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  1. SteH

    Mega s2000 Omex throttle bodies

    I did IVA with them fitted no problem. I had emissions checked at an MOT station before hand just to be sure.
  2. SteH

    What metal connectors are used with these..............

    @Tom (T3OMF) - Cotswolds AO I think this is what you need, definitely what I use in the Dash2 connector. You can just see there is a spring clip on both sides of the connector, so you have to get 2 very small pointy things down each side at the same time to release them. Or pull on the wire while you poke one side then the other! I have a couple spare I can send you or alternatively.... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F171153446451
  3. SteH

    Happy Birthday Bagpuss

    Happy birthday Ian, have a great day!
  4. Hi Luke, I’ll take the AP brake kit please, assuming those are anti rattle clips I can see in the picture? PM me how you want paying.
  5. SteH

    S2000 high oil pressure?

    Thanks very much Ian - looks like that will sort it out. As you say, it's just an indication, not too worried how accurate it is - I would guess it's not too far off though.
  6. Cheers Adam. Yes the surface seems pretty good - no potholes!
  7. To be honest I didn't really notice any issues with the throttles on track, the drive home was horrendous though. At one point sat at traffic lights with it "idling" at 3000rpm! Video is from late on the day, hence no other cars on track. I was knackered by then and going a bit slower "trying" to experiment with "heel & toe". The shift lights were on earlier honest but that also lead to the high oil pressure alarm, so tried not to set that strobe off in my face too often!
  8. I believe it's a new thing under the new management, next one is 15th October.... https://threesisterscircuit.co.uk/cars-bikes/road-car-track-days
  9. SteH

    S2000 high oil pressure?

    Is there such a thing as oil pressure being too high? On track this week, high rpm in second and third gear I had an oil pressure alarm on the Dash2 a few times. Initially this caused a brown trowser moment but then realised it was a high alarm rather than low. The alarm was saying 6 bar. I guess I just need to change the high level alarm to more than 6 bar?
  10. Experienced my first ever track day this week. Went to Three Sisters “Road Car Track Day”. I believe this is a new format of event for Three Sisters run on their “Full Circuit”. In theory there can be up to 40 cars on the day each getting 7 x 15 minute sessions on track. Maximum of 10 cars on track at a time. The reality was somewhat better in that there were only 9 cars there! We had 7 x 15 minute sessions each in the morning and then the afternoon was run as open pit lane. A lot of the time I had the track to myself. The track is quite small, tight & twisty with only short straights, so top speeds are quite low. In my opinion it is an ideal place for a first go at a track day, and I would recommend it to any one looking for this. Tuition was also available, I had 2 x 15 minute sessions which was also good.
  11. SteH

    Adge's Sport 250 build

    Just looked again at your photos and noticed you have plain discs. My discs are grooved. I wonder if the rattle would go away with plain discs. Maybe the grooves are picking the pads up? Hmmm...
  12. SteH

    Adge's Sport 250 build

    I have the same calipers with DS2500. Don’t have any squealing but one pad in particular rattles significantly. Extremely annoying at slow speed. According to hispec they don’t have anti rattle clips as they are race calipers and allow space for the pads to expand when very hot. (They don’t recommend them for road use!) They have previously suggested bending the abutment plates slightly to take up some slack. I’ve now bodged a fix by creating an anti rattle clip from another one that @CraigHew suggested. It’s certainly sorted it out but a bit concerned that the pad might now be too tight. Time will tell... I think that this rattle is the known noise from these calipers rather than squealing.
  13. The new tyres have transformed manoeuvring at low speed, it used to feel like you’d crashed into something when reversing into a parking space! I can’t help feeling that the new tyres are just a really soft compound that are masking an underlying mechanical design issue. Apparently the LHD versions don’t have this problem. I have the 250d AMG Line with I think the Premium Plus package. It’s a very nice spec and goes well enough. Very stable on the road, presumably the 4wd helps with that. We previously had a 2013 XC60 which was terrible to drive in comparison. It was FWD and suffered horrendously from torque steer. The worst bit of the GLC for me is the ICE. It doesn’t have Apple Car Play or the Android equivalent, I think you can now spec it but not if you want sat nav. The sat nav is poor and to update the maps you have to buy a special SD card from merc at a stupid price and then download and do the update yourself! I’ve refused to pay for it and now just use my phone for nav. Then there’s the fact that the screen isn’t a touch screen and they give you a touch pad AND a click wheel to control the thing. Two devices that are sat on top of each other and pretty much do the same thing – badly! It’s a real shame as the car itself is very good. It really feels high quality inside which I notice significantly when I use the wife’s Golf. I’m already dreading what I’m going to do when it comes to replacing it next year though. I might just buy it off the leasing company and save myself the hassle! Oh and servicing costs were a surprise to me not having had a “premium” make before. Approx £250 for the first service and then quoted £570 for the second. I got them down to £475.

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