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    megabusa revs hanging between gearshifts

    Thanks all ill have a look at that spring but I do know the throttle does spring back very quick when testing without engine running. And yes it's fuel injection not carbs.
  2. Hi, Recently bought a megabusa which is fantastic if a little loud. Im planning on new exhaust and an airbox to hopefully get it down to 102db for some trackdays. Anyway driving on the road I notice the revs hang up during slow shifts. It's ok during full load high rpm shifting but during slow to medium shifts the revs hang. It's a standard 2005 busa engine with standard ecu. Clutch switch appears to be working correctly and I just fitted a new throttle cable which is also moving freely. Is this normal? Any ideas? I have tried shifting very fast during part load driving but it doesn't appear to have any effect. Chris.

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