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  1. I have a set of virtually new 7x15 ET23 Pro race 1.2 in satin black. Fitted with Michelin PS3 195/50/15 tyres, plus two spare tyres. I'll dig out some pictures in a while @Rednop1
  2. That'll be the old Mintex pads.
  3. I'll be able to send these within the UK for £10 per item.
  4. Let me see what I can do about a courier from this end.
  5. Any interest? Virtually new wheels and tyres.
  6. Glad it was something simple.
  7. Launch control. Who needs it? Well, the car does. All hunky dory now. A wire had pulled from a crimped connector.
  8. I'm sure this is the issue, TL. I'll let you know tomorrow.
  9. It's a K6 ECU. I have just had a long conversation with the car's previous owner who couldn't have been more helpful. He'd phoned the garage that had looked after the car for him, and had been given a list of things for me to check. Fuel, connections and stuff. But the last thing on the list I am 99.9999% certain is the issue. The car has launch control by way of a small button on the steering wheel connected via a coily wire to some lovely bullet connectors. I bet that's the problem, a wire will have come loose and the car thinks it's being launched, hence holding the revs at 4,000rpm. I will report back in the morning!
  10. I might be able to connect the laptop, but whether I could read the data correctly would be debatable! I'm hopefully speaking to the previous owner this evening and may get some help there. We never test drove it as it was "ready to rally"!! There's the local rolling road in Ellon, but they have a 3 week waiting time for the dyno. I'm suure it'll be something silly that happened on the way up from down south. I've checked the connections etc, but will check again tomorrow.
  11. Hi Guys. I'm afraid this is another tin top question, but as you're all so good with technical stuff and having a huge range of knowledge, I hope you don't mind my posting this up. The car in question is a Fiesta rally car with a 2.0L Duratec with Jenvey TBs and Emerald ECU. It is very new to me, so much so, I took it out for the first time today. The basic problem is that it won't rev past 4,000rpm, whether it's light or full throttle. It starts and idles perfectly. Fuel pressure is 3.5bar at idle. I am hoping it's a simple thing like a sensor that's gone up the creek, but I would be very pleased to hear from you with your thoughts. Richard
  12. Here we have a set of TD Pro Race 1.2 7x15 ET23 4x108 Ford wheels in satin black that are like new. They have been on the road two days in 2 years, just to go to the MOT station. Fitted with lightly scrubbed Michelin 195/50R15 PS3 tyres, all with 5-6mm of tread, plus two spare tyres, also with 5-6mm tread. These can be posted within the UK for £10 per item. £495
  13. Here we have a set of 7x15 ET23 4x108 Ford TD Pro Race 1.2 wheels fitted with Yokohama A048 tyres. One pair is 195/50x15 and still have some life, and the other pair, 205/50x15 are near to the wear indicator, but would still be fine for a track day or two. The wheels are unmarked in satin black. I'm in Aberdeenshire, so collection only I'm afraid, but I could travel a few miles if that helps anyone. £395
  14. Bogyoch

    Strange Voltage

    Mr Thicky here again. Could you do a little sketch for me please @Kevin Wood ? The fuel pump has it's own fused supply through a relay, triggered by the ignition on switch via an unused dashboard switch. This trigger is also fused.
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