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  1. Kirmodawn1


    Contact HJD cars who are the Westfield agent in Scotland http://www.hjdcars.co.uk/contact/ Bob
  2. Unfortunately, got to miss this one. Shame, enjoyed it last year and the fish and chips were worth the run. Got family staying with us. Have a good one guys Bob
  3. Sorry guys, I'm out of this one. Had to make a decision last night. Heading to the caravan for the weekend. Bob
  4. Ditto above post. Lizzy Brice. Stirling, Perth? trying to sort out my weekend plans, so any info would be appreciated Bob
  5. Sorry Rab, but can't make it. Work is ok but family stuff to do. Bob
  6. Might make this one Bob but won't know for sure until I get back to work. Been on holiday and quarter end to do. Bob
  7. Good day out. Just under 250 miles for me. John and Rae must have wondered where I was going when I turned left coming up from the harbour at Eyemouth. They turned right. I followed my sat nav and not the road sign which clearly said Edinburgh was right. I was already committed so kept going. Roofs were up as it was raining heavily but when on the A1 it went off. I pulled in to a layby to put the roof down thinking I was way behind them anyway only to hear the noise of 4 kit cars and Bob and Lorna in the MX5 go by. Seems the sat nav was correct after all. Frantically securing the roof I then pursued them and caught up to join the convoy just as everyone was splitting to head their separate ways. Managed to follow John and Rae along the M8 though. Good day guys. Nice to meet the folk I already know and a few I didn't. Bob
  8. I'd suggest if you want to add some twisties starting at Aberfoyle as opposed to Kilmahog and going over Dukes pass. You'll end up at Kilmahog. From Stirling take the A84 but instead of heading through Doune and Callander take the A873 just before Blair Drummond. That will take you to Aberfoyle where there is a large car park to meet in (and toilets). For those from the East that might not have heard of or been over Dukes, it's well worth the detour. Here is a link to a video from a couple of years ago. The video goes to the bottom of Dukes and then you still have the run along Loch Achray and Loch Venacher.
  9. Can't make this one Rab. Will be enjoying the French rural roads Bob
  10. Looks like we might get wet although in general the weather is better in the east. Heavy rain for me just about when I'm leaving Paisley. Just as well I have a roof Bob
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