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  1. vanhoppa

    Filter King - Fuel filter pressure regulator

    Hi sent a message
  2. vanhoppa

    SOLD. Brand new westfield gear knob for sale

    If becomes available I'd like it.
  3. vanhoppa

    Wheels, roll bar and wipers for sale

    PM sent for wipers
  4. vanhoppa

    Another photo question

    Thank you Dark Lords
  5. vanhoppa

    Westfield Seights

    I thought it's Sayt but would be interest what the official view is.
  6. vanhoppa

    Another photo question

    I can't remember how I got the original pic uploaded but have updated my car - any dark side help appreciated
  7. vanhoppa

    Carbon dash with switches - £75

    not sure where the steering wheel grommet came from
  8. 2 toggle switches Red and blue buttons are push and hold Yellow button is on off switch. Fog and light rocker switches Standard size tach & speedo holes, rubber trim all round See pics for width £75 at Stoneleigh Sunday morning.
  9. vanhoppa

    Carbon mods bonnet and nose cone

    I'm open to offers on this V8 bonnet.
  10. vanhoppa

    V8 bonnet wanted

    I'm open to offers on this V8 bonnet.
  11. Hi I'll take the aero screen and the indoor cover please. Can collect Thursday Cheers Russell

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