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  1. matthew902

    Rear coilovers and springs

    Thanks for the advise. I purchased the coilovers secondhand at a good price. Matty
  2. matthew902

    Rear coilovers and springs

    I have got some 2.25" pro tech coilovers to replace my original spax, the pro techs are bearing ends do I need four spacers on each coilover two top and two bottom to make them the same width as the original rubber bush in the spax ? Also what springs are best for the rear for road use. Length and poundage. The car is a 1999 SEIW. Matty
  3. matthew902

    M16 brake caliper pad locator springs

    Best get some then and get them fitted. Thanks Matty
  4. I have recently replaced my front pads on my Westfield standard two pot m16 cortina calipiers but have since noticed and heard the front pads moving in the calipier I have just filed a leading edge on the pad but notice that there are no pad at or springs fitted should there be as some fitting kits come with them and others do not. Thanks Matty
  5. matthew902

    Le Mans Classic 2018

    Will have to revisit going in 2020 then.
  6. matthew902

    Le Mans Classic 2018

    Looks like you are having a great time I went to the lemans 24hr in my Westfield in June might do the classic next year what is the score with the parade laps how do you get these ? Matty
  7. matthew902

    Silverstone Classic Ticket

    Just got an infield pass for Silverstone classic but ideally my mate that is coming with me would like to bring is girlfriend too so does anyone have a spare ticket ideally all three days but if not Saturday and Sunday. Thanks Matty
  8. matthew902

    Ticket for Silverstone classic with vehicle pass.

    I am interested in this pass just need to speak to my mate see if he is up for attending with me. Matty
  9. matthew902

    Rear Springs 175 Lb/in

    Dam mine are 2.25 and measured them and the coil over body is over 2". Thanks Matty
  10. matthew902

    Rear Springs 175 Lb/in

    Do you know if they fit 1.9 or 2.25 coilovers.
  11. matthew902

    Driving glasses/shades/goggles. Fit issue.....

    Worth a punt on these. http://www.bestworkwear.co.uk/portwest-pw11-levo-spectacle.html
  12. matthew902

    CSK Race Exhausts - A Review

    Used them myself and totally agree with the comments made when I had mine done I got a few quotes and he was cheapest that was using high grade stainless.
  13. matthew902

    Run to the Sun, 23rd June.

    Me and my Dad will meet you there too along with Milo the dog. Plan to take them both for a nice walk before hand.
  14. matthew902

    Run to the Sun, 23rd June.

    What time are you planning to arrive at the pub thinking of coming along with my dad and is dog but might take the dog for a walk beforehand.
  15. matthew902

    Dellorto carbs overfueling

    Thanks for the info my mate is on with it now he is starting by giving them a good clean and check. Will pass the advise on.

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