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  1. maurici

    Car Trailer and Caravan mot's

    In Spain, any caravan/trailer that has a mma over 750kg, needs an MOT, a Registation number displayed along the towing car one, be registered in the "trafic athority" and has its own insurance. From my understanding, that is how it works in most of Europe... and from what I know, if you tow your trailer/caravan in spain without the above, you can be charged with an AMAZING fine... so... be carefull when going to camp to spain!!
  2. maurici

    Diffuser question

    That is a quite repeating topic… that to be hones was solved in an experimental way once for all several years ago when a former sprint competitor and engineer, well known for some of us, took his caterham to MIRA’s wind tunnel. The session wasn’t quite enough to actually find the magical receipt for a seven shaped car, but drawn quite a lot the lines to follow in the future. To add up to Dave’ comments, From memory (I’m too lazy to search the link) those were the outcomes: There is only two ways to improve the aero of seven shaped car: Reduce front lift. Reduce overall drag. Guidelines for front lift limit: Reduce AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE the amount of air going straight under the nose: IE Splitter. CSR style front cycle wings were beneficial to reduce lift straight from the wheel. Front canards around the nose. In fact, some somehow big front wings were done… and at the same time were diverting the air off the turbulent area (wishbones and shocks) so it helped with the drag. Mudflaps should be avoided by all means to avoid front lift Gidelines to reduce Drag. Front cyclye wings as near as possible to the tyre. Side doors/half doors (depends if you are in windscreen or not) Windscreen off Reduce positive pressure in engine bay, wich it means flared sides, limited underside air entrance and NO V8 scoops… Full flat floor (includes sealing transmission tunnel and engine bay and rear tray) From memory too, I remember that a rear finn difusser didn’t make ANY difference on lift. It was tested in loads of different positions, heights and car rake… It was a reason for it that I can’t recall it… Probably the nature of the full turbulent air going through the car, doesn’t helps to have good quality air in the rear undertry. And if placed there with the wrong slope, or without being spaced, yes, it creates a parachute/balloon Then… going back to the original topic, Just put it there. You won’t notice it anyway… and carbon looks soooo sooo nice!!
  3. maurici

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    Well. I went yesterday to see the lobster in situ. Work done on it, is being really really detailed, and all is being well thought before executing it... I have to say that I'm properly impressed, and a bit gealous. I would love to have the patience and the skills to do an scratch build to my very own specification rather than keep buying his cars... I already want to buy this one and is not yet build. A lot of things will be done in a pretty unconventional way... (Adam hasn't revealed yet how much), and I'm pretty sure this car will become a TRUE inspiration for future builds. Keep tuned to this topic, I'm sure you all will enjoy it.
  4. maurici

    260 bhp SEIW Sprint / Trackday car

    Sounds really cheap. This car has all the right bits to be a really fast car. Good luck with the sale.
  5. Hi Maurici

    Do you still have the xe head for sale if so can you ring me on 07582063599.

    thanks Mick Skidmore

  6. maurici

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    Yep. My MK r1 had the weirdest angle ever.... but to be fair it keep it from having oil surge issues. Any other assembly ive see with bike engine its been allways flatter than that.
  7. maurici

    C20XE word of warning and engine builder advise

    This engine is barely runned it... change the damaged piston and re-hon it put new rings and you will have the bottom end sorted... and have a new head build... (witch is going to be the expensive bit). Measuring the bore is really complicated, but with 1000 miles if it was well done initially shouldnt have any hiden damage if is not visible at first sight. Measuring the pistom instead, is fairly easy to get accurate, and if standard sizes were used, you should be able to find one easily. (They should have the numbering and the series in the casting somewhere). The head is much more tricky to get right and i would go from scratch... and made by someone that knows his bussines. You may be able, however, re-use cams, 12 of the valves (assuming you can get 4 valves exactly the same you have) and the followers (after inspection) but this is the builders call rather than yours. Dave's words are very wise and totally right, but more intended to an old engine rebuild than a repair of a newish engine IMHO. Cheers; Maurici.
  8. maurici

    C20XE word of warning and engine builder advise

    Please, talk to me regarding the head and the block. If you can, then go from scratch. However it could be acceptable just to replace a piston and a rod if the block is ok, I do have pistons and rods too, that may suit your application (deppending on the tolerance on your block and so on... is a long shoot). I basically did that when I blew my engine, and the results were absolutely spot on. You shouldn't re-use the head if it have knocking marks. they are known to produce hot spots and auto-detonate the mixure, creating very bad knoking. Regarding the engine builder, @Arm is your man, and I wouldn't EVER recommend anyone else. I can speak with him and smoothen the introduction if it helps, but for sure he will drop a message here now that I've tagged him. Cheers; Maurici.
  9. maurici

    c20Xe bits for sale

    I can't believe nobody is made an offer for the block and the head yet... Is taking space under the bench and won't be asking much money for it... If you take the head and the block, all the other stuff I have in pieces, is yours for free.
  10. Will post the thing i did toonight if i remember... not much of a use right now, but may help future users.
  11. Had the same problem in my sparco Too. The very end of my strap was starting to fall appart just before the bush button. As is not an integrity problem (and not affecting the working area), is just that the end wasn't sealed properly, I sorted It myself. A very very small ammount of trimming to even the edges, a bit of soft glue, two small pieces of black fabric and some stitches to hold it toghether. You can't barely notice it... Been scrutiniered like this for a year and a half... (it happened very early and I couldn't be bothered to go to demon tweeks as they are useles) and thanks good not any scrutinieer has had anything to say about it. but I know if they do, I'm srewd... so I was as Tidy as i could.
  12. maurici

    New Member in the NW

    I've dropped you a whats app...
  13. maurici

    New Member in the NW

    Im in crewe too... Just come by mines if you want a drive out...

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