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  1. I'll have them. I'll pm you later.
  2. maurici

    Towing with a NON homologated CAR

    Im actually very happy with my current setup... i do have worthless mk1 mx5 as a daily... and a subaru legacy as a tow car. But that means two cars, two insurances, two road taxes, plus... the hassle that they are quite old, and despite they have been reliable till now... i know ocasionally will broke down and i will have to take care of it. I live lije this because i simpky HATE modern cars. I cant deal with them... electronics and buttons and sensors and **** all aroun the systems... till i felt in love with the beemer. That was a "sensible" solution to have a one for all, new, reliable and with warranty... hassle free for a few years. Buying the beemer and still have to keep the subaru for towing is a nosense... No matter how good can be the beemer, it wont be more fun than the mx5 XD. The only point of all the operation was to go back to a sensible 1 car solution. But clearly... wasnt meant to work.
  3. maurici

    Towing with a NON homologated CAR

    Is actually more a case of marketing rather than capability and testing...
  4. maurici

    Towing with a NON homologated CAR

    That sounds too much hassle when my aim was to buy an almost new car from a bmw approoved and warranted car... not a frankestain. Yes it would be an option, but not what Im actually looking...
  5. maurici

    Towing with a NON homologated CAR

    No option to do that... the 6 cilinder twinscroll turbo is not available in any other car of the series 1 platform. Been considering the 125i instead... but driven one today and is not the same at all. In fact drives like a different car. I gess I'll be stucked with my £1000 cars forever.
  6. maurici

    Towing with a NON homologated CAR

    Yes. A huge shame. BMW in this case, Is lost a sale. I had the finance aproved and pretty commited to chunk an stupid ammount of money (providing that I normaly drive road-cars worth less than a grand) till I asked if I could have the towbar fitted please as a part of the deal. "You can´t tow with this car" was the answer. I can´t really beleave it.
  7. maurici

    Towing with a NON homologated CAR

    I've been told to not bite the hand that feeds you... I love Bentley.
  8. maurici

    Towing with a NON homologated CAR

    Then... I hate BMW from now onwards.
  9. maurici

    Towing with a NON homologated CAR

    Oh, Ok. :( Its hard to beleave that on the country where you can build a car in your yard and make it roadlegal... you can't actually certify a capable car for towing... :) Even in spain were everything is super mega strict we have a way to sort this (paying quite a lot... but we can)...
  10. maurici

    Towing with a NON homologated CAR

    I get that... I'm asking if there is any way to homologate it. I know I can't straight away...
  11. SO! I've driven lately a BMW M135I and I fallen in love with it. Is from a mate in Andorra who have "illegally" fitted a tow bar and uses it to tow his caterham around Europe. Andorra is a bit no-law country. The issue is that the car is NOT homologated for towing, and this is stopping me of buying it. Is the ONLY relatively modern car I've ever driven and loved straight away. Of course, the BMW130 is homologated, and the BMW135I itself have the same fittings for the tow bar, so is merely a marketing Issue. BMW don't bother to go to the certification of some of the sporty versions... saves costs, and helps marketing as you don't se a sporty M135 towing a s***ty caravan or whatever. Then. provided that the car is technically capable of having a tow bar fitted and to actually tow, (same gearbox and suspension scheme, better brakes and better power than 130), Is there any way I could go through an SVA or whatever to homologate the car for this? I did A LOT of reading about it and I couldn't find anything specific about it. Only a mention to the equivalence law... to be able to argue with the insurance, but nothing actually in the DVLa... (please, avoid any answer suggesting going for another car... as that won't happen. I'm very picky with my daily car as... I normally hate the fact of driving washing machines and microwaves... and this is the very first road car in 10 years that made me want it).
  12. maurici

    Wheels, tyres, ARBs - biggest gain?

    Car have to be half driveable too... I cant see a track westy in a sprint event being "competitive" with T1R, 15 and without any ARB to control the weight transfer... Seat time and tuition is a MUST, but a decent set of 13" sticky rubbers and AT LEAST a front adjustable ARB will make a difference, and the car will be slightly more in pace. Tyres are not so important for tuition, as you won't probably use your set of competition tyres for training purposes, but ARB should be IN before trying to understand the car's behavior. (just an opinion though)
  13. maurici

    front wishbones

    I bought lower rallyedesign wide track lowers to replsce my damaged westfield ones. Decent quality and quite cheap. I seem to remember they dont use standart bushes, they were 1mm smaller. @AdamR should be able to confirm it as he had to play with the lathe to turn them down.
  14. maurici

    WSCC @ Three Sisters Sprint - 29th July

    Can I then drive your westy? :P
  15. maurici

    Westfield Carbon silencer; best polish?

    really interesting read. My car have loads of unprotected (UV) carbon... and despite I´ve never beed bothered at all of how the car looks and I don´t have any milking whitening on any of my panes, I would be really really pleased if I could keep them like this as long as i can (providing I´m not crashing and making a carbon fest against the wall, witch happens very often). I may be useles... but I can´t find the product. Would yo be so kind to link it here? Thanks Maurici. Edit... Really you stor the car outdoors? Not even I would be confortable with my westy outdoors... cover or not. XD

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