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  1. One of those neck scarf things, you will always get a certain amount of buffeting which seems the side of your head and neck area, can be tiresome on a long journey. I have a Chewbacca style hat for such occasions.
  2. Olliebeak

    Various parts.

    Is the fuel pressure fixed on the reg/filter or adjustable, similarly is the fuel pump suitable for 1600 x/flow , I have a facet red top fitted at the moment. thanks
  3. Olliebeak

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Took Ollie (the dog) out in the Westy for a walk around the local country park, making the most of this glorious weather.
  4. Olliebeak

    Is there a doctor in the house?

    Quick spray with WD40 will sort it out!
  5. Olliebeak

    I NEED one of these.

    It could resolve the bird issue we had some weeks ago.
  6. Olliebeak

    central heating servicing

    Just get a reliable heating engineer and pay for annual servicing, had mine for over twenty years and he really knows his stuff.
  7. Olliebeak

    Roll bar and screen wanted

    Got a chrome roll bar as in pic below.
  8. Olliebeak

    XFlow exhaust manifold

    Pics as previously requested
  9. Olliebeak

    Manifold and gearbox

    I have an exhaust manifold for a x/flow, it is in diy form with separate pipes going into a four into 1 collector, good condition, dont know about fitting a narrow ,my car is a SEW. £70 plus post. Pics if required
  10. Olliebeak

    Exhaust Wrap recomendations

    I found the best wrap to be the gold coloured stuff, doesnt change colour with heat. make sure the wraps are close together with good overlap, best done off the car, and make sure the s/steel ties tight.
  11. Olliebeak

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Looking for more power in Northumberland, and how brave do you feel ?
  12. Olliebeak

    Chrome Roll Bar

    Chrome roll bar from my SEW, very good condition ,no rust ,pitting or any damage. £100 plus p&p
  13. Olliebeak

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Admiring the view across the Northumbrian hills.

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