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  1. Just a thought for the run Gardner Douglas open day at Grantham. https://www.gdcars.com/gd-open-day-2019/
  2. @Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO thank you.
  3. If me and my mate come over would any of you guys be willing to let my mate jump in the passenger seat for a ride around. Matty
  4. Turns out a pair of protech coilovers I intend to fit to the rear of my Westfield are adjustable for bump and rebound. They are the old style protechs with thumb adjuster at the bottom and a shaft under the top mount that spins via a slot I assume this is for rebound. Does anyone have any experience on this type of damper and can explain how they adjust/operate. Matty
  5. I am after a pair of rear springs for my Westfield need to be 2.25 and 9" long with suitable poundage around 185 lbs. Matty
  6. Just been checking my damper length original dampers are 14" open and 11" to the bump stop. Replacement ones are 14" open and 11.25" to the bump stop. Also replacement spring has been checked and confirmed as 175lbs springs but only 8" long the original white springs do feel stiffer can anyone confirm the poundage of these please. Also could the 0.25" difference in closed damper length be a problem. What are the recommended damper and spring lengths for the rear of a Westfield. Thanks Matthew
  7. Thanks for reply think I am going to send them to protech get them rebuilt hopefully fit a forget them. Does anyone know what poundage the white springs off my old spax dampers would be.
  8. Right sorry for the delap I have removed the original spax dampers with white springs do not know poundage the springs are 10.5 inch. The second hand units are 2.25" the old ones are 1.9". They also have shorter springs fitted. The ride height is measured at 155mm under the bodywork just in front of the rear wheel arch and measured without a drivers. The dampers are hitting the bump stops on the passages side unless the damper has 10 clicks on it drivers side is fine with none on. I have taken them off and both appear to feel the same. Does the spring length make any difference other than getting your ride height. Thinking of sending the dampers to protech can they dyno them to check them.
  9. Hi,

    My mate that got a diffuser from you spoke to you regarding two from wings and and bonnet for his mac#1. He would like to know if you could sort him some out.

    Attached are photo of the front wings (widths are inside measurements outher is total length of wing curve) that he has taken off and he would like to keep the new ones the same. I believe he did speak to you regarding the possibility of these been carbon fibre effect finish.

    Please could you let me know if these are items you can sort for him the prices and how long they would be think he would want to pick up from Leeds again.

    Regards Matt








  10. No old ones where longer. Could this be the problem.
  11. Just fitted a pair of used protech dampers and springs to 1999 seiw. The problem is when I bounce the car they are bottoming out. They are14" dampers with 185lbs springs and ride height at rear of 155mm. What could be the issue. Secondly what length should the rear springs be. Matty
  12. What do the disc's fit/why are they wrong. Matty
  13. What about 300kg postal scales can be purchased for around £20 each.
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