is being used in OEM mixures out of the manufacturing line... so the DI water itself wont attac the system... is true that wont stay deionized for long... as soon as it hits the metal will get charged. But that happens once... and very little, is not continuously hitting the metals like if it was a new supply like in a DI machine? Again, just half gessing
  2. maurici

    Coolex Radiators Nottingham

    Wow, never heard about a fluid being so pure that damages the instalation... and i suspect has more to do with the deionizing process itself... im not super familiar with the process iself but involves loading current to the water... and water and current in the same application is never good for the hardware, (galvanic corriosions i think are called) but i may have said an stupid thing as i dont really know the process in deepth. Deionized water is the best you can use along with destiled water (but destiled water is harder to get in this country dunno why. In spain is the other way around...) Reason being is that has virtually zero residues solved, and they will not break in solid layers of scale in your engine walls. Depending of where you live, tap water may have a high content of minerals, and this is never good. Edit: Sorry if there is a chemist in the room and ive said something really stupid about the waters... Main point being... is pure and will interact better with the engine leaving less residues.
  3. maurici

    Coolex Radiators Nottingham

    Looks like a nice install, but yes, please, connect the blanked of the rad to the tank... you have a nice air trap there and is never a good idea. As allways I´m late... But you can get OAT in any colour... And actually any Organic antifreeze would be chemically compatible... including the G1xx from volksvagen (I´m just on the process of changing the coolant on all the engine variants we handle...) However, and given that this cars never will see any form of Ice and snow (appart of @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary's car), and will rarely live in a garage with -5 dregrees, I would go for minimal ammount of mixures, and I would always use deionized water... (even better if you just avoid the use of any form of glycol and go for something like Water Wetter or Mocool) with really good anti-corrosion properties, and less shielding for the heat transfer than the Glycol. Just an idea for next winter flush!
  4. maurici

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    Im not sure i want to be humiliated just because... :P
  5. maurici

    Plumbing routing.

    Tupperware (r)... best dry box ever.
  6. maurici

    Plumbing routing.

    That is correct. Strictly speaking the heather tank can feed anywere, and I've designed cooling systems with both hot and cold side connection. However, i normally try to have it connected to the hot side of the circuit and with a significant lenght of hose from the main connection to avoid silly fluctuations on the level when the pump kicks in. Reason being is that relieves the pressure of the circuit much easily if is connected straight away in the hot side, rather than forcing the pressure to run trhough all the system till gets the expansion tank. That will slow the flow and potentially create local overpressures that (in the worst case) can lead to burst. Having said this, I've never bothered re-plumbing any of the kit cars I've had as they worked pretty well despite the plumbing being really far from my preferences. The connecting point itself is not massively relevant as long as like adam has said, it bleeds correctly. Oh. Of course, Adam already said this, but ill remark it as it tends to be forgoten in the Seven world... (amazing how many kit cars, and factory build seven got this wrong... including £50k factory build caterhams...) The coolant level in the expansion tank has to be higher than the higest coolant galery in your head... if not, your head runs dry and... well not need to describe what happens if you dont cool a head.
  7. maurici

    Life after Westy's?

    Come to test drive mines... then deciede. (I dont think is a sensible choice for any kind of track use anyway...)
  8. maurici

    Life after Westy's?

    Just buy another westfield... You are delaying the unavoidable.
  9. maurici

    seat belts

    I do have this ones now... and are the best harnesses I've ever had. Really really conforables and easy to buckle in..... https://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/p/trs-pro-superlight-6-point-single-seater-fhr-only-harness?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=ShoppingUK&utm_campaign=ShoppingUK&vat=on&currency=GBP&gclid=CjwKCAiAt4rfBRBKEiwAC678Kb47tKN_2m2tQrd36_G7f3oOz4VE3JReFz8DuQjpMJkqDLb1UBmP2BoCnKoQAvD_BwE
  10. Is that the famous purpose build that win two championships on a row?
  11. maurici

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    I think it may have more to do with the filling efficiency of every cilinder...
  12. Thanks Andy. all very usefull information that sadly discards the model for me... I've got some information and apparently the model wasnt homologated for towing straight away in UK... despite some Atezza imported models were... Also the roof thing. I do carry a roof box 90% of the time, therefore... is a non going for me... Sad day, as I had my mind decided already, and I'm In the start line again.
  13. maurici

    EBC brake pads

    I dont like you anymore.
  14. maurici

    EBC brake pads

    Thanks Barny. I have some more impressive stuff to show... A set of greens nearly killed me in the alps with an MX5 Mk2 when one of the friction materials decided to divorce from the metal base on the front pads.... Another one: Seat Leon Mk1. Only road and spirited driving usage... 2 weekends out, then see the result: (see pictures) Needed 2 new Seat sport brembo calipers as the yellow bit melted over the pistons and slided trough the seals. I was driving that weekend. And my favourite. Civic... 900 kg, EBC Orange, 3 laps in a very short track at 12 degrees ambient... Definitely, they should be banned from used, either on road or track.
  15. maurici

    EBC brake pads

    My advice never was IGNORE THE CAR... (that is what i would do)... my advice was "check everything because something doesn't adds up..." And to be honest, this was the best advice that was given to that tread, and is the bit here and there you keep forgetting... Everyone got stuck to the point that I do discard a listing with EBC it if I'm looking for something fully developed, witch is not always the case (believe it or not... I buy other cars outside the westfield world, and I've rebuilt from scratch a kit car by myself... not my choice anymore). I never said back there, nor now... "don't buy it, has EBC" I threw and opinion there saying "check everything well as have parts that shouldn't be there if is as good as everyone says". I really think I did a huge spanglish effort to explain that, but no-one saw it, and you keep ignoring it. And is not an small detail. You can't go fast, if you cant brake, therefore, you cant corner fast so who knows how the setup is, and therfore you can't push the engine to the limits, so you don't know if its reliable or if the oil and the coolant will be pipping hot after half a lap, therefore you know nothing about the car because what the listing says isn't true. That is my decision making process if I'm looking for something fully developed. Adam appreciates his life and my friendship... so he won't do that.

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