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  1. This is my Z3,it is only a 1.9 but is great to drive on the road a proper roadster. Plus it has got a heater, air con, and heated seats so can be used all year.
  2. Dont drink red wine but found a nice white wine in Cyprus called Katerina, thats the only part of the name I can remember!
  3. I totally regret selling my SEW a few months ago, at my age 70 plus I felt that I needed some comfort. I bought a Z3 which is a nice car to drive but it is what its meant to be, a roadster. I miss the sheer driveability of the Westfield and the light weight which enables you to throw it around. I also miss annoying the Audi at roundabouts who drive very close behind and I can blow them away on the exit. I was seriously looking at a Striker with a bike engine on eBay but can I justify three cars?
  4. Hi, I have sold my wide body car and am looking for another, would a person approx 6'2" slim build fit in a narrow body, I was thinking about room around the pedals? thanks Peter
  5. Hi

    are the seats still available..?



  6. Hi, might be interested in the wheels & tyres but would have to arrange delivery as I'm down in the West Mids, is that possible? , I have a Seight and I assume they'd fit.

  7. They are Westfield race seats and I got them from a member on here. I still have them £180 collection or arrange your own courier
  8. The advert said collection only, or you arrange a courier, I will parcel them up. I had a quick look at the Send It Now website and the carriage looks to be around £40
  9. Got an alloy one similar to above £12 plus post
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