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  1. Yes please Terry, drop me a pm with payment details, happy to do bank transfer of paypal cheers steve
  2. Steve, MISAB seals done recently with the rubber carb to inlet spacer nut things. I’d not done the actual inlet manifold to head gasket. Would there be one or does the SBD inlet manifold to 20XE head just use a sealer? cheers Steve
  3. Sold subject to collection, thanks for the interest.
  4. Fits the nose cone of a 1995 SE narrow bodied car. Has been previously fitted with holes at the front and sides, the odd stone chip but no cracks. £80 plus postage at cost or collection by arrangement.
  5. Drop me a pm I might have something to interest you.
  6. Hi Bernie, A piece 20x10cm would be really useful. I have PM'd address. cheers Steve
  7. SteveWM

    Wiper arms

    I got what I wanted from www.holden.co.uk Not cheap but the stuff I ordered, pair of wiper blades, were good quality and should last.
  8. SteveWM

    XE goes bang !

    I've read your thread a few times with sympathy, fear and trepidation, it's great that your back up and running. Serious respect for what must have been a scary ride at times. Top marks!
  9. Looking at a change in filler cap myself. 120mm looks a bit bit imho, have you looked at Matt Lewis Racing one? a lot cheaper than the CarBuilders ones, although I do like the black ones... the CarBuilders flexi hoses look good, anyone used them?
  10. Evening Goeff, Could I take the handbrake adjuster and cables please. Thanks Steve
  11. Managed to get a run last weekend, no chance today with sun and showers. maybe tomorrow! Rewired rear end, new waterproof plugs on each connector, immobiliser and a start button were the electrical changes over the winter. Windscreen back on and a repainted scuttle as well. Just need to get to the crazed bonnet and nose cone over the summer. roll on a few more good days!
  12. Hi All, Sorry I only meet a few of you tonight, had to dash. Despite every weather forecast I checked before leaving I still got soaked going home. Will arrange myself better for October. Cheers Steve Blue Westy!
  13. Looking for a replacement windscreen for a 1995 SE Somewhere round the West Midlands would be super. Cheers Steve
  14. Thanks for sorting out the pick today Wes, much appreciated. Seats have cleaned up really nice.
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