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  1. 1959grantura

    2005 Westfield SEIW Turbo 260BHP

    Sold now for peanuts !! Loved my time with Westfield met some great people and made amazing friends . Will still be lingering around! Thank you everyone
  2. 1959grantura

    2005 Westfield SEIW Turbo 260BHP

    I really need this car sold sadly all offers will be considered don’t be shy?
  3. 1959grantura

    2005 Westfield SEIW Turbo 260BHP

    just joined 60 day membership !!
  4. 1959grantura

    Calling zetec turbo owners

    Hello, i have a complete breakdown of the spec for mine at home I can post up later , 1.8 silver top originally with a turbo conversion by Bailey performance in Telford. the Ecu is megajolt with standard inlet injection was producing just under 240bhp at very lost boost with td04 turbo. Make sure you e f ngine is healthy as it didn't take long for it to find a weak spot and now having a forged bottom end put together Cheers dave
  5. 1959grantura

    How much do you use yours?

    Mine has been usage wise bit of disaster since ownership last August , I got as much as I could in before the summer finished but in hindsight garaged it way too early waiting for "perfect" conditions to drive it . Had a big winter job done on the engine which took forever to get back which ended up being May , once back again had limited use due to car sharing for work with my heavy pregnant niece but manage to get some sprints and trackdays in at the weekends then the head gasket blew start of July at castle combe Sooooooo kinda bit peeved really for something that owes me 15k sitting broken in the garage ha,ha
  6. 1959grantura

    Silverstone Classic 2016

    I have got to be blind? Where abouts?
  7. 1959grantura

    Silverstone Classic 2016

    Anyone seen an entry list yet? In particular group c & 90s Endurance race
  8. 1959grantura

    Silverstone Classic Tickets - One More Chance!

    Hmmm sorry but I thought I have paid for a pair as advertised ?
  9. 1959grantura

    Silverstone Classic Tickets - One More Chance!

    Three lots of pairs you mean Andy?
  10. 1959grantura

    Silverstone Classic Tickets - One More Chance!

    Head gasket went on mine the other week so no issues for me!!
  11. 1959grantura

    Silverstone Classic Tickets - One More Chance!

    Yes please I will take a pair
  12. 1959grantura

    Helmet Hire (Goodwood Sprint 6th August)

  13. 1959grantura

    Helmet Hire (Goodwood Sprint 6th August)

    Goodwood have their own race school try them first
  14. 1959grantura

    Failed MOT and dangerous

    How did it stop?? must be 2 ton ?!!
  15. 1959grantura

    Zetec overheating

    Mine got to about 100 ... Spat water out over me feet out on circuit ...came back in , we noticed oil had filled up the breather tank , engine sounded good , emptied breather tank topped up oil and water ticked over lovely ... Went back out for a parade lap came back in lost a little bit more water and breather just starting to fill up again. Drove home got about half way very low revs , good pressure and water temp just moved off it's solid 80 so pulled straight up and it's had sucked all water into breather like milkshake.

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