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  1. I'm not going to be able k make this one guys unfortunately!
  2. Absolutely cracking day guys! Really enjoyed my first Clan McWesty run! Sorry I lost you guys, when I'd turned around I ended up following David, before it dawning on me he was probably heading home! By the time I realized a couple miles down road I thought I'd just head for home! Good to see you all again! Cheers, Tom
  3. silky13

    Knockhill May Monday 22nd

    I could potentially be up for it, might be in focus though, rather than Westy...
  4. silky13

    Knockhill trackday dates 2017

    Anyone heading along next Sunday? I'm considering taking my focus up there for a practice!
  5. silky13

    New series of Top Gear

    Yep! Really enjoyed it, look forward to the next one!
  6. silky13

    Over the moon and gutted!!!

    Waiting on bus now! Gonna be a bit chilly coming back, but so worth it!
  7. silky13

    Over the moon and gutted!!!

    Well, I am over the moon with the fact that after several months of hard work putting everything back together in my Westy she has passed with flying colours! On the flip side I am absolutely gutted I need to leave her with my parents in the Scottish Borders and get the bus home due to a mega down-pour of Snow! Talk about mixed emotions!
  8. I will try and make it along... been out the loop last couple of months, be good to get back into it!
  9. We'll just not talk about that!!
  10. I could do with a decent FORD engine for my Westy.. if only I had the cash! Ha ha ha! Congratulations on the wee one mate!
  11. Enjoy guys! Absolutely gutted I can't go! :-(
  12. silky13

    Replacement Radiator

    Again, Coolex radiator is good. They outsource the cores, but actually build up the rads in house in a couple of days, so if you measure yours up and send the dimensions they'll make sure the connections and dimensions match. I did that and ordered it Friday and was on my doorstep Monday.
  13. Guys, looking for a bit of advice, just dropped newly rebuilt red top into the westy and it has a serious oil leak between engine and bellhousing. Have checked sump and cam cover bolts to rule those out, but it really is pointing towards rear crank. Since engine has been built by a third party (including a new crank seal) should it being going back to them to sort, or is there something I've potentially done dropping engine back in motor? Any advice much appreciated!
  14. silky13

    GUTTED! May need a new westfield :(

    Oh man, absolutely gutted for you, not sure how I'd feel at this Moment! Really hope the insurance gets sorted quick!

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