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  1. Back in spain trailers do have its own reg and MOT too... not keen on that for my own confort... i do mantain well my trailer, and i dont need the annoying yearly appointment to get sagged because the fog light in the trailer wont switch on that day.... But yes... this lack of control makes you see dangerous stuff here in uk
  2. Another busted mith by the way... from today on...
  3. Well @BCF i think you are due to finish the whole story... I did blew a tyre years ago in spain... no drama at all. I didnt actually felt it untill i saw sparks in my rearview mirror.
  4. **** sake. What a massive write up just to tell us you are slower than your car's capabilities... Don't worry mate. You are still faster than me, and I love you the same, a lot, sometimes. P.S. jane was right.
  5. Mike west had an endoscope, and he lent it to the scrutees, but they were asking to take cans out if you wanted to proove it...
  6. Thanks guys. No probs for the delay. Its been a bit chaotic with the layout change.
  7. Curborough circuit has populated his championship results... and the sheet we took is as official as it gets...
  8. My 1968 Omega speed master MK2, (fully original) by the way... mechanical not automatic, has had TWO services on its life... the last one, 13 years ago, when I started to wear it in a daily basis because basically was jamming at 11. After this 13 years It still keeps COC accuracy, (It loses 2 seconds a day consistently)... Some of the Japanese vintage fly-back chronographs I do have, are unopened, and I don't plan to do so till there is a manifested problem with them. I'm talking about watches over 60 years old... Why do you send the watches to service? is because you find problems with them, or is for some sort of "preventive" servicing? Honest curious question here. when I was dealing with watches we always had the believing that an unopened machinery will always be better than a serviced and rebuild one...
  9. @John @tkm_dave... could we please borrow a set of this supersticky rubber you normally use? Will be only for 4 laps or so.... (In case of dave's, two sets of fronts... the rears would never fit)
  10. I told him that if he doesn't hits the FTD i do take the car.
  11. Good post to randomly show off your breitling tho...😅
  12. I don't get the watch winder thing AT all. A watch is a machine, and as a machine, has a limited lifespan. Should be a sealed environment, so the time ageing should be mostly irrelevant... Why have them working? I do have about 35 watches... most of them mechanical, a fairly few, automatic also. I would never consider having them working for the sake of it... When I do have to use them, a quick spin to the manual winder, and a few more in your wrist, and the thing is going. Set the time is a 30 seconds operation if there is calendar to set, 10 seconds if not.
  13. You got it wrong... I AM capable of quick times... even with a fisherprice machine. Just being honest here.
  14. Yes, I moved to the dark side and ma love axle is MEGA stiff now... Semi wide track on the front and Im running 400/225 i think? The car is extremely grippy and the feeling is good in dry. When it rains... is sort of undriveable. However, (not being modest now) I'm driving a fisher price car now compared to what i was used to drive. When I was driving the Beast with 580Kg and 265hp, I ran the car pretty soft, as my skills were pretty far away from the actual car limits. I I had run the car that Stiff, I would have had many problems. My current car, right now is a fisher price version. It is lighter, less powerful, less torquey and with less ultimate speed... and is EASY to drive. That is why I've moved to the stiff side of it, and the car is really good. (is rubbish on the road). is very grippy and is also feels much more aggressive, but, in a way that I'm really comfortable with. So... before going stupidly stiff... be self aware of your skills vs car's capabilities... With all do respects, is a very difficult assessment to do, you always expect to be as good as your car, if not better, but that is NEVER the case.
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